BSB Anniversary Project: Dear Howie… – Love, The Fans

As the Backstreet Boys are celebrating their 22nd year together in April, we came up with the idea to write each Boy a letter from the fans. We will post a letter to each Boy every week in April, going in age order, from oldest to youngest, and we’ll be asking you every week to contribute ideas so that it truly is from the fans to them. Follow us on Twitter @WHOTheBckstreet or find us on Facebook so that you can tell us your thoughts as well. 🙂

Dear Howie,

To the man who has grown sweeter and sexier with age, we appreciate you so much. As fans, we notice everything about the band that we idolize and we realize that without you, things would never have been the same. We love your inner peace and your reliability to fans. We are also so grateful for you holding things together when it gets tough.

Maybe we love most that you’re so full of secrets. You have this quiet inner peace about you, but when someone needs you, you seem to have the best advice out of anyone. We appreciate you for being real and saying everything that we’re thinking. You’re so wise and in the kindest way. We love the way you care about others in the most sincere way and how you seem to be so grounded. The world needs more of that.

You’re also the life of every Backstreet party! No cruise / event / afterparty would be complete with Howie D. and for that reason, we all want you to crash our weddings, birthdays, and any event we have. We also appreciate the large amount of ass shaking that you brought to the IAWLT tour. More than you know. Also on the superficial side, you have seriously been the fine wine of BSB. You just keep getting better!

Your talent is immense. We know that at one point you felt pushed into the background, but you never were for us. Whether it be your musical talent, speaking with fans, or making appearances, you have something that draws people to you in an approachable way. Good for you for standing your ground and asking for more lead vocals because they are INCREDIBLE.

Thank you for being a great example of what a family man should be. Your love for your wife and children is the sweetest and we love seeing you as a father. Your family is so blessed to have you, as are we. The way you have also been there for your extended family (Brian, Kevin, AJ and Nick) is also an top notch example of the friend everyone would love to have. Thank you also for putting up with them, even if you do want to punch them in the face sometimes. 😉

Please never change, Howie. We’ve learned so much from you and you’ve been such a positive force in the Backstreet fandom all over the world. From your stealthy ninja ways to your incredibly huge heart, we love it all.

Love, Fans All Over The World

A Few Words From Fans:

“His big brown eyes! His voice! His nose! His sweet smile! The songs he wrote! His personality” – @SasaRichardson

“Because Howie seems like the sweetest person ever yet he knows how to party too! He’s so chill! <3” –  

“He is just so sweet, and funny, interacts with the fans, and is always the last one standing!!” –

“Howie knows how to make me smile laugh when I’m sad or very sick. Howie means everything to me. Howie is my role model I look up to Howie a lot. I learned a lot of great things from Howie. He is really good looking.” –

“I love Howie because he’s always kind with all, talented and soo sweet.” –   

“Howie is just Howie. Always so chill and down for anything. And he lives up to the name Sweet D :)” –  

“He is always so sweet and so humble!” –  

“His beautiful voice! <3” –  

“His smile is infectious and I love the wink he STILL does. He’s always so sweet to fans. He’s funny. I love his Latin dance moves. His voice is freaking amazing.” –

“I appreciate Howie for how amazing he is with fans and how he helped drag me off the side of a mountain. Also for sangria!” –  

“Oh Howie D. Sweet, quiet, but naughty Howie D. The man has truly gotten sexier with age. I love his sense of humour, so quick and witty. You can tell that he truly takes pride in making everything he does the absolute best it can possibly be; this inspires me to do the same. I love how he spoke up for himself to be included more in the songs, because he sounds amazing and it truly helped the sound of the band.” – @amanda_ea


2 thoughts on “BSB Anniversary Project: Dear Howie… – Love, The Fans

  1. Howie , you are an amazing person , you are kind , sweet , funny , and loving , and i love your voice , and you are also a great dancer


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