5 Ways The Unreleased Backstreet Boys Music / Movie Soundtrack Will Benefit Everyone (And What We’re Willing To Do To Get It)

It’s out there. We know it’s out there and as Kevin has told us numerous times, “It’s all on youtube”. Except it’s not. Except that we want it in ONE place. Except that we want to pay for it and we don’t want it to be taboo that we have it. The unreleased music from the Backstreet Boys has been a hot topic among fans for a while now and there have been many discussions about how we can get it. We have discussed everything from hinting around via social media to asking the Boys themselves (which has been done of numerous occasions) and delivering a detailed list to several of them. Why do we need this music (and a soundtrack for #BSBTheMovie) so badly? Read on.

1. We Will Pay Ridiculous Amounts For Any Product With The Unreleased Songs.

We might have different versions of unreleased music, bits and pieces of songs we don’t know the names of, and strain to hear songs that were leaked by Nick Carter himself at a few different afterparties, but we are so thirsty for all the music LEGALLY in one place, that we will pay anything for it. At this point, we’re in such a Backstreet drought, that no price is too steep, especially since this is something we really want. If cost to produce the album is a concern for the Boys, we will crowdfund the project. We, as fans, LOVE being involved in the making of things like that and we are willing, without reward even, to put a little money into the final project. TAKE IT, BOYS. Take. Our. Moneeeeyy.

2. Digital Releases Are HOT! 

We’re not even asking for a box set here (although we wouldn’t turn it down). Digital releases of albums, songs, and whatnot are popular among artists right now and we’d be all about it. That would cut costs all around and, if the Boys wanted to release it in other forms later on, we’ll buy that too. Release songs on iTunes, release them on Google Play, release them one at a time and then all together. We’ll take it all. The download could even come in conjunction with other purchases through the merch store. It’s a win-win situation.

3. This Could Be An Amazing Way To Boost The BSB Fanclub. 

Let’s be real, back in the Black and Blue / Never Gone era, the BSB FC was hoppin’. It was the best place to meet other fans and you wouldn’t DREAM of not having an active membership because of things like exclusive video, Nick’s Corner, presales and other perks. Today, we get a year of membership free with every VIP purchase, but we hardly ever log in. Releasing songs/unreleased content directly to the fanclub could be the boost needed to please all parties involved.

4. The Time Is Right.

With no U.S. tour and recording in the Summer of 2015, as mentioned before, fans NEED some Backstreet. BSB could drop even one or two songs that are not previously on an album and we would be happy. We’d buy it in every form. We’d steal our friends’ credit cards and buy it for them as well. It’ll be everyone’s birthday present for the next year. The best time to release any kind of previously unreleased material is, of course, in a time like this. No promotion required.

5. What About That Movie Soundtrack?

Seriously, what about it? We were told by multiple (credible) sources (like the Boys themselves) that there would be one. Then suddenly, there wasn’t. We know there was SO much recorded in London, but we’re not even asking for all of it. We simply want a few of the songs we heard in the movie and maybe the isolated vocals (played in the movie) of the songs we already have. Essentially, we are willing to pay for songs we already have with a few different mixes / additional songs (2) slapped on the end (or any of the songs below). Put that baby in a package with a DVD and we’re ready with our credit card numbers.

A Few Unreleased Songs From The IAWLT That We Have Been Teased With:

  • Where is the Love
  • London Lights
  • Heartquake
  • My Perspective
  • Don’t Wait
  • I’ll Be Yours
  • Baby Girl (Chump Change)
  • Everybody Falls in Love
  • Just Kids
  • Kryptonite
  • Sun Comes Out
  • Spotlight
  • Home

Dearest Backstreet Boys, Wonderful Union, and Powers That Be,

We’ll be waiting. Patiently. With appropriate funds. 🙂

***Huge thanks to @Dubnoxious and The Dark Side for inspiring/helping with this post! Head over there to continue the discussion!***


2 thoughts on “5 Ways The Unreleased Backstreet Boys Music / Movie Soundtrack Will Benefit Everyone (And What We’re Willing To Do To Get It)

  1. Thank you so much for this article/suggestion to the boys. I have a very few clips from the list of unreleased songs. Do you have any, or links to any?


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