When The Backstreet Boys Show Us What They’re Made Of : Random Acts Of Kindness From The Boys To Fans


When the Backstreet Boys sing “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of”, they may not be aware of how many times they have shown us what they’re made of. Whether it be words they said to us when we needed to hear it or taking time out of their day to make us feel special, the Boys of BSB have touched us on several occasions. We asked you via social media to share your stories with us about special moments with Kevin, Brian, Nick, Howie and AJ. What did we discover? That we a group of incredibly lucky fans.


kev1Kevin has always been special to me, because he literally saved my life. Without him, I wouldn’t be here anymore, so I am very thankful for that! When they were doing promo in Europe I was destined to meet Kev to thank him for saving my life. Little did i know what was about to happen! We were waiting at the studios where they were recording for a series on TV here in Holland. Kevin came outside and girls were around him immediately. I waited patiently and shared some eye contact with him. Slowly he made his way to me!

When he was in front of him, I started talking to him. Telling him just that he saved my life and that I was so thankful, he started saying details of a message I sent him long ago! I couldn’t believe he knew things about me before we even met! He had to convince me haha. We had a deep talk and he was so calm and open with me. All of a sudden he grabbed me in his arms and hugged me, whispering in my ear: you’re always safe, I am here. I looked at him and he smiled and we took a pic together. Meanwhile, kev2everybody including security was in the van and he had to go too. I told him he had to go, because they were waiting for him and he replied: I know, but doesn’t mean i want to. I said goodbye to him and I walked away. He just stood there looking at me.

The next morning I got a tweet from him. 6 months later, I had my first VIP. He recognized me and said he was very happy to see me. Also, later that night after the afterparty, I got a tweet from him. And he still remembers me. I will cherish it forever.” – Denise de Koning


“So I happened to know this girl from Twitter who is now a close friend of mine. I first met her last year, when IAWLT Europe had just started. She was so excited about meeting the boys and Kevin (she’s also a KGirl) and we talked a lot, even during her ride in train to get to see them. She told me she had an accident which hurt her back so much she had to go to a rehab for like 11 weeks. At the day of her departure from her place to the rehab, she tweeted Kevin for a simple love/support for her.

She thought he didn’t even see them.

But a week or two later she got a very encouraging tweet from Kev, he said sorry he missed her tweet because the internet was so shitty and he sent her so much support in one tweet. It amazed me how he always took his time to scroll his twitter’s notification tab and see his fans’ tweets. And I’m pretty sure how important his encouraging words were for my friend.” – Sent from @SasaRichardson


“April 20th 2012 – Belfast, N. Ireland – 19 year Backstreet Anniversary – NKOTBSB

We were doing our Platinum VIP backstage tour, and we ended up having Brian as a tour guide.  He asked us, first off, whether we had any questions, and I just congratuulated him on 19 years of BSB, because, you know, it was huge.  I might have spoken for a full five minutes, and he was so touched (even though he had probably heard this a million times) that he asked me to repeat everything, because Eddie hadn’t paid attention to me (I think he meant for Eddie to film whatever it was I was saying).  Because he had me repeat it, I guess that the Q&A took a little longer than usual, and by the time we started the actual backstage tour, I guess it was getting a little late.  I don’t rightly know – having Brian in front of me altered my sense of time and space.

Brian had just gotten us under the stage to the part where they changed when Q (*lets out a little sigh for Q*) came in the back with us and told Brian that they had just opened the doors and were letting the other fans in.  Now, I’ll admit, our faces fell, but Brian… the look on his face… he went from his big grin (you know the one) to looking absolutely dismayed.  It was the cutest thing in the world because he really was sorry about us losing front row.  He told us that if we wanted, we could go right away so that we could try and get good spots – even though at the beginning of the tour, he had told us that to get the best view, it would be better to be up in the bleachers. But, you know… we had Brian, BRIAN, all to ourselves, so we decided to stay with him.

He kept asking us if we were sure that we wanted to stay, and we said yes.  But he did hurry a little through the rest of the tour, then he took his pictures with us and had us go out quickly, not because he wanted to end the VIP early, mind you, but because he genuinely was sorry about us not having the best spots.  As it turns out, we got front row anyway because the stage was that big.  Most of us were on the shaft of the stage.

But just the look on his face really got to me.  So much so that I told him the next day that he was my new “favorite” because of that.  He looked confused, then really happy, and asked me why.  I didn’t really have time to explain because of the VIP rush, but it’s still my big ‘AWE’ moment.

