14 Mini BSB Fans : The Next Generation of Backstreet Boys Lovers

Most of us were young when we found our love for the 5 Boys from the Backstreet. As they have continued to grow, so have we and now we are passing our love on to a new generation. Whether it be our kids, our siblings, our nieces, nephews or next door neighbors, we’re spreading the love for the Backstreet Boys all over again.

We asked you to share your baby-BSB fans with us and you won’t believe the cuteness!

1. Michael, 6 Years Old


“Of course my son is a Backstreet Boys fan. His name is Michael, he just turned 6 years old. His favorite song is Everybody, but I swear you can play almost any song and he knows the words. He even knows all the guys’ names. You know how Brian always says “Whaaaat” – he’s heard him say it a few times and now he’s always saying that. He said that his favorite is Nick because he likes his haircut because it “goes up” (he hasn’t seen the new one yet.) and because his favorite color is green like his. And something else funny, he really liked the Nick and Knight album. I know that he must genuinely like the Backstreet Boys’ music because he doesn’t just like anything I play. I have so many videos of him singing and dancing  to BSB. He wants me to take him to a concert but I’m not sure yet. I hope he never grows out of this. It’s so cool that even younger generations can appreciate BSB.” – Ana

2. Naomi, 4 Years Old

“My niece Naomi (who I usually call Omi) is probably a potential future BSB fan. It all started when she was about 1 or 2 and I babysat her maybe for a year or so. I played BSB songs and videos so much and one day I listened to her singing (or mumbling) to Everybody. I thought it was me but no, she came to me singing Everybody’s chorus and imitated the dance move. She was about to turn 3 at that time, and she could sing Bigger, IWITW, Shape of My Heart, Everybody, Something That I Already Know and Get Down.

I stopped babysitting her when she was 4 because my sister found a babysitter but she still comes to visit me quite often. I thought she wouldn’t remember BSB at all, but one day, surprisingly, she came to me and said “I want to watch Kepin” . The word ‘Kepin’ here referred to Everybody (although she basically call every BSB song Kepin). So I played the music video and, woah, she danced and sang to the songs and she still remembered IWITW so well. She’s more likely to be a Kevin girl with Nick tendencies and she loves to suddenly come to me and say “Aunt loves Kevin.” And she basically thinks every dude with thick brows is “her Aunt’s Kevin”. I have a video of her saying Kevin and Nick handsome and it wasn’t because I told her to say so. She just asked me which boy I liked the most and the rest was history.” – @sasarichardson

3. Beatrice, 8 Years Old and Briana, 6 Months


“My 8 year old, Beatrice, went to her first concert last year in Lisbon, the opening city for Europe and she got the BSB bug. She sat directly in front of the stage and is convinced the boys kept pointing at and making hearts at her. Bless! My CDs now live in her room! Some of my BSB t-shirts no longer stay in my drawers! She doesn’t like the This is Us T-shirt very much as Kevin is missing and has worn her IAWLT tour T-shirt so much its faded. Her favorite boy is Nick closely followed by Brian. Her favorite song is “Feels Like Home” but used to be “Madeleine”. We were lucky enough to get front row at the London show and AJ came down and kissed her hand. For her VIP, she wanted to be picked up by Nick but he said he didn’t know how to pick her up so Brian saved the day and held her for the photo. She tells everyone about the boys including her school teachers whose reaction is usually surprise that she has heard of them and that they are still going!! Annoying, I know!”


“The 6 month old went to both Lisbon and London while I was pregnant. She is named Briana after her mum’s favorite Backstreet Boy and often wears the backstreet boy baby gown.” – Laura

4. Jessica, 9 Years Old, Matthew, 4 Years Old, and Alex, 3 Years Old
Kids Collage

“I have three kids that are huge Backstreet Fans! I have Jessica, who is 9, Matthew, who is 4, and Alex who is 3. Jessica has been a fan now for about 5 years and Matthew and Alex have grown to love them over the last year. Jessica’s favorite song is Incomplete and her favorite boy is Brian. Matthew’s favorite song is In A World Like This and his favorite boy is AJ. Alex loves Larger Than Life and his favorite boy is Brian too. Alex is cute because he will say that he wants to hear the Bir bir bir rir song because of how it sounds at the beginning lol. Jessica attended her first show this last year in Noblesville, IN with me and my husband.” – @katie_silliman

5. Jacob, 2 Years Old


This is my Jacob when IAWLT was released. He was almost 5 months old.

babyIAWLT2This is him in June of last year when I saw the IAWLT tour and got this onesie. Jacob was 17 months old.

Now at 2 years old, he listens to the album all the time. His favorite song is “In Your Arms.” And while he can’t talk yet, I’m pretty sure his favorite Backstreet Boy is Nick because Jacob will find the making of the “I’m Taking Off” album video on my phone and watch it repeatedly :)” – Anna

6. Nicky, 2 1/2 Years Old

My son’s name is Nicky and he is 2 1/2 yrs old. His favorite boy differs, but he favors Nick, Kevin and Howie. He knows all the lyrics to IAWLT, IWITW and Show Em. He loves the doc, tells people about it all the time, and he recites his favorite parts everyday. He LOVES in the beginning when Brian is bringing Nick tea and says “start playing the guitar” in that high pitched voice and anytime we are in a tunnel or somewhere his voice will echo, he puts his hand up, two fingers and goes “yeah, woo” like Kevin does.

7. Brianna, 8 Years Old


“Brianna is 8, but she’s been a fan since she was 3 years old. Her fave BSB is Brian and also AJ. She likes all the songs and she loves to sing a long to them.” – @Brok_Vanessa21
8. Cole, 11 Years Old
“My son’s name is Cole, he’s 11 next Monday, and thinks Brian roks! He admires Brian for the great guy he is and he loves his sneakers (Cole’s got a special made AF1 Sonic The Hedgehog ones that Brian wants). This picture is from when he first met with Brian when he was 7 and they had the cutest conversation. His favorite songs are “Gone Without Goodbye” and “In A World Like This”.
9. Nora, 4 Years Old

“Her name is Nora, and she is 4. She asks us to tell Nick she loves him when we go to events. 🙂 She also loves Howie because he winks. Which she imitates. Hilarious.” – 

10. Lautaro, 7 Years Old

“My little brother’s name is Lautaro. He is now 7 years old. Since he was a baby, I used to play all BSB videos for him. Now he is a big fan. Sometimes he takes my DVDs of BSB and sings and dances with me to all the songs, especially “Larger Than Life”. We are from Argentina so he doesn’t speak English – that’s why he says “play the song where the robots dance”. His fave BSB is Brian.”


Our reader, @, is expecting her first mini-BSB fan this year! 


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