11 Times Brian Littrell Made Us Stop and Stare With His Selfies

Brian1 copySure, we’ve all taken a selfie. We’ve all taken 5 before we deem one acceptable to post. We’ve tried to master the craft of the right angle, the right lighting, and the right captions to go with it.

And then there’s Brian Littrell.

Since his Instagram debut in November 2012, his selfies have NOT disappointed. He has his look down (maybe because he was born with it) and we have renamed his selfies: Stelfies. Why, you might ask? Because when Brian posts a selfie, we stop and stare. Stop and Stare Selfies = Stelfies. Check out a few of our faves! Warning: You might need a drool mop.

1. The “Accidental Selfie” Stelfie.

Instachirp! RoksPics

A post shared by Brian Littrell (@rokspics) on

We all know this look. This is the look we make when we want to post something on Instagram and we’re looking pretty good, so our face says “Ok, ok, fine…I’ll take a selfie if you insist.” Brian nails it! He’s looking so nonchalant, like this stelfie is no big deal. It’s a big deal. It’s always a big deal.

Is this HIPHOP or HIPPOP??? πŸ˜„ hehe

A post shared by Brian Littrell (@rokspics) on

2. The “I’m So Tired, But I’m Still Hot” Stelfie.

Still working! Headed back east tonight after I finish. 🐣

A post shared by Brian Littrell (@rokspics) on

WHO looks this good after working? Brian.

We’re up at 5:30am and our selfies look like we could go shopping with the bags under our eyes. Brian does it and shows off.

I should be asleep!! Good Night……

A post shared by Brian Littrell (@rokspics) on


3. The “My Eyes Are Gorgeous. STARE.” Stelfie.

He got us good with this one. 2 years later and admit it, you’re staring right now. You’re not even reading this. Those eyes keep dragging you right back up.

4. The “I’m Proud Of Myself” Stelfie.

In Stone!!!! Thank GOD

A post shared by Brian Littrell (@rokspics) on

No one will forget all of the BSB members laying down on their Hollywood Walk of Fame star that day. No one will forget how good they all looked. We LOVE all of the pride in this stelfie.

5. The Mirror Stelfie.

I see you………..BSB The Return………..

A post shared by Brian Littrell (@rokspics) on

Everyone does it. Even Brian Littrell. He just does it better than everyone else. Again, with the eyes. Stop staring. At least it’s not in the bathroom.

Don’t look at this stelfie for more than 30 seconds unless you want to liquify.

6. “My Friends Are Weird” Stelfie.

We take back what we said about the bathroom…

A 2-For-1 Stelfie?! Ohhhh yeah. Bonus points for that caption acting like they aren’t hot or anything.

7. The “I Might Not Remember This In The Morning” Stelfie.

I'm sexy and I know it!!!!

A post shared by Brian Littrell (@rokspics) on

…But at least his caption was the TRUTH.

8. The “This Is My Good Side” Stelfie.

High and tight.. My Wife takes good care of me… Needed something new…

A post shared by Brian Littrell (@rokspics) on

Listen. Brian has found his angle. He has found his good side. As in…all of his sides. HE HAS NO BAD SIDE. But he definitely knows how to werk it. His pronounced jaw and model looks in this stelfies KILL us. We may or may not be breathing right now.

9. The “I’m Staring At You Staring At Me” Stelfie.

Fish and Chips…….. Have to when in London….

A post shared by Brian Littrell (@rokspics) on

We’ll admit, these are a little intimidating. Eye contact is always a little scary. Eye contact with Brian may take your breath away and from the looks of it, he knows it. It’s like he’s trying to hypnotize us….

….HEY! Is that how I ended up with 234 copies of the Welcome Home?!

10. The “Nothing Has Changed (But Yes It Has)” Stelfie.

A post shared by Brian Littrell (@rokspics) on

These stelfies were no doubt shot out onto social media to showcase the facial hair that makes our boyfriends/husbands jealous. It. Drives. Us. Crazy. In the best way. The all-seeing Brian KNOWS this. Blah, blah, blah sports sports BLAH. Whatever, you know it’s your face you want us to see! We know it’s your face we want to see. Just post that next time, Brian. LOOK AT MY FURRY FACE. We will be okay with that.

11. The Smiling Stelfie.

There is NOTHING we love more in the history of Brian-stelfiedom than a smile with teeth. Hold your heart, ladies. It’s going to fly out of your chest.


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