7 Things That Happen When The Backstreet Boys Have An Announcement To Make

Being a Backstreet Boys fan can be stressful, exciting, exhausting, and more rewarding that being a fan of any other band. That being said, there are certain things that happen EVERYTIME the Boys say they have an announcement to make and we’re here to make sure you complete the cycle thoroughly everytime.

1. The Investigation.

Did we mention that being a BSB fan means that you are a skilled detective? We usually know where they are at all times, what they’re working on, and who they’re with. If we don’t, we compare notes with other fans until we can make a very educated guess. So it’s no surprise that we normally know (or have an idea of) what they’re going to announce before they even say they have an announcement. We might even know what they’re going to announce before they even know they’re going to do something. Don’t ask how, we just do.

However, if the Backstreet Boys say they’re going to make an announcement and we weren’t prepared, you better KNOW we’re going to find out in 24 hours. It is actually a disgrace to our fan-cards if we do not find something out before they announce it. Perhaps we’re protecting our minds from exploding, our hopes from getting crushed, our hearts from sudden impact. Or maybe we’re just girls (and a few boys) and we NEED to know things before anyone tells us first. You know how we love to say “I told you so”.

2. The Announcement For The Announcement.

“How does ________ sound? Stay tuned… ;)”

STAY TUNED?! Instantly we are hit with the high anxiety. How long are they going to take? Is this Backstreet time or real time? Should we stay up all night? Do we need to call out of work? Do I have time to go pee? Is this announcement even going to affect me?

But, our first visible reaction? To reply like this: “Oh, we know it’s _____”. We put on such a brave front. Oh please, Boys, we know what you’re up to. Again, this is just to protect ourselves. To let them know we know, but maybe we don’t know, but oh please, God, let it be something we’re prepared for.

3. Speculation.

We’ve all prepared as much as we can for “the announcement”, but that does not stop us from last minute speculations. We have hard facts to back us up on any kind of idea we might have, but what if it’s NOT what we thought?! Could we actually be a surprise? COULD THE BACKSTREET BOYS ACTUALLY SURPRISE US?

Usually not, but we like to add on last minute thrills.

4. The Announcement.

The only 10 seconds we’re quiet in this whole process. Must. soak. up. all. info.

5. Hysteria.

Our reactions will go one of two ways…

You will revert back to the age of 12 and lose your mind if this announcement applies to you. You may have known it all along, felt it coming, hoped and prayed, but now – you can’t even breathe. Your tweets look like this –> “sh874y28rfsof@#@#” and you’re flailing about as if your limbs are independent of your body. You might actually break something.


You will act like it doesn’t bother you that you can’t, in any way, make this announcement apply to you. It’s the wrong location, the wrong timing, too much money, WHYYY BACKSTREET BOYS WHYYYY?! Eventually, it becomes apparent that you aren’t handling life well. You will blame it on your family, your job, your dog..that’s why you’re in a bad mood. As soon as you find the one friend that feels the same though, it’s all out there. You hate them, you don’t why they are personally attacking you and leaving you out of things. You’ll never ever ever ever see them again and it’s already been 2 weeks since you’ve seen them last. You really become quite irrational.

6. Planning.

If the annoucement pertained to you, you’re going crazy. Where will you stay? How much money are you going to spend? Who is going with you? IS NICK CARTER GOING TO REMEMBER YOUR NAME?! Are you going to be close enough to them to actually speak words? You must plan so you can start a countdown and post it obnoxiously on social media for all of your friends for the next 234 days.

If the announcement did not pertain to you, you are planning what to do with the rest of your life and what you might be able to weedle out of the Boys to hint to you that something else might be coming. Something YOU can look forward to. If they don’t give you anything explicitly, you’re sure going to make something up. Much like aftershock, it’s just your brain’s way of protecting itself.

7. The Wave of Anxiety / Annoyance From Another “Announcement”

You JUST paid off and budgeted neatly for what you’re going to do. You were at peace with yourself. And now there’s something ELSE?! An afterparty, a solo event, added things to what you already purchased?

Whatever. Take my money.

This is the fan circle of life and we’re all in it for the long haul.

Sidenote: As stressful as these announcements may be, they are what we live for at times. We are so grateful to have a band that has stuck around for 22 years and continues to do things for us. We’re so lucky! But we’re also hormonal and a little crazy. 😉


8 Phrases You Can’t Say To A Backstreet Boys Fan (And Expect A Normal Response)

If you’re a fan of the Boys in the above picture, you know that they have altered your life in more ways than one. We’re late for everything (Backstreet time has led us to believe that nothing happens on time), our detective skills are sharpened (how dare they try and surprise us…please!), and our way of hearing things is a little altered. What do we mean by that? We mean that there’s certain phrases that have been so drilled into our heads as Backstreet Boys’ fans that when we hear the phrases in normal everyday chatter, we can’t have normal human responses. Still don’t know what we’re talking about? You’re lying…. but continue reading. 🙂

1. “Tell Me Why….”


If you are a normal person asking us to tell us to tell you why something happened, and you hesitate for two seconds, these are the responses you might receive:

– Ain’t nothin’ but a heartache..

– Ain’t nothin’ but a mistake..

– I never wanna hear you say..

– I can’t be where you are..

It’s ingrained into our brains like our first names. Never will you get an actual reason why from one of us without us speaking one of the phrases above or having to waiting for it to play in our heads before we respond. And we won’t sing the words to you. We will respond with one of the above like it is actually the response you are looking for. WE CAN’T HELP IT. And if we try to hold it in, our faces might look like Brian’s in the above photo..

2. “Gotta Go…”

It’s not so much our response to this as the fact that we will repeat it ala “The Call”. Not only is this a severe problem for fans, it has affected Brian Littrell as well. In fact, it’s probably mostly his fault. We might have long forgotten the phrase had he not used it every chance he left a room / interview / ran to the bathroom since the song came out. And now, everytime we need to hang up the phone with our friends, we say “gotta go!” in a weird voice. And we are so judged.


Very similar to “Gotta go!”, “Alright!” just happened earlier. Again, we blame Brian. You may say “alright..” like a normal person, but inside, you’re definitely hearing it as it is heard in the chorus of Everybody. In fact, you’ve heard it in your head the way we all hear it each time it’s mentioned in this paragraph. ALRIGHT.

4. “I Don’t Care Who You Are…”

Much like “Tell me why”, if you hesitate after saying “I don’t care who you are..”, we will most likely respond with:

– “Where you’re from…”

– “What you did…”

Doesn’t everyone? People usually aren’t even looking for a response when they say it, but we proudly interrupt to give them one. Blame the Backstreet Boys.

