#CongratsKevinAndBrian On Your Induction Into The Kentucky Music Hall Of Fame – Love, The Fans

CBmSQ2VUMAAT97KIt’s been a few months since we knew that Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell, the immensely talented cousins from Lexington, were going to be inducted into the Kentucky Music Hall Of Fame. They are finally being honored for the talent that we have known they possessed since 1993 and we couldn’t be more proud of them. We took to Twitter to ask fans to tweet their kind words to Kevin and Brian / why they deserve it for this post and the response we are getting is insane. We have a whole lot of love for these two! This post will be updated throughout the week as we receive more. If you’d like to contribute, please send your tweets to us using the hashtag #CongratsKevinAndBrian or comment to us on our Facebook. (A very special thank you to @sasarichardson on Twitter for allowing us to use her incredible drawings to feature in our post!) CCC7LKRWgAAexm4 “They’ve been through enough ups and downs and worked their assess off to get to where they are now. 22 years in the music business is a long time. And it’s not easy. They’ve gone through so much personally and professionally but they’re still standing strong. ” – @Noora_S “For sticking together as a band for 20+ years and for being the best cousins to each other.  “- @Isabella90bsb 22 years of music and going stronger than ever! And the bond they have… BEST COUSINS EVER!” – @SasaRichardson

“This is such a well deserved award because despite all their fame, they have stayed humble ” – @AdriMonterroza_

on your induction to the Kentucky music hall of fame” –

you deserve this! Thank you for being such amazing people” – @Bsb_NeverGone_

Congrats Kev & Brian for this important award! You both deserves it” – @CarmelinaMaus

Thank you Kevin for bringing Brian in our lives” – @_SouffleGirl_

“Thanks to Kentucky cousins for being such a huge inspiration through the years, for the talent, passion in all they do ” – @Cotecita_Carter

CCKm086UgAApgJa.jpg_large“Congratulations Kevin and Brian on being inducted into the Kentucky Hall of fame, it is well deserved. #CongratsBrianAndKevin” – Taneka Poarch

“Congratulations to the Kentucky cousins, Kevin Scott Richardson and Brian Thomas Littrell! Thanks for the 22 years of great music! I can’t wait to see what the next 22 years bring! God bless!” – Jacqueline Williams

#CongratsKevinAndBrian Omg I am so happy that u both work hard for us as your big fans and I can’t wait to see u both soon love u guys.” – @AJChicaBitches

Two amazing talents, two amazing souls that have blessed us for 22 years. The world is better because of you two.” – @mallory_shamim

“You two have been the greatest role models in my life. THANK YOU!  ” – @rgl211

“#CongratsKevinAndBrian @kevinrichardson today marks the two year anniversary of my dads death… And tomorrow a man who inspires me deeply gets recognized. Bittersweet Congrats. Love you boys.” –@evilsnugglybunn

“Love you both Brian and Kevin for 20 years #congratsBrianAndKevin” – Noel Crystal Carden

“Much congratulations to Kevin and Brian!!! Well deserved, for sure!!” – Marissa Villanueva Boyd

“Congratulation for being in Kentucky music Hall of Fame ” – @Ilovebrok

on this much deserved honor! So proud to be a fan for the last 17 years! Love you both!! xoxo” – @BrwnEyedGrl24

“Can’t think of 2 more deserving men to get this award. So proud of them. Excited to be there. 🙂 ” – @Yahtzee27

“Thank you Boys for everything you are & for being a special part of my life. I’m so proud of you. CONGRATS! ❤ ” – @kinziekayy

so happy for you both <3″ – @ItsJessbsb

“To the two men that have been huge inspirations in my life and millions of others, you’ve worked hard for this special honor and it’s about time. Thank you for continuing to be amazing human beings. ” –@TNCoverGirl

“Huge Congrats on your great news we r very proud of u both  ” – @NkotbBsbLuvr


on this well deserved honor thank you for 22 years of amazing music and memories I’m so proud of you.” – @alexis_RN

I couldn’t be proud of your accomplishment! So well deserved for 2 very talented, humble amazing men.” – @Toni4Kaos

I’m happy and proud of you guys. I love you my boys.” –@sapnasajnani

2 country boys rock the entire world,w/ talents,passion,and hardwork.proud of you ” – @kevinbsb_id

“Congrats to 2 of the most talented, humble and deserving men. Hard work & perseverance. I’m so proud of you ❤ ” – @erikalynnexrok

I’m super proud of you both! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you. Enjoy it to the fullest! Hugs from Germany” – @Sasizzel

“22 years in the industry isn’t easy & you both have stayed humble throughout it all. Yall definitely deserve this:) ” – @NeerathaJ

so happy for you both” – @rueffeline

proud of them both, always , they deserve it @alstroem77



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