Even now.  I’m sitting here grinning.” – Vani Court-Payen


“On the 2013 cruise, I caught Howie in the hallway after dinner and asked for a picture. It was just me, him and his bodyguard. He invited me to walk downstairs with him and talk since he had to change for the show!

Jones beach concert. I asked him to pick me up in the VIP pic which he did (after bouncing me up and down in his arms), and afterwards he asked “do you wanna run away now?” And proceeded to run down the hallway with me! I was shocked! I had also told him there was a note in his gift bag he needed to read and bring to the after party, which, being Howie, he forgot to do. So I wrote it out again very quick, asking him to write out “show em what you’re made of” for my tattoo. I gave it to him on his way in, and watched him read it. Him and Leigh were giggling together, and he wrote it out right after. When I showed him the tattoo on Twitter a year later; he replied “love it!” And followed me!” – Alana Pagano


“About two months after my Dad died I had the opportunity to meet the boys. I told AJ about my Dad and he took the time to sit with me and explain that my dad is always with me no matter what and shared how he understands loss too because of his grandma and other people he has loved. He gave me a gift, which I’d like to keep to myself, and told me whenever I missed my Dad to take it out. I owe AJ so much for that talk. ❤” – Maura Sullivan


dS7buQ9g“Here’s my story with Nick. It happened when he visited Chile with his solo Tour in 2012. I have problems to walk, so I need someone else with me during the VIP event. I went with my best friend. I don’t know how it happened, but the bodyguards allowed me to enter earlier to venue and was able to see the soundcheck for the concert before the VIP. I was there just with the bodyguards, Nick, the band, my friend and mum. When it was time for the photos with Nick, I was the last one. Nick walked near me, hugged me and we talked for a few minutes – he was so cute! He made me promise to walk better the next time he comes. I remember he said it clearly. It was important to me, he doesn’t know me And was kind and really took care about how I felt, made me feel so special. It was the best experience! ❤” – @Cotecita_Carter



“The afterparty was going to end and Howie already signed that I had to come closer. The minute I was standing in front of him, he took the mic and said the after party was over. I looked at him and said, “Really? Are you kidding me?” He said: “Wait..” He did his whole speech like at the ending of an afterparty and then he took me up to stage to get a picture with him.I was shaking like hell so one of the security had to take the picture because otherwise I would be standing there still 😉 And Howie is always nice, friendly AND funny…can’t give you any good story but he stole my heart…The problem is that I always forget what happened ;)” – Esther Baas



“One time I jokingly asked Brian (On twitter) if I could borrow a pair of his bright kicks since he has a lot of them for Neon night on the 2013 cruise. I wasn’t being serious, only Brian really replied and asked what size I wear because he was gonna make me some. I didn’t think he was serious but I decided to humor him and I told him, even said if he made them orange that would be awesome because it was my favorite color. A few days before the cruise he tweeted me saying he didn’t have orange and asked if his favorite color is okay? At that point I kind of didn’t believe him but it wouldn’t matter what color they were. So fast forward to the cruise, I see Brian he tells me I’ll get the kicks soon…and sure enough at the Sail Away party he came over to me with blue and white Nike Air Force 1’s. But the fact that he took time out of his life to make me kicks just says a lot about the kind of man he is.” – @yahtzee27



AJ took his time on a rocking cruise ship to write my tattoo neatly…then gave the BEST hug!” – @KatieOK_


Kevin is always the sweetest. He took pics with literally everyone at the AP in Dusseldorf last year. My pic was blurred… And so he made sure I get a nice one. I kissed him on the cheek and he kissed me back with so much love. It’s impossible. Once I went towards a hotel door and he waited (what seemed like forever to me) to hold the door for me. Such a gentleman!  Howie was in a restaurant sitting next to our table. When he left he came to our table to say bye & wish us a nice evening.”  – @Scorpusa



“One time on twitter I joked that I’d rather get a phone call from Brian instead of Howie. (There was a contest for a few fans to win a phone call from Howie.) BrIan replied to my tweet asking me for my digits….when a Backstreet Boy asks you for your number of course you give it to him. So I did. Not thinking he’d really call me. For the next few months he’d tease me and joke about calling me until 1 day he really did. I was shocked! He was at home with his wife and son getting ready to have family time and watch a movie and he took time out to call me just because….How cool is that? Not many singers would do something like that.” – @yahtzee27



“My first cruise & 2nd M&G in 2013. I asked Nick for a hug. He balked. I hugged him & he barely hugged back (fingertips on my shoulder blades). As we pulled back from the hug, Kevin swooped in & said “I’ll give you a real hug” He gave me a bear hug. I can only imagine the amount of judging his eyebrows we’re doing towards Nick…lol. No worries though, Nick made up for it later.” – @KatieOK_