5. “That’s Something That I Already Know..”

Our response –> “I know, I know, I know.” And this one, for some reason, we actually sing. While the other phrases are excusable because they are from well known BSB songs, this one is like an underground Backstreet language that only other Backstreet fans are going to recognize. It could actually serve as a mating call for other fans. If someone knows what you’re talking about, YOU BE THEIR FRIEND.

6. “Just Want You To Know….”

“…THAT I’VE BEEN FIGHTING TO LET YOU GO…” Our response. Everytime. And for some reason, this one gets really loud and we don’t know at what point in the song we should stop. We’ll probably continue to sing you the song as long as you let us. We might actually keep singing over you talking, at least through the chorus.

8. “Didn’t The Backstreet Boys Break Up?”

This isn’t part of a song, it’s just something you shouldn’t say to a Backstreet fan. Ever. It’s never going to end well and our response won’t be that of a normal human being. We’ll either slap you with a novel of everything they have done since 1999 (when you apparently stopped caring), blink at you and then ignore you, or completely rage (depending on the time of the month). Tread lightly. And walk way.

5 Heroes Behind The Backstreet Boys

Sure, we buy concert tickets, event tickets, merchandise, and VIP for the Backstreet Boys, but in 22 years of their existence, some of us have also become just as big of a fan as the people that work behind the scenes to make it all come together. There’s so many people that work day in and day out and make nearly as many sacrifices as the Boys themselves for the sake of a good show, a great event, a smooth cruise, etc. This post is dedicated to them.

1. Wonderful Union (Formerly Ground(ctrl)) Branding themselves recently as a “fan engagement company”, Ground(ctrll) became Wonderful Union and are responsible for so much of what keeps the Backstreet Boys a moving machine. Without them, we would have no VIP, no website, no emails, no marketing, no Eddie Meehan (Where would we be without him?!), no up-to-date merchandising, no point of contact when we’re FREAKING OUT on the day of concert ticket sales. What would we do?! While there have been days we have cussed them, acted out irrationally, and basically blamed them for us losing our minds, we are lucky to have such a helpful, awesome group of people behind the scenes. Thank you for putting up with us, Wonderful Union. We can’t thank you enough.

Follow them on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates!

2. Justin Segura While Justin may be technically a part of Wonderful Union, we feel he deserves special recognition as he has quickly become a fan favorite on tour, cruise, events, and anywhere else he happens to show up. Our #1 reason for being grateful for him? His badass photography skills deliver the HD photos of the Boys that most of us drool over. Not only does he take photos of the Boys, he takes the VIP photos as well….you know, the photos that change our lives. The photos that we constantly refresh the BSB website for the minute we get home from the concert. We’re hardly ever disappointed with the wait for the pictures and the way they turn out is beyond anything we hoped for. Another plus? Justin himself is a pretty awesome guy to talk to and so good about letting us take pictures with HIM! We hope he sticks around for the long haul. Follow him here on Twitter

3. Jen Sousa She may not have been on the last leg of the IAWLT tour because of the birth of her new baby girl, but Jen Sousa can be credited with getting things done! It can’t be easy to keep everything on schedule, meet fan demands, work demands, and wrangle 5 cats…er, we mean the Backstreet Boys. She seems to be the answer to what can and can’t be done for everything! We’re grateful for everything she makes the Boys do and it couldn’t be done without her! Especially keeping the cruise on track…

4. The Bodyguards guards copy We know, we know, you’re supposed to be scared of security / bodyguards / guys that could throw us with one hand, but the Backstreet Security Team is pretty cool (if you’re cool – if you’re not cool, run.) Mike, Drew, Josh, Keith and Aaron have the huge job of protecting our five favorite men from the crazies that have an attack mission. We are forever thankful for them and the sacrifices they make to be on tour/events and the time they spend dealing with us. Throughout the years, they have become key pieces to the Backstreet family as well as fan favorites. They even know some of us! (We’re still trying to figure out if that’s a good thing or not) Bottom line – they’re the best group of guys/protectors you could ask for.

And no, we didn’t forget Q. Perhaps the most iconic member of the Backstreet Boys Security team, everyone was deeply saddened to hear of his untimely death in December 2013. He had been there from the beginning and there is no one that exists in the BSB world that doesn’t know of his legacy. He is still so very loved and missed. Viva La Q.

5. The Wives

We may have always dreamed of being married to a Backstreet Boy, but for Kristin, Leighanne, Rochelle, Leigh, and Lauren, being married to a BSB is their reality and, at the end of the day, we owe a lot to them as well. These ladies continuously sacrifice their time with their husbands and fathers of their children for them to be able to travel the world for us. Yes, it’s their job, but that doesn’t make it any easier. A huge thanks to these ladies for living part of your lives on a tour bus, for being kind to us and stopping to take selfies, for allowing us into your lives when you don’t have to. We know that there is so much stuff you’ve had to deal with that isn’t okay and yet, you all continue to be open and welcoming. You are the women that these 5 men chose and you make them happy and in the end, that’s all we want. Thank you for making Kevin, Brian, AJ, Howie, and Nick happy.

To the stage crew, the bus drivers, wardrobe, stylists, and everyone not mentioned that are a part of getting the Backstreet Boys to our cities, to our radios, to our lives… Thank you, thank you, thank you for being the “unseen” heroes as well. Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. ❤

9 Thoughts We All Had About Mud Covered Backstreet Boys


Usually Mondays are a drag, but this Monday was a great one for Backstreet Boys fans. Why? Because our Boys visited the Dead Sea in Israel. What does that mean for us? Shirtless, mud covered Backstreet Boys first thing in the morning. No one was complaining. In fact, we were all very appreciative. As we stared a little longer, thoughts started to cross our mind. Here are just a few:

1. Where Do We Sign Up For This Job?

You know..the job of official mudslinger onto people, onto Backstreet people.


2. Is It An Actual Job? How Did They Get Covered In Mud?

What does this entail? Did someone use their hands? Did they use a kitchen utensil? Did they put it on each other? Did they roll around in the mud? WE NEED ANSWERS. (Sidenote: We’re pretty upset there aren’t any photos surfacing of this process with Kevin, Brian and Howie. Uggghhh. Someone dropped the ball there!)


3. Ummm, So Why Are The Backstreet Boys Covered In Mud?

As it turns out, the mud from the Dead Sea is chock full of health benefits for your skin. The therapeutic benefits are endless, but most importantly, it makes your skin soft and glowing. That’s right, everyone-not-in-Israel, we’re missing out on baby soft Backstreet Boys. Where do we get our hands on that mud, guys?! We need VIP pics with them like this shirtless smooth and such.

