8 Emotions Only Backstreet Boys Fans Understand

Sometimes as a Backstreet Boys fan, you feel things. You feel things that no one outside of the fandom understands. Okay, maybe the younger generation of fangirls and fanboys might to a certain degree, but when you’ve been going through these emotions for 22 years, it’s different. You’re going to read this, and you’re going to feel relief that you are not alone in your wide range of extreme emotions as a BSB fan. You’re also going to realize that we really do need that Backstreet Wine suggestion to be real life.

1. The Irrational Anger From People Asking The Wrong Questions.

There is nothing worse than fielding questions from non-fans:

“You’re going to see them AGAIN?” Yes, yes I am. My money, my happiness, my life. Shut up.

“Which boyband is it again? New Kids?” Stop it.

“Woaaahh, they’re still around?!” SERIOUSLY?!

We never ask sports fans “Oh you’re watching that game again this week? Really?” We try so hard to nicely answer. We even try to spread the love and recruit new people to the fandom. At some point though, we’re answering through gritted teeth, hitting the computer keys with purpose, and look completely unreasonable in our responses. Geez, they say, I was just asking. Yes, you were just asking….for the 4th time. This week.

2. Deep Sadness Brought On By Withdrawal.

This starts almost immediately after the last concert you attend and is worse if you don’t have any other plans of seeing the Boys anytime soon. As you leave a concert, you will hear people muttering Ok, I still have the cruise, other people pulling out their phones to check the next tour date and mapquest how far away it is, and still other people sitting in their seats, refusing to leave. We all know what’s coming.


No, not the Pussycat Dolls. Post Concert Depression. It’s real and it’s the #1 problem in the Backstreet Boys fandom. The depression gets so bad that, if we go months without something from the Boys, we will snatch up anything they provide. Oh you want us to pay $523 for a single song download of something we’ve already heard part of? Ok, let me get my credit card. We can’t take it. The depression HURTS.

3. High Anxiety From Ticket Purchasing Day.

There is nothing scarier and more anxiety-inducing than the day tickets go on sale. What’s the local venue time? How do we buy decent tickets to both (or all 6) concerts we’re going to?! CALL IN THE REINFORCEMENTS! Why won’t Stephanie/Kim/Amanda answer her phone?! DO WE WANT FANPIT?! Which VIP?! Platinum is ONLY a few $100 more. Why isn’t WonderfulUnion ANSWERING MY QUESSTIIOONN?! Left side of stage? Can someone tell me which side Nick favors? I want Brian to literally jump over my head.

This is why we need the BSB wine.

4. An Unusually High Amount of Skepticism About Any “Special Announcement”.

Anytime the Backstreet Boys say they’re going to make a special announcement, we’re usually already aware of what the announcement is. There are few times when they actually surprise us (Kevin is coming back?! AJ is going to be a dad?! Ok. You got us there, Boys), but we always have that little speck of doubt in ourselves that they’ll actually tell us something we don’t know. God love them, they try to surprise us, but we’re usually so thirsty that we suck up any bit of information before they can tell us. Maybe our skepticism is a shield. If we remain skeptic, we can remain calm…because as soon as something is confirmed, we’re going to LOSE. OUR. MINDS.

5. Containing Our Hope Brought On By Rumors.

In the midst of a Backstreet drought, we scour the internet for anything that might allude to future BSB plans. If someone posts something new, we approach it with gloves, discuss it in secret, have our qualms about it, and research the HELL out of it (Example: That mysterious Backstreet Project in NYC that sounded like it was going to Vegas). We act very reserved about any rumor. We act like Psshhh, there’s no way it’s going to happen. But the rumors keep us going, keep us secretly going, until we get mad that nothing is being said about it and mention it to the actual Boys themselves who can not figure out how we know things. Sloppy work, Boys. We’ve been doing this for years. You do you, we’ll do us.

6. Unreasonable Joy From 140 Characters or Less.

Do not act like any favorite/tweet/retweet from a Backstreet Boy isn’t your personal drug. Everyone knows that the insanity that ensues when a Backstreet Boy tweets is beyond anything (and the easiest thing) you’ve witnessed since becoming a fan. It’s a game. It’s a challenge. Your fingers fall off, your brain overheats from creating any attention-catching tweet you can think of, and any kind of acknowledgement sends you into a frenzy. Kevin sent you a heart! Brian sent you a chicken emoji! Howie FOLLOWED you! Call your friends, call your granny, hug your dog… THIS is the GREATEST moment in your LIFE.

7. Emotional Explosions.

This can happen when you’re least expecting it, but most notably in the first few minutes of a Backstreet Boys concert. You’re fine, you’re chatting with your friends, you’re checking Instagram….Then, the lights go out.

Oh my God. Oh. MY. God. OH MY GOD.

Once the music starts, your body literally doesn’t know what is happening. You want to run, you want to jump up and down, you’re most likely already screaming like Charles Manson has claimed you as his next victim, and you might be crying. You will remember this song playing for the rest of your life and it will never be the same.

Then you see them. You see them…and there’s not a TV screen separating you. You’re breathing the same air as the Backstreet Boys. Your brain is so confused that you’ve forgotten to breathe. And you’re still screaming. You look to your friend for help, but she seems to also be exploding into pieces of fangirl confetti.

BSB Concerts: Abandon all hope of emotional control ye who dare to enter.

8. Incredible Sass In High Intensity Situations (Like VIP).

We fret and fret and fret about situations we’ll be in with the BSB until the day comes, and then we are so badass. Let’s use VIP as an example. You bought the VIP months ago, you have been planning what to wear, what to say, and what you want to look like in the pic for months before that. You may be nervous but the minute it’s your turn in line, you are sassy. You are fierce. And DAMMIT, you’re going to stand between AJ and Kevin and NO ONE is going to stop you (not even Nick Carter who wants everyone to stand with him).

If VIP isn’t your thing, you still know what we’re talking about. Oh that girl thinks she’s going to push me out of the way of Brian’s hand? NOPE! But, we really didn’t mean to shove her to the ground and stand on her. Behold, the power of Backstreet.

The BSB fan life is tough, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

3 thoughts on “8 Emotions Only Backstreet Boys Fans Understand

  1. This pertains to a fan of any boyband. I’m not saying I don’t like Backstreet Boys, I’m just more into NKOTB. I would love to see BSB, New Edition, or ‘NSYNC.


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