“I met the Backstreet boys in 2011 when they visited Chile with “This is us” Tour. I waited 14 years for that moment, the excitement and emotions were on top, and they helped a lot to give the best experience I could ever asked for. I had to attend the VIP event with my brother. I have some difficulty walking by myself and I needed support and company considering the soundcheck / photo and show requires lot of hours to stand up. I sent an email a few weeks before and the staff accepted my brother to stay by my side during the event. I got a gold ticket for the vip, so I arrived early to the venue, the security staff, including Q and Mike, already knew about my condition. When they saw me, they immediately helped me to go in front row for the Soundcheck. When the Boys appeared on stage, it was a dream come true, never was that happy, and been that close to them was really amazing! After the souncheck, Mike talked to me and my brother and asked to wait till all the fans take their photos. There were a huge crowd, almost 200 fans, and I had to wait like three hours but the bodyguards were worried about me the whole time. I didn’t feel tired, I was so happy seeing the Boys, meeting the fans, nothing else mattered. All the time I waited totally worth it. I was the last one waiting to meet my favorite Boys and get a photo with them and my turn was there. I was surrounded by the bodyguards, my brother and suddenly I noticed that Brian and Nick jumped the fence, then AJ and Howie and were getting closer to me – I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My idols were getting closer and jumped the fence just to meet me. I don’t know how I could stand up by myself, my brother looked at me and couldn’t believe what was happening. The meet and greet was a dream! I had a speech but I couldn’t say it completely. I had a nice chat with Brian and AJ, and Brian got really emotional after I told to him part of my story, AJ was so cute and gave me lot of hugs, and Nick gave me a huge hug too but sadly I couldn’t say a word to him. I was so surprised, but I think he noticed that he’s my favorite because he said goodbye with an extra hug and was next to me at the photo. Just the fact that your idols take the time to chat with me and jump the fence, made me feel special and extremely happy. All the years I waited to see them worth it, they are amazing human beings and care with fans. It was an unforgettable experience and I will be forever thankful for it!” –  @Cotecita_Carter


ajlana“One of my favorite memories was on the 2013 anniversary cruise.  That boat was swamped with fans and if you got a selfie you had to have been very lucky or you would have had to fight for it. Little me isn’t aggressive so I just stand back and watch the boys and I’m happy just being there. I was with my roommate walking around the boat and stopping to take pictures with the photographers that had nice backgrounds set up for you to pose in front of. I had stopped by almost all of them and my friend was yelling at me to hurry up and get going. (I’m pointing at you Brynne :p) As I’m doing silly poses I hear someone’s voice say “work it girl” – I look up and it’s freaking AJ!! My face froze! Next thing you know, I hear words coming out of my mouth (I actually spoke for once!) telling him to come in the picture. And then he actually did. He really came up to ME and posed with ME rather then me fighting to get through people and get a picture with HIM. I thanked him and he was as sweet as ever. He didn’t rush to leave or anything and he stopped to take selfies with some fans. I was stoked. The photographer told me my photo would be ready in a few hours to pick up. Till this day it is my favorite picture and most favorite memory. It’s funny how things work the opposite. I wasn’t fighting for a photo and here AJ was walking towards me, lol. I always hear him saying how taking a few seconds with your fans and stopping for pictures and autographs goes along way and those words can not be more true. Little things like that is why we love them. Him being so kind and down to earth is something I will never forget.”  – @Kaotic_LanaC


“My friend  and I wrote a diary for 6 months, every single day back in 1996 and gave it to Howie. A few days later, during tour in Belgium, he saw us and told us he read it all. We didn’t believe it, but a week later in a German pop magazine, there were pics of BSB backstage in Germany. In the background was the diary on a table, proving he really read it for the world to see. We never forgot how special that was. We wrote our deepest thoughts & feelings in it. Howie thanked us for being so honest. So sweet.” – 


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2 thoughts on “When The Backstreet Boys Show Us What They’re Made Of : Random Acts Of Kindness From The Boys To Fans

  1. Several years ago, I took a long road trip, from lower WI to upper MN, to see the Backstreet Boys. I was just trying to find my way around the outside of the venue, when I heard a bunch of girls scream. I had to stop, because the sideway was filled with people. As I continued towards my destination, i say the reason for the group of people, Brian was giving autographs and pictures. I just stood to the side, and took a pic or two up close as I could never dreaming I’d be able to get to him, and when he was done, the body guard turned to me, and said, you want one too? I was shocked and Brian said “HI”, and gave an autograph. Love is not the word! Gracious is….


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