4. Why Is Brian’s Face Uncovered?

We’re not complaining. We love seeing his face and we love seeing him shirtless. However, we couldn’t help but feel as though he was a floating head. (If you got that Friends reference, you’re the bomb!) Was he scared of sucking mud up his nose? Did he think his blues eyes would look weird in a brown mask? Was it simply because he shaved and we read that the mud might hurt? Probably, but we may never know!

5. Did Kevin Actually Sprout From The Ground?

Seriously, he looks like something organic (coincidentally one of his favorite words). There is not a spot on Kevin that wasn’t covered with mud, but suspiciously, his shorts were more pristine than any of the other boys. Did he roll around naked in the mud to become one with nature or is he JUST that good?

6. Nick REALLY Enjoyed The Process.

Look at him.


After he was done, he even got AJ. So, was it Nick’s job to mud everyone? In that case, we understand why Brian left his face out of it.

7. Their Choices In Swim Trunks Suits Them.

You have Brian and Howie being the basic men in their black attire, Nick in camo because of course he is, AJ in white because AJ would absolutely wear white in a dirty situation, and then Kevin. Kevin pretends he’s basic then BOOM! Pink. Black and pink. And, again, clean. He’s all about that razzle dazzle.

8. Not Only Are There Shirtless Boys, There Is Alcohol.


Our rinky dink day at the spa will never compare. If the Backstreet Boys ever decided to have their own brand of wine, THESE photos should be the promotional shot for it. Not only are they selling it well, seeing this makes us want to drink a little.

9. Does Kevin Ever NOT Look Like A Model?


“Oh excuse me, we’re taking photos now? Let me strike my signature pose.”

Thanks for the magical Monday, Boys. Let’s do it again sometime!

11 Reasons To Appreciate The Backstreet Boys’ Millennium Album

Admit it, you can still remember where you were the day the Backstreet Boys released Millennium. You can still feel the feelings. You can still hear your mom yelling at you to that music down. You can still remember the way your heart pounded as they took over MTV on May 18, 1999. Today, the epic Backstreet Boys album, the one that changed their whole career, is turning 16 and is still one of the highest selling albums of all times. This album was the epitome of everything that we ever loved about the Boys and with it’s release, pop culture was changed forever.

1. Millennium Gave Us Songs Like These:

Without these songs, people would have been left believing that boybands were just 5 guys attached to strings or dressed like dolls, looking pretty. The singles from Millennium are songs that will be forever remembered as some of the greatest of that decade. Some were deep, some were different, and they still looked good singing them.

2. The Release of Millennium Marked The First Time The Backstreet Boys (or ANYONE) Shut Down Times Square.

Who does that?! The Backstreet Boys. End of story. The Backstreet Army has ALWAYS been strong. BEHOLD, the power of fans.

3. The Iconic TRL Appearance / Performances.

If you were a BSB fan anywhere New York City when Millennium dropped, you were in the crowd outside of MTV Studios waiting for a glimpse of our Boys. Before social media, before selfies, BSB fans learned how to do it the hard way!

4. The Millennium Tour Was EPIC.

They FLEW in. No one was doing that at the time and this made our fangirling hearts flutter with glee as you realized, even in the 84th row, that MAYBE Nick Carter would see you. Maybe Brian would wave at you. Maybe Howie would wink at you. The possibilities were endless really IF you were lucky enough to snag a ticket. The Millennium tour sold out faster than most tours going on at the time and these tickets were GOLD if your parents were quick enough to get them.

5. The Promotional Commercials.

The countdown is on! Don’t act like you weren’t keeping a close watch on the calendar, marking down the days until Millennium would be YOURS.

6. You Learned The Elements Because Of The Millennium Booklet.

Most people learned their elements in school – We learned them from the BSB Millennium album.

7. We Learned That Not Only Could The Backstreet Boys Sing, They Could Write Too!

What’s the first thing we did when we got our hands on the album? Read the booklet inside the case to learn all the lyrics and drool over the photos. What was new this time? Writing credits! With Kevin penning “Back To Your Heart” (the song we wished he had written for us) and Brian penning multiple songs but most notably “The Perfect Fan” (the song that won our moms over), the BSB proved with this album that they were more than vocal talent and pretty faces.

8. It Brought Us The Disney Concert Special.

… That played repeatedly (to our delight) on the Disney channel for most of 1999. Suddenly, we all wanted to ride horses, play basketball on Houston St, shop at The Gap, and thought bowling was cool. Oh, and don’t forget AJ’s butterfly hair clips.

9. Our Moms Approved.

Millennium was / is an album that our moms turned up even louder when we got out the car to go into school. Sure, there were a few corny songs, but overall, it’s an album that everyone could tolerate and even enjoy. Your mom eventually even had a favorite (and probably still does to this day). Now, as we are having kids of our own, Millennium will be passed down for the ages as good quality music.

10. It Won HOW MANY Awards?!

4 Billboard Music Awards. 2 VMAs. Teen Choice Award. 4 World Music Awards. Multiple Grammy nominations. Many more..

And all of our hearts.

11. It Solidified What We Already Knew – The Backstreet Boys Are The Best. 

Millennium broke records. It showed the world what the Backstreet Boys could do. Ask the fans if they’re surprised and they will tell you no. Being a Backstreet Boys fan has been a blessing and for a lot of us, it started with Millennium. It has been 16 years since the release and while we’ve all grown, that album will always take us back. It will take us back to the hysteria, the excitement, the deep-rooted love that we share for five Boys in a band from Orlando. The feelings we had at on the release day of Millennium are the same feelings when we see the Backstreet Boys 16 years later.

How many fans get to say that? 16 years later…

Thank you, Boys, for Millennium. It changed our lives.

14 Mini BSB Fans : The Next Generation of Backstreet Boys Lovers

Most of us were young when we found our love for the 5 Boys from the Backstreet. As they have continued to grow, so have we and now we are passing our love on to a new generation. Whether it be our kids, our siblings, our nieces, nephews or next door neighbors, we’re spreading the love for the Backstreet Boys all over again.

We asked you to share your baby-BSB fans with us and you won’t believe the cuteness!

