8 Times The Rhythm Got Nick Carter

559715_10200465647633073_939784282_nLike Gloria Estefan warned us, “the rhythm is gonna get you”, and Nick Carter has been a proven example over the years that this is true. Perhaps we have always known the the music inside of him was only going to rock his body (rriiiggght) but we never knew to what extent. To be honest, some of us are a little jealous as we watch the music take over. Some of us wait for the moment in every concert that Nick becomes possessed by the beat of the music. If you don’t know what we mean, where have you been?! take a look!

1. The “Panic” Dance.

Perhaps this is where it all began. We had known Nick to be particularly enthusiastic about his dancing before the Unbreakable tour, but “Panic” brought it to a whole new level. Watch the above video, particularly around the 1:30 mark, to see what we mean. Sure, it started out choreographed, but Nick…Nick had a whole energy that took over his body during this song. Most of us can never listen to this song without flailing our arms about now (Caution: Don’t drive while listening to this song).

2. The “She’s A Dream” Touch.

This song wasn’t much of a crowd pleaser on the This Is Us album, but on tour, it was a totally different story. Why? Because this time, Nick was so moved by the music that he felt the need to sex it up. Everytime. Every show. He was feelin’ it…in every definition of the word. We’ll just leave it at that.

3. The Return of “Get Down”.

The Boys hadn’t performed “Get Down” in a while, but when they started again on tour with NKOTBSB, Nick was no longer the kid he was in the G-rated “Get Down” video of yesteryear. He began to prove that the song was indeed what we all knew it was about all along. Thrust, thrust, thrust. The music had jumped into his hips and forced his bottom half to move in ways we will never forget.

5. “Permanent Stain”

6. “Breathe”

Perhaps you weren’t aware that a slow-ish song could cause you to dance like this. Nick Carter will prove. you. WRONG. This was perhaps the most rhythm-inducing song for Nick on the IAWLT (besides “Love Somebody”) and it surprised us all. We never thought such a sweet song could make us drool so hard. It gets to him so hard that you can see in the above video that he has to take a break to almost sit on a fan’s head (Fanpit has consequences, y’all). We also never knew someone could make it so dramatic! LOOK AT THAT FACE!

7. “Love Somebody”

“Love Somebody” is THE #1 song to exemplify when the rhythm got Nick the hardest. We are not sure what the dance is, where it came from, why it happens but WE. LOVE. IT. You can see it creeping it. You can see the music literally falling upon his ears, sinking into his blood and moving his legs, then arms, then his whole body until he is a dancing machine.

8. Then He Brought It To The Afterparties.

As Kevin says, “This is Nick completely sober.” He’s obviously music-drunk and this time, he’s bringing his friends with him. You keep movin’ it, Nick Carter! Your rhythm is eventually going to get us.

**Thanks to @KaosNevena and @LadyLouveamour for their help with finding videos!**


BSB Anniversary Project: Dear Nick… – Love, The Fans

As the Backstreet Boys are celebrating their 22nd year together in April, we came up with the idea to write each Boy a letter from the fans. We will post a letter to each Boy every week in April, going in age order, from oldest to youngest, and we’ll be asking you every week to contribute ideas so that it truly is from the fans to them. Follow us on Twitter @WHOTheBckstreet or find us on Facebook so that you can tell us your thoughts as well. 🙂

As Nick will be the last letter, a huge thank you to everyone that contributed anything to this project. Please keep following us for future projects that we want you to be a part of!

Dear Nick,

To the boy who has grown up before our eyes, we can’t believe how far you’ve come in life, in talent, and how blessed we have been to be a part of your life. Some of us have watched you grow and some of us have grown up with you, but one thing is certain – you have changed a lot of lives with your gift and we think you should know.

Thank you for being so dedicated to your art and your fans. For many of us, you have provided an escape with your music, group and solo. You have provided a distraction for us in hard times and you have provided inspiration for us that things can always get better, no matter how bad they are. Sharing your story with us in interviews and in your book has helped some of us in ways you could never understand. We are so happy that you have been able to deal with the punches that life has thrown you and make the best of it. Happiness looks fantastic on you.

The way you communicate with us and let us in on your creative process is something that we are incredibly thankful for. There are not many artists that let us behind the scenes or even care what fans think. The time you take out of your life for fans – to chat with us, to post different things, to fulfill Skype chats, to simply tweet – isn’t something you have to do, but you do and we are so grateful. That’s pretty awesome of you. We also appreciate anytime you take up for us and handle situations. You’re the Olivia Pope of the BSB world.

We are all so blessed that you have shared your talents with us – creatively and vocally. You have always been full of talent, but in the past few years, your voice has grown leaps and bounds and has not gone unnoticed by the masses. Your voice makes people feel things – it moves us. Thank you. We also love your endless creative ideas and again, including us. We are always on edge waiting for the next thing you’re going to come up with. You don’t disