8 Times The Backstreet Boys Didn’t Break Up (#BSBBigScreenEvent Will Show You What They’re Made Of)

Every good Backstreet Boys fan knows that our Boys never broke up, but mere humans apparently didn’t get the memo seem to confused about the status of the group. Dear unfortunate souls unaware former fans and countrymen, allow us to inform you about the times that you may have thought the Backstreet Boys ceased to exist, but (SURPRISE!) they didn’t and you might just appreciate them more after this.

1. That Time They Sold Millions Overseas… And Couldn’t Even Get Radio Play In The U.S.

You might not even know that you had an opportunity to think the Backstreet Boys broke up while still in the 1990s! The group, formed in 1993, released “We Got It Goin’ On” in the U.S. in 1995 and it barely broke the Billboard Hot 100, but overseas was another story. The Backstreet Boys were HOT and they were selling albums like it was 1999. They had all but disappeared from the U.S. and people could have easily thought they broke up. This is the only instance when BACKSTREET’S BACK was appropriate because, eventually, they came back to the United States and took the world by storm. But they didn’t break up. 

2. That Time Kevin and Brian Got Married.

2/5 of the Backstreet Boys, Kevin and Brian, announced in 1999 that they were getting married. 1999 was a time for many things – TRL, music videos, world tours, millions of fangirls – NOT marriage. At that point, it was still taboo for anyone in a boyband to even admit that they were in a relationship (To quote Nick Carter – “All of you are my girlfriends *wink, wink*”). The fact that our Boys bravely went where no other “idol” at the time was going shot off the flare signal for an imminent breakup! Of course they would. How could two boys in a band be married and still be teen idols? Cue the beginning of the Backstreet Men references and listen to this shocker – Kevin got married in June 2000, Brian got married in September 2000, and the Backstreet Boys released an album that November. And they still didn’t break up. 

3. When Black And Blue Didn’t Reach The Massive Success of Millennium.

Following the highest-selling album Millennium, the Backstreet Boys released Black and Blue just over a year later. The album did well in it’s first week, but did not reach the peek that Millennium had created. Everyone seemed to be okay with this except for the critics that were waiting for the Boys to fail. Is this the end of the Backstreet Boys? Nope. No breakup here. Move on.

4. That Time AJ Went To Rehab.

In July 2001, the Backstreet Boys took to MTV’s TRL to announce that AJ McLean was entering rehab for alcohol abuse and depression. They could have swept it under the rug, they could have lied about AJ’s whereabouts, but instead they were open and honest, hoping that opening up about AJ’s struggle might, in turn, help someone else. Fans were crushed and again, the media went crazy with rumors that this was the beginning of the end for the Backstreet Boys. In a music industry plot twist, the Boys picked the Black and Blue tour back up when AJ felt that he could come back and again, they stayed together, as in, they didn’t break up.

5. That Time There Was A Hiatus.

After the Black and Blue tour ended, it was decided that the Backstreet Boys were going to take a much needed, well deserved break from the spotlight and this was perhaps the most notable time that everyone believed the media-induced hype that the group was indeed over. N*Sync was hitting their career high (ahem, just before their ultimate demise) and the disappearance of the Boys was more notable as there was no longer “competition” between the two boybands. Adding to the breakup rumors were the facts that Nick Carter was releasing a solo album and Brian Littrell was about to be a dad.

Maybe if other boybands had more respect for themselves and had also taken a break to breathe, they’d still be around. Maybe if other groups would have had a relationship with their fans like the Boys of BSB do, they wouldn’t have succumbed to an industry “death”. Maybe if everyone had just been patient, they would have seen that the Backstreet Boys came back in 2005 with their Never Gone album, a more grown up sound, a successful tour, and WHAT?! They were STILL together. Count them. 5. The only thing missing was Howie’s long hair, which we were okay with.

6. That Time Nick Released A Solo Album.

During the hiatus, while break up rumors were already swirling, Nick released a solo album. At the same time, Justin Timberlake was also venturing out on a solo career of his own… and we all know how that ended. What fans knew that apparently no one else in the world did was that Nick had/has/will always have a loyalty to the group. He never said he was going completely solo or that he was leaving the Backstreet Boys – in fact, quite the opposite. Since he dropped the first solo album in October 2002, he has released another, plus an album with Jordan Knight and is recording a third to be released in 2015. Nick’s solo career is not contributing to the breakup of the Backstreet Boys. 

7. That Time Kevin Left The Band.

The Backstreet Boys had a few good years without the breakup rumors (and a whole lot of “Backstreet’s Back” references) … and then Kevin left the group. He wanted to take the time to start a family, to seek other career opportunities, to grow personally and professionally. While we were a little wrecked at first, Brian, Nick, Howie, and AJ assured us that they would carry on with Kevin’s blessing, as a foursome, that the door would always be open for his return, and that they were not breaking up. For two more albums, they carried on as four members and five hearts.

8. That Time They Celebrated Their 20th Anniversary.

The Boys celebrated their 20 years TOGETHER in 2013. TOGETHER as in not broken up ever. While many asked if this was their final run, if they were finally throwing in the towel and this was their farewell, the Backstreet Boys reiterated “as long as there’ll be music, we’ll be coming back again”. They’ve repeated that as long as the fans show up, they will play. These Boys didn’t climb to the top to let anybody take them down and they’re not going out like that. For their 20th anniversary, they released their album In A World Like This in 2013 and are finally wrapping up the tour this summer.

Then Backstreet WILL be back in 2016. Don’t miss it.

If this post didn’t make you realize what a strong band (family) the Backstreet Boys are (or even if it did and you are sobbing right now, trying to turn back time and take back all those words you said about a break up), it is recommended that you catch their tell-all documentary. It’s already available on itunes, but you can also catch it in theaters for a one night only event on May 13th in select cities. Get all the details HERE.


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