1. Michael, 6 Years Old


“Of course my son is a Backstreet Boys fan. His name is Michael, he just turned 6 years old. His favorite song is Everybody, but I swear you can play almost any song and he knows the words. He even knows all the guys’ names. You know how Brian always says “Whaaaat” – he’s heard him say it a few times and now he’s always saying that. He said that his favorite is Nick because he likes his haircut because it “goes up” (he hasn’t seen the new one yet.) and because his favorite color is green like his. And something else funny, he really liked the Nick and Knight album. I know that he must genuinely like the Backstreet Boys’ music because he doesn’t just like anything I play. I have so many videos of him singing and dancing  to BSB. He wants me to take him to a concert but I’m not sure yet. I hope he never grows out of this. It’s so cool that even younger generations can appreciate BSB.” – Ana

2. Naomi, 4 Years Old

“My niece Naomi (who I usually call Omi) is probably a potential future BSB fan. It all started when she was about 1 or 2 and I babysat her maybe for a year or so. I played BSB songs and videos so much and one day I listened to her singing (or mumbling) to Everybody. I thought it was me but no, she came to me singing Everybody’s chorus and imitated the dance move. She was about to turn 3 at that time, and she could sing Bigger, IWITW, Shape of My Heart, Everybody, Something That I Already Know and Get Down.

I stopped babysitting her when she was 4 because my sister found a babysitter but she still comes to visit me quite often. I thought she wouldn’t remember BSB at all, but one day, surprisingly, she came to me and said “I want to watch Kepin” . The word ‘Kepin’ here referred to Everybody (although she basically call every BSB song Kepin). So I played the music video and, woah, she danced and sang to the songs and she still remembered IWITW so well. She’s more likely to be a Kevin girl with Nick tendencies and she loves to suddenly come to me and say “Aunt loves Kevin.” And she basically thinks every dude with thick brows is “her Aunt’s Kevin”. I have a video of her saying Kevin and Nick handsome and it wasn’t because I told her to say so. She just asked me which boy I liked the most and the rest was history.” – @sasarichardson

3. Beatrice, 8 Years Old and Briana, 6 Months


“My 8 year old, Beatrice, went to her first concert last year in Lisbon, the opening city for Europe and she got the BSB bug. She sat directly in front of the stage and is convinced the boys kept pointing at and making hearts at her. Bless! My CDs now live in her room! Some of my BSB t-shirts no longer stay in my drawers! She doesn’t like the This is Us T-shirt very much as Kevin is missing and has worn her IAWLT tour T-shirt so much its faded. Her favorite boy is Nick closely followed by Brian. Her favorite song is “Feels Like Home” but used to be “Madeleine”. We were lucky enough to get front row at the London show and AJ came down and kissed her hand. For her VIP, she wanted to be picked up by Nick but he said he didn’t know how to pick her up so Brian saved the day and held her for the photo. She tells everyone about the boys including her school teachers whose reaction is usually surprise that she has heard of them and that they are still going!! Annoying, I know!”


“The 6 month old went to both Lisbon and London while I was pregnant. She is named Briana after her mum’s favorite Backstreet Boy and often wears the backstreet boy baby gown.” – Laura

4. Jessica, 9 Years Old, Matthew, 4 Years Old, and Alex, 3 Years Old
Kids Collage

“I have three kids that are huge Backstreet Fans! I have Jessica, who is 9, Matthew, who is 4, and Alex who is 3. Jessica has been a fan now for about 5 years and Matthew and Alex have grown to love them over the last year. Jessica’s favorite song is Incomplete and her favorite boy is Brian. Matthew’s favorite song is In A World Like This and his favorite boy is AJ. Alex loves Larger Than Life and his favorite boy is Brian too. Alex is cute because he will say that he wants to hear the Bir bir bir rir song because of how it sounds at the beginning lol. Jessica attended her first show this last year in Noblesville, IN with me and my husband.” – @katie_silliman

5. Jacob, 2 Years Old


This is my Jacob when IAWLT was released. He was almost 5 months old.

babyIAWLT2This is him in June of last year when I saw the IAWLT tour and got this onesie. Jacob was 17 months old.

Now at 2 years old, he listens to the album all the time. His favorite song is “In Your Arms.” And while he can’t talk yet, I’m pretty sure his favorite Backstreet Boy is Nick because Jacob will find the making of the “I’m Taking Off” album video on my phone and watch it repeatedly :)” – Anna

6. Nicky, 2 1/2 Years Old

My son’s name is Nicky and he is 2 1/2 yrs old. His favorite boy differs, but he favors Nick, Kevin and Howie. He knows all the lyrics to IAWLT, IWITW and Show Em. He loves the doc, tells people about it all the time, and he recites his favorite parts everyday. He LOVES in the beginning when Brian is bringing Nick tea and says “start playing the guitar” in that high pitched voice and anytime we are in a tunnel or somewhere his voice will echo, he puts his hand up, two fingers and goes “yeah, woo” like Kevin does.

7. Brianna, 8 Years Old


“Brianna is 8, but she’s been a fan since she was 3 years old. Her fave BSB is Brian and also AJ. She likes all the songs and she loves to sing a long to them.” – @Brok_Vanessa21
8. Cole, 11 Years Old
“My son’s name is Cole, he’s 11 next Monday, and thinks Brian roks! He admires Brian for the great guy he is and he loves his sneakers (Cole’s got a special made AF1 Sonic The Hedgehog ones that Brian wants). This picture is from when he first met with Brian when he was 7 and they had the cutest conversation. His favorite songs are “Gone Without Goodbye” and “In A World Like This”.
9. Nora, 4 Years Old

“Her name is Nora, and she is 4. She asks us to tell Nick she loves him when we go to events. 🙂 She also loves Howie because he winks. Which she imitates. Hilarious.” – 

10. Lautaro, 7 Years Old

“My little brother’s name is Lautaro. He is now 7 years old. Since he was a baby, I used to play all BSB videos for him. Now he is a big fan. Sometimes he takes my DVDs of BSB and sings and dances with me to all the songs, especially “Larger Than Life”. We are from Argentina so he doesn’t speak English – that’s why he says “play the song where the robots dance”. His fave BSB is Brian.”


Our reader, @, is expecting her first mini-BSB fan this year! 

5 Ways The Unreleased Backstreet Boys Music / Movie Soundtrack Will Benefit Everyone (And What We’re Willing To Do To Get It)

It’s out there. We know it’s out there and as Kevin has told us numerous times, “It’s all on youtube”. Except it’s not. Except that we want it in ONE place. Except that we want to pay for it and we don’t want it to be taboo that we have it. The unreleased music from the Backstreet Boys has been a hot topic among fans for a while now and there have been many discussions about how we can get it. We have discussed everything from hinting around via social media to asking the Boys themselves (which has been done of numerous occasions) and delivering a detailed list to several of them. Why do we need this music (and a soundtrack for #BSBTheMovie) so badly? Read on.

