BSB Anniversary Project: Dear Kevin… – Love, The Fans

As the Backstreet Boys are celebrating their 22nd year together in April, we came up with the idea to write each Boy a letter from the fans. We will post a letter to each Boy every week in April, going in age order, from oldest to youngest, and we’ll be asking you every week to contribute ideas so that it truly is from the fans to them. Follow us on Twitter @WHOTheBckstreet or find us on Facebook so that you can tell us your thoughts as well. 🙂

Dear Kevin,

What do we say to a man that has more passion in his little finger than most people do in their whole bodies? Not only do the other four Backstreet Boys look up to you and respect you, we do too. We have the most confidence that if Kevin says it will be done, it will be done, and for us as fans, that’s the biggest relief! Thank you for being honest, kind, confident and one of the coolest people we know.

We know that you may have gotten more than a little flack for leaving the group when you did, but you might not know that you also taught us something. You taught us that we should always listen to the voice within ourselves that tells us where we need to be in life. You were strong enough to know that you needed to be somewhere else at that time in your life, that you needed to explore and achieve dreams outside of the group, and the fear of the unknown didn’t keep you away from doing those things. You also taught us that your true friends will support you and will welcome you back with open arms no matter what you do. Thank you for these life lessons.

Thank you, also, for being a positive force in Nick and AJ’s life. Because you so greatly affected them, they, in turn, greatly affected those of us struggling with addiction and negativity. Some of us listened to the words you told them and some of us were inspired by you to be the person that encouraged our friend to choose a positive lifestyle. You have touched so many lives in one way or another simply because you’re a positive force.

We must also say, for the ladies, that you have raised the standards for the men we date. The fairytale love you have with your wife and the sweet family that you have, make us all want that in a relationship. You make us have faith that there are still men in the world that know how to have fun and still be an amazing family man. Thanks for that (but our exes probably hate you).

We appreciate how present you are with the fans as well. We get giddy at the chance to meet you because you are so incredibly sincere with each and every one of us. You make us feel like you really want to make sure we are enjoying the experience and that everyone is having a good time (I have never seen someone try to touch everyone’s hand at a concert the way that you do…wow!). Let’s be a little superficial as well – you are INCREDIBLE to look at. There’s some of us that would pay just to watch you fix your hair.

We end this letter, Kevin, by simply saying thank you. Thank you for coming back. Thank you for tweeting us (with emojis). Thank you for being an incredible soul. Thank you for your peace. Thank you for putting up with Nick. Thank you for your humor. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Thank you for raising our standards. Thank you for contributing to make the group and your music the best that it can possibly be for us. We love you.

Love, Your Fans Across The World

A Few Fan Tweets:

“I’m so thankful he’s back, he’s always so nice with his Fans, love him” –  

“Without Kevin, his grace, maturity and beauty weren’t complete. I call them the ‘Dark Ages'” –

“That he is amazing, he is the most polite tweeter ever, he is sincere and so very genuine and his hugs are one of the best! He is also a badass for being able to do what I could never do and we are the same age! Touring, dancing! ” -Toni4Kaos

“1st, he’s so perfect. Literally. 2nd, he’s the man of everyone’s dream. 3rd, he set my boy standard too high but no complaining. 4th, he helped me went through hard days on high school. 5th, I hope he isn’t annoyed with my lame fan arts and crazy tweets. 6th, NEVER SAY THAT HE’S OLD AND NOT BEAUTIFUL. HE SHOULD STOP THAT. 7th, I COULD GO MAJOR HEART EYES WITH HIS GORGEOUS WIFE. 8th, everyone is glad he’s back. 9th, HE LOOKS LIKE A PANDA. Last but not least, he is loved by millions of people and that he has helped a lot of people going through bad days” – @sasarichardson

“He’s beautiful inside and out. I missed him more than I could ever explain and I’m glad he’s back.” –  

“Kevin is the glue that holds together the group. Through his guidance, he has helped AJ and Nick find their way onto the path they weredestined to be on. He is so grounded and his grace inspires me to become connected to everything and everyone in such a deep way. His attentiveness to the fans is like no other. He truly peers into one’s soul when he meets them and leaves a mark. I’m forever grateful to him for making that call 22 years ago to his cousin Brian that marked the formation of a group that has changed my life forever <3” – @amanda_ea

UPDATE: Kevin read this letter and replied on our Twitter. Thanks to everyone who tweeted and RT’ed. ❤


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