5 Times The Backstreet Boys Proved They Make Better Women Than Us

We know that the Backstreet Boys are comprised of five really good looking men, but have you considered that there are pieces of our Boys that would also make up a really great woman? Have you considered that they might make better  women than we are?! Let’s think about it.

1. Kevin and His Man Skirt


2001 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals


And probably more times than we know about. We’re not sure what Kevin was thinking when he was wearing the now infamous man-skirt. Did he want to be in solidarity with the fangirls? Did he like the freedom of movement? The non constriction? We would really like answers but, for now, we will use it as Kevin’s contribution to the concept of a Backstreet Woman. Plus, his long flowing locks at the time drive our point home. While some of us literally PAY for hair to braid, velcro, and snap in, Kevin was walking around growing an inch of hair a day. It was shiny, healthy and probably smelled like waterfalls.

2. Brian and The Eyeliner.

enhanced-515-1397963902-9 tumblr_lyp868XdD51r7yvrso1_500Oh Brian, Brian, Brian… As if you didn’t already jump higher than us, sing better than us, and set our worlds on fire, you even look hot with makeup on. Some of us only dream of our eyes looking that smolder-y with eyeliner on. Instead, we try too hard and end up looking like a racoon or a drunk cat. Who even looks good with blue eyeshadow?! Brian Littrell. To add on to Brian’s feminine input, he does spot on impression of girls. He could totally hang with us.

3. AJ and His Manicures.

 It doesn’t matter if we had the Kardashian glam squad doing our nails, our manicures will never be as well kept, awesome, and ever changing as AJ McLean’s. Seriously, where is he getting these ideas and who is doing his nails?! Can he/she go on tour so we can hit him/her up too? His constant nail wardrobe makes us want to hide our hands when we see him…or really step up our game.

….And His Tulle / High Heel Game.

Louboutin 6 inch heels. LOUBOUTIN. AJ is not only a better woman than us, he has nicer shoes than us as actual women. When are we most jealous of AJ McLean? Not when he’s spending time with our four other favorite Boys. Definitely when he acquired these shoes. And had the ability to walk in them without breaking his face.

4. Howie D. and His Luxurious Locks

Look at his face. He knows we hate him. His face literally says ‘don’t hate my because my hair is beautiful’. Well, Howie, we do. Some of us ladies spend hours with a straightener and it will NEVER look this straight. What makes us even more irritated? Knowing that his hair actually looks like this….

Howie can have long, straight hair or shoulder length beautiful curls. WHY?! Could you have not gone out into the rain ONCE, Howie, to prove to us that you too become a fuzzball in the humidity? It probably doesn’t even feel like it’s weighed down with 10lbs of sticky product either. Howie has hair full of secrets and we want them all. We’re convinced he cut it off to calm our envy.

5. Nick …and Just Being Himself.


There are a lot of secrets we have as women. How to whine and pout our way out of things, how to lick our lips in such a way that no one can resist, how to dance around seductively until we get what we want.

And someone told Nick Carter all of those secrets.

He’s using all of our OWN SECRETS against us. And we fall for it. Quit playing games, Nick. We’re onto you.

But don’t think we forgot how much you LOVED being dressed like Dorothy. 🙂

*Thanks to @JennayHeartNick for the Nick pic from Jstram!*


One thought on “5 Times The Backstreet Boys Proved They Make Better Women Than Us

  1. I’ve always been so jealous at how GORGEOUS Brian looks in the JWYTK video with the long hair, eyeliner, and lip gloss! #beautygoals


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