1. We Will Pay Ridiculous Amounts For Any Product With The Unreleased Songs.

We might have different versions of unreleased music, bits and pieces of songs we don’t know the names of, and strain to hear songs that were leaked by Nick Carter himself at a few different afterparties, but we are so thirsty for all the music LEGALLY in one place, that we will pay anything for it. At this point, we’re in such a Backstreet drought, that no price is too steep, especially since this is something we really want. If cost to produce the album is a concern for the Boys, we will crowdfund the project. We, as fans, LOVE being involved in the making of things like that and we are willing, without reward even, to put a little money into the final project. TAKE IT, BOYS. Take. Our. Moneeeeyy.

2. Digital Releases Are HOT! 

We’re not even asking for a box set here (although we wouldn’t turn it down). Digital releases of albums, songs, and whatnot are popular among artists right now and we’d be all about it. That would cut costs all around and, if the Boys wanted to release it in other forms later on, we’ll buy that too. Release songs on iTunes, release them on Google Play, release them one at a time and then all together. We’ll take it all. The download could even come in conjunction with other purchases through the merch store. It’s a win-win situation.

3. This Could Be An Amazing Way To Boost The BSB Fanclub. 

Let’s be real, back in the Black and Blue / Never Gone era, the BSB FC was hoppin’. It was the best place to meet other fans and you wouldn’t DREAM of not having an active membership because of things like exclusive video, Nick’s Corner, presales and other perks. Today, we get a year of membership free with every VIP purchase, but we hardly ever log in. Releasing songs/unreleased content directly to the fanclub could be the boost needed to please all parties involved.

4. The Time Is Right.

With no U.S. tour and recording in the Summer of 2015, as mentioned before, fans NEED some Backstreet. BSB could drop even one or two songs that are not previously on an album and we would be happy. We’d buy it in every form. We’d steal our friends’ credit cards and buy it for them as well. It’ll be everyone’s birthday present for the next year. The best time to release any kind of previously unreleased material is, of course, in a time like this. No promotion required.

5. What About That Movie Soundtrack?

Seriously, what about it? We were told by multiple (credible) sources (like the Boys themselves) that there would be one. Then suddenly, there wasn’t. We know there was SO much recorded in London, but we’re not even asking for all of it. We simply want a few of the songs we heard in the movie and maybe the isolated vocals (played in the movie) of the songs we already have. Essentially, we are willing to pay for songs we already have with a few different mixes / additional songs (2) slapped on the end (or any of the songs below). Put that baby in a package with a DVD and we’re ready with our credit card numbers.

A Few Unreleased Songs From The IAWLT That We Have Been Teased With:

  • Where is the Love
  • London Lights
  • Heartquake
  • My Perspective
  • Don’t Wait
  • I’ll Be Yours
  • Baby Girl (Chump Change)
  • Everybody Falls in Love
  • Just Kids
  • Kryptonite
  • Sun Comes Out
  • Spotlight
  • Home

Dearest Backstreet Boys, Wonderful Union, and Powers That Be,

We’ll be waiting. Patiently. With appropriate funds. 🙂

***Huge thanks to @Dubnoxious and The Dark Side for inspiring/helping with this post! Head over there to continue the discussion!***

When The Backstreet Boys Show Us What They’re Made Of : Random Acts Of Kindness From The Boys To Fans


When the Backstreet Boys sing “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of”, they may not be aware of how many times they have shown us what they’re made of. Whether it be words they said to us when we needed to hear it or taking time out of their day to make us feel special, the Boys of BSB have touched us on several occasions. We asked you via social media to share your stories with us about special moments with Kevin, Brian, Nick, Howie and AJ. What did we discover? That we a group of incredibly lucky fans.


kev1Kevin has always been special to me, because he literally saved my life. Without him, I wouldn’t be here anymore, so I am very thankful for that! When they were doing promo in Europe I was destined to meet Kev to thank him for saving my life. Little did i know what was about to happen! We were waiting at the studios where they were recording for a series on TV here in Holland. Kevin came outside and girls were around him immediately. I waited patiently and shared some eye contact with him. Slowly he made his way to me!

When he was in front of him, I started talking to him. Telling him just that he saved my life and that I was so thankful, he started saying details of a message I sent him long ago! I couldn’t believe he knew things about me before we even met! He had to convince me haha. We had a deep talk and he was so calm and open with me. All of a sudden he grabbed me in his arms and hugged me, whispering in my ear: you’re always safe, I am here. I looked at him and he smiled and we took a pic together. Meanwhile, kev2everybody including security was in the van and he had to go too. I told him he had to go, because they were waiting for him and he replied: I know, but doesn’t mean i want to. I said goodbye to him and I walked away. He just stood there looking at me.

The next morning I got a tweet from him. 6 months later, I had my first VIP. He recognized me and said he was very happy to see me. Also, later that night after the afterparty, I got a tweet from him. And he still remembers me. I will cherish it forever.” – Denise de Koning


“So I happened to know this girl from Twitter who is now a close friend of mine. I first met her last year, when IAWLT Europe had just started. She was so excited about meeting the boys and Kevin (she’s also a KGirl) and we talked a lot, even during her ride in train to get to see them. She told me she had an accident which hurt her back so much she had to go to a rehab for like 11 weeks. At the day of her departure from her place to the rehab, she tweeted Kevin for a simple love/support for her.

She thought he didn’t even see them.

But a week or two later she got a very encouraging tweet from Kev, he said sorry he missed her tweet because the internet was so shitty and he sent her so much support in one tweet. It amazed me how he always took his time to scroll his twitter’s notification tab and see his fans’ tweets. And I’m pretty sure how important his encouraging words were for my friend.” – Sent from @SasaRichardson


“April 20th 2012 – Belfast, N. Ireland – 19 year Backstreet Anniversary – NKOTBSB

We were doing our Platinum VIP backstage tour, and we ended up having Brian as a tour guide.  He asked us, first off, whether we had any questions, and I just congratuulated him on 19 years of BSB, because, you know, it was huge.  I might have spoken for a full five minutes, and he was so touched (even though he had probably heard this a million times) that he asked me to repeat everything, because Eddie hadn’t paid attention to me (I think he meant for Eddie to film whatever it was I was saying).  Because he had me repeat it, I guess that the Q&A took a little longer than usual, and by the time we started the actual backstage tour, I guess it was getting a little late.  I don’t rightly know – having Brian in front of me altered my sense of time and space.

Brian had just gotten us under the stage to the part where they changed when Q (*lets out a little sigh for Q*) came in the back with us and told Brian that they had just opened the doors and were letting the other fans in.  Now, I’ll admit, our faces fell, but Brian… the look on his face… he went from his big grin (you know the one) to looking absolutely dismayed.  It was the cutest thing in the world because he really was sorry about us losing front row.  He told us that if we wanted, we could go right away so that we could try and get good spots – even though at the beginning of the tour, he had told us that to get the best view, it would be better to be up in the bleachers. But, you know… we had Brian, BRIAN, all to ourselves, so we decided to stay with him.

He kept asking us if we were sure that we wanted to stay, and we said yes.  But he did hurry a little through the rest of the tour, then he took his pictures with us and had us go out quickly, not because he wanted to end the VIP early, mind you, but because he genuinely was sorry about us not having the best spots.  As it turns out, we got front row anyway because the stage was that big.  Most of us were on the shaft of the stage.

But just the look on his face really got to me.  So much so that I told him the next day that he was my new “favorite” because of that.  He looked confused, then really happy, and asked me why.  I didn’t really have time to explain because of the VIP rush, but it’s still my big ‘AWE’ moment.

Even now.  I’m sitting here grinning.” – Vani Court-Payen


“On the 2013 cruise, I caught Howie in the hallway after dinner and asked for a picture. It was just me, him and his bodyguard. He invited me to walk downstairs with him and talk since he had to change for the show!

Jones beach concert. I asked him to pick me up in the VIP pic which he did (after bouncing me up and down in his arms), and afterwards he asked “do you wanna run away now?” And proceeded to run down the hallway with me! I was shocked! I had also told him there was a note in his gift bag he needed to read and bring to the after party, which, being Howie, he forgot to do. So I wrote it out again very quick, asking him to write out “show em what you’re made of” for my tattoo. I gave it to him on his way in, and watched him read it. Him and Leigh were giggling together, and he wrote it out right after. When I showed him the tattoo on Twitter a year later; he replied “love it!” And followed me!” – Alana Pagano


“About two months after my Dad died I had the opportunity to meet the boys. I told AJ about my Dad and he took the time to sit with me and explain that my dad is always with me no matter what and shared how he understands loss too because of his grandma and other people he has loved. He gave me a gift, which I’d like to keep to myself, and told me whenever I missed my Dad to take it out. I owe AJ so much for that talk. ❤” – Maura Sullivan


dS7buQ9g“Here’s my story with Nick. It happened when he visited Chile with his solo Tour in 2012. I have problems to walk, so I need someone else with me during the VIP event. I went with my best friend. I don’t know how it happened, but the bodyguards allowed me to enter earlier to venue and was able to see the soundcheck for the concert before the VIP. I was there just with the bodyguards, Nick, the band, my friend and mum. When it was time for the photos with Nick, I was the last one. Nick walked near me, hugged me and we talked for a few minutes – he was so cute! He made me promise to walk better the next time he comes. I remember he said it clearly. It was important to me, he doesn’t know me And was kind and really took care about how I felt, made me feel so special. It was the best experience! ❤” – @Cotecita_Carter



“The afterparty was going to end and Howie already signed that I had to come closer. The minute I was standing in front of him, he took the mic and said the after party was over. I looked at him and said, “Really? Are you kidding me?” He said: “Wait..” He did his whole speech like at the ending of an afterparty and then he took me up to stage to get a picture with him.I was shaking like hell so one of the security had to take the picture because otherwise I would be standing there still 😉 And Howie is always nice, friendly AND funny…can’t give you any good story but he stole my heart…The problem is that I always forget what happened ;)” – Esther Baas



“One time I jokingly asked Brian (On twitter) if I could borrow a pair of his bright kicks since he has a lot of them for Neon night on the 2013 cruise. I wasn’t being serious, only Brian really replied and asked what size I wear because he was gonna make me some. I didn’t think he was serious but I decided to humor him and I told him, even said if he made them orange that would be awesome because it was my favorite color. A few days before the cruise he tweeted me saying he didn’t have orange and asked if his favorite color is okay? At that point I kind of didn’t believe him but it wouldn’t matter what color they were. So fast forward to the cruise, I see Brian he tells me I’ll get the kicks soon…and sure enough at the Sail Away party he came over to me with blue and white Nike Air Force 1’s. But the fact that he took time out of his life to make me kicks just says a lot about the kind of man he is.” – @yahtzee27



AJ took his time on a rocking cruise ship to write my tattoo neatly…then gave the BEST hug!” – @KatieOK_


Kevin is always the sweetest. He took pics with literally everyone at the AP in Dusseldorf last year. My pic was blurred… And so he made sure I get a nice one. I kissed him on the cheek and he kissed me back with so much love. It’s impossible. Once I went towards a hotel door and he waited (what seemed like forever to me) to hold the door for me. Such a gentleman!  Howie was in a restaurant sitting next to our table. When he left he came to our table to say bye & wish us a nice evening.”  – @Scorpusa



“One time on twitter I joked that I’d rather get a phone call from Brian instead of Howie. (There was a contest for a few fans to win a phone call from Howie.) BrIan replied to my tweet asking me for my digits….when a Backstreet Boy asks you for your number of course you give it to him. So I did. Not thinking he’d really call me. For the next few months he’d tease me and joke about calling me until 1 day he really did. I was shocked! He was at home with his wife and son getting ready to have family time and watch a movie and he took time out to call me just because….How cool is that? Not many singers would do something like that.” – @yahtzee27



“My first cruise & 2nd M&G in 2013. I asked Nick for a hug. He balked. I hugged him & he barely hugged back (fingertips on my shoulder blades). As we pulled back from the hug, Kevin swooped in & said “I’ll give you a real hug” He gave me a bear hug. I can only imagine the amount of judging his eyebrows we’re doing towards Nick…lol. No worries though, Nick made up for it later.” – @KatieOK_



“I met the Backstreet boys in 2011 when they visited Chile with “This is us” Tour. I waited 14 years for that moment, the excitement and emotions were on top, and they helped a lot to give the best experience I could ever asked for. I had to attend the VIP event with my brother. I have some difficulty walking by myself and I needed support and company considering the soundcheck / photo and show requires lot of hours to stand up. I sent an email a few weeks before and the staff accepted my brother to stay by my side during the event. I got a gold ticket for the vip, so I arrived early to the venue, the security staff, including Q and Mike, already knew about my condition. When they saw me, they immediately helped me to go in front row for the Soundcheck. When the Boys appeared on stage, it was a dream come true, never was that happy, and been that close to them was really amazing! After the souncheck, Mike talked to me and my brother and asked to wait till all the fans take their photos. There were a huge crowd, almost 200 fans, and I had to wait like three hours but the bodyguards were worried about me the whole time. I didn’t feel tired, I was so happy seeing the Boys, meeting the fans, nothing else mattered. All the time I waited totally worth it. I was the last one waiting to meet my favorite Boys and get a photo with them and my turn was there. I was surrounded by the bodyguards, my brother and suddenly I noticed that Brian and Nick jumped the fence, then AJ and Howie and were getting closer to me – I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My idols were getting closer and jumped the fence just to meet me. I don’t know how I could stand up by myself, my brother looked at me and couldn’t believe what was happening. The meet and greet was a dream! I had a speech but I couldn’t say it completely. I had a nice chat with Brian and AJ, and Brian got really emotional after I told to him part of my story, AJ was so cute and gave me lot of hugs, and Nick gave me a huge hug too but sadly I couldn’t say a word to him. I was so surprised, but I think he noticed that he’s my favorite because he said goodbye with an extra hug and was next to me at the photo. Just the fact that your idols take the time to chat with me and jump the fence, made me feel special and extremely happy. All the years I waited to see them worth it, they are amazing human beings and care with fans. It was an unforgettable experience and I will be forever thankful for it!” –  @Cotecita_Carter


ajlana“One of my favorite memories was on the 2013 anniversary cruise.  That boat was swamped with fans and if you got a selfie you had to have been very lucky or you would have had to fight for it. Little me isn’t aggressive so I just stand back and watch the boys and I’m happy just being there. I was with my roommate walking around the boat and stopping to take pictures with the photographers that had nice backgrounds set up for you to pose in front of. I had stopped by almost all of them and my friend was yelling at me to hurry up and get going. (I’m pointing at you Brynne :p) As I’m doing silly poses I hear someone’s voice say “work it girl” – I look up and it’s freaking AJ!! My face froze! Next thing you know, I hear words coming out of my mouth (I actually spoke for once!) telling him to come in the picture. And then he actually did. He really came up to ME and posed with ME rather then me fighting to get through people and get a picture with HIM. I thanked him and he was as sweet as ever. He didn’t rush to leave or anything and he stopped to take selfies with some fans. I was stoked. The photographer told me my photo would be ready in a few hours to pick up. Till this day it is my favorite picture and most favorite memory. It’s funny how things work the opposite. I wasn’t fighting for a photo and here AJ was walking towards me, lol. I always hear him saying how taking a few seconds with your fans and stopping for pictures and autographs goes along way and those words can not be more true. Little things like that is why we love them. Him being so kind and down to earth is something I will never forget.”  – @Kaotic_LanaC


“My friend  and I wrote a diary for 6 months, every single day back in 1996 and gave it to Howie. A few days later, during tour in Belgium, he saw us and told us he read it all. We didn’t believe it, but a week later in a German pop magazine, there were pics of BSB backstage in Germany. In the background was the diary on a table, proving he really read it for the world to see. We never forgot how special that was. We wrote our deepest thoughts & feelings in it. Howie thanked us for being so honest. So sweet.” – 


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8 Emotions Only Backstreet Boys Fans Understand

Sometimes as a Backstreet Boys fan, you feel things. You feel things that no one outside of the fandom understands. Okay, maybe the younger generation of fangirls and fanboys might to a certain degree, but when you’ve been going through these emotions for 22 years, it’s different. You’re going to read this, and you’re going to feel relief that you are not alone in your wide range of extreme emotions as a BSB fan. You’re also going to realize that we really do need that Backstreet Wine suggestion to be real life.

1. The Irrational Anger From People Asking The Wrong Questions.

There is nothing worse than fielding questions from non-fans:

“You’re going to see them AGAIN?” Yes, yes I am. My money, my happiness, my life. Shut up.

“Which boyband is it again? New Kids?” Stop it.

“Woaaahh, they’re still around?!” SERIOUSLY?!

We never ask sports fans “Oh you’re watching that game again this week? Really?” We try so hard to nicely answer. We even try to spread the love and recruit new people to the fandom. At some point though, we’re answering through gritted teeth, hitting the computer keys with purpose, and look completely unreasonable in our responses. Geez, they say, I was just asking. Yes, you were just asking….for the 4th time. This week.

2. Deep Sadness Brought On By Withdrawal.

This starts almost immediately after the last concert you attend and is worse if you don’t have any other plans of seeing the Boys anytime soon. As you leave a concert, you will hear people muttering Ok, I still have the cruise, other people pulling out their phones to check the next tour date and mapquest how far away it is, and still other people sitting in their seats, refusing to leave. We all know what’s coming.


No, not the Pussycat Dolls. Post Concert Depression. It’s real and it’s the #1 problem in the Backstreet Boys fandom. The depression gets so bad that, if we go months without something from the Boys, we will snatch up anything they provide. Oh you want us to pay $523 for a single song download of something we’ve already heard part of? Ok, let me get my credit card. We can’t take it. The depression HURTS.

3. High Anxiety From Ticket Purchasing Day.

There is nothing scarier and more anxiety-inducing than the day tickets go on sale. What’s the local venue time? How do we buy decent tickets to both (or all 6) concerts we’re going to?! CALL IN THE REINFORCEMENTS! Why won’t Stephanie/Kim/Amanda answer her phone?! DO WE WANT FANPIT?! Which VIP?! Platinum is ONLY a few $100 more. Why isn’t WonderfulUnion ANSWERING MY QUESSTIIOONN?! Left side of stage? Can someone tell me which side Nick favors? I want Brian to literally jump over my head.

This is why we need the BSB wine.

4. An Unusually High Amount of Skepticism About Any “Special Announcement”.

Anytime the Backstreet Boys say they’re going to make a special announcement, we’re usually already aware of what the announcement is. There are few times when they actually surprise us (Kevin is coming back?! AJ is going to be a dad?! Ok. You got us there, Boys), but we always have that little speck of doubt in ourselves that they’ll actually tell us something we don’t know. God love them, they try to surprise us, but we’re usually so thirsty that we suck up any bit of information before they can tell us. Maybe our skepticism is a shield. If we remain skeptic, we can remain calm…because as soon as something is confirmed, we’re going to LOSE. OUR. MINDS.

5. Containing Our Hope Brought On By Rumors.

In the midst of a Backstreet drought, we scour the internet for anything that might allude to future BSB plans. If someone posts something new, we approach it with gloves, discuss it in secret, have our qualms about it, and research the HELL out of it (Example: That mysterious Backstreet Project in NYC that sounded like it was going to Vegas). We act very reserved about any rumor. We act like Psshhh, there’s no way it’s going to happen. But the rumors keep us going, keep us secretly going, until we get mad that nothing is being said about it and mention it to the actual Boys themselves who can not figure out how we know things. Sloppy work, Boys. We’ve been doing this for years. You do you, we’ll do us.

6. Unreasonable Joy From 140 Characters or Less.

Do not act like any favorite/tweet/retweet from a Backstreet Boy isn’t your personal drug. Everyone knows that the insanity that ensues when a Backstreet Boy tweets is beyond anything (and the easiest thing) you’ve witnessed since becoming a fan. It’s a game. It’s a challenge. Your fingers fall off, your brain overheats from creating any attention-catching tweet you can think of, and any kind of acknowledgement sends you into a frenzy. Kevin sent you a heart! Brian sent you a chicken emoji! Howie FOLLOWED you! Call your friends, call your granny, hug your dog… THIS is the GREATEST moment in your LIFE.

7. Emotional Explosions.

This can happen when you’re least expecting it, but most notably in the first few minutes of a Backstreet Boys concert. You’re fine, you’re chatting with your friends, you’re checking Instagram….Then, the lights go out.

Oh my God. Oh. MY. God. OH MY GOD.

Once the music starts, your body literally doesn’t know what is happening. You want to run, you want to jump up and down, you’re most likely already screaming like Charles Manson has claimed you as his next victim, and you might be crying. You will remember this song playing for the rest of your life and it will never be the same.

Then you see them. You see them…and there’s not a TV screen separating you. You’re breathing the same air as the Backstreet Boys. Your brain is so confused that you’ve forgotten to breathe. And you’re still screaming. You look to your friend for help, but she seems to also be exploding into pieces of fangirl confetti.

BSB Concerts: Abandon all hope of emotional control ye who dare to enter.

8. Incredible Sass In High Intensity Situations (Like VIP).

We fret and fret and fret about situations we’ll be in with the BSB until the day comes, and then we are so badass. Let’s use VIP as an example. You bought the VIP months ago, you have been planning what to wear, what to say, and what you want to look like in the pic for months before that. You may be nervous but the minute it’s your turn in line, you are sassy. You are fierce. And DAMMIT, you’re going to stand between AJ and Kevin and NO ONE is going to stop you (not even Nick Carter who wants everyone to stand with him).

If VIP isn’t your thing, you still know what we’re talking about. Oh that girl thinks she’s going to push me out of the way of Brian’s hand? NOPE! But, we really didn’t mean to shove her to the ground and stand on her. Behold, the power of Backstreet.

The BSB fan life is tough, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

11 Times Brian Littrell Made Us Stop and Stare With His Selfies

Brian1 copySure, we’ve all taken a selfie. We’ve all taken 5 before we deem one acceptable to post. We’ve tried to master the craft of the right angle, the right lighting, and the right captions to go with it.

And then there’s Brian Littrell.

Since his Instagram debut in November 2012, his selfies have NOT disappointed. He has his look down (maybe because he was born with it) and we have renamed his selfies: Stelfies. Why, you might ask? Because when Brian posts a selfie, we stop and stare. Stop and Stare Selfies = Stelfies. Check out a few of our faves! Warning: You might need a drool mop.

1. The “Accidental Selfie” Stelfie.

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Instachirp! RoksPics

A post shared by Brian Littrell (@rokspics) on

We all know this look. This is the look we make when we want to post something on Instagram and we’re looking pretty good, so our face says “Ok, ok, fine…I’ll take a selfie if you insist.” Brian nails it! He’s looking so nonchalant, like this stelfie is no big deal. It’s a big deal. It’s always a big deal.

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Is this HIPHOP or HIPPOP??? 😄 hehe

A post shared by Brian Littrell (@rokspics) on

2. The “I’m So Tired, But I’m Still Hot” Stelfie.

WHO looks this good after working? Brian.

We’re up at 5:30am and our selfies look like we could go shopping with the bags under our eyes. Brian does it and shows off.

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I should be asleep!! Good Night……

A post shared by Brian Littrell (@rokspics) on


3. The “My Eyes Are Gorgeous. STARE.” Stelfie.

He got us good with this one. 2 years later and admit it, you’re staring right now. You’re not even reading this. Those eyes keep dragging you right back up.

4. The “I’m Proud Of Myself” Stelfie.

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In Stone!!!! Thank GOD

A post shared by Brian Littrell (@rokspics) on

No one will forget all of the BSB members laying down on their Hollywood Walk of Fame star that day. No one will forget how good they all looked. We LOVE all of the pride in this stelfie.

5. The Mirror Stelfie.

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I see you………..BSB The Return………..

A post shared by Brian Littrell (@rokspics) on

Everyone does it. Even Brian Littrell. He just does it better than everyone else. Again, with the eyes. Stop staring. At least it’s not in the bathroom.

Don’t look at this stelfie for more than 30 seconds unless you want to liquify.

6. “My Friends Are Weird” Stelfie.

We take back what we said about the bathroom…

A 2-For-1 Stelfie?! Ohhhh yeah. Bonus points for that caption acting like they aren’t hot or anything.

7. The “I Might Not Remember This In The Morning” Stelfie.

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I'm sexy and I know it!!!!

A post shared by Brian Littrell (@rokspics) on

…But at least his caption was the TRUTH.

8. The “This Is My Good Side” Stelfie.

Listen. Brian has found his angle. He has found his good side. As in…all of his sides. HE HAS NO BAD SIDE. But he definitely knows how to werk it. His pronounced jaw and model looks in this stelfies KILL us. We may or may not be breathing right now.

9. The “I’m Staring At You Staring At Me” Stelfie.

We’ll admit, these are a little intimidating. Eye contact is always a little scary. Eye contact with Brian may take your breath away and from the looks of it, he knows it. It’s like he’s trying to hypnotize us….

….HEY! Is that how I ended up with 234 copies of the Welcome Home?!

10. The “Nothing Has Changed (But Yes It Has)” Stelfie.

These stelfies were no doubt shot out onto social media to showcase the facial hair that makes our boyfriends/husbands jealous. It. Drives. Us. Crazy. In the best way. The all-seeing Brian KNOWS this. Blah, blah, blah sports sports BLAH. Whatever, you know it’s your face you want us to see! We know it’s your face we want to see. Just post that next time, Brian. LOOK AT MY FURRY FACE. We will be okay with that.

11. The Smiling Stelfie.

There is NOTHING we love more in the history of Brian-stelfiedom than a smile with teeth. Hold your heart, ladies. It’s going to fly out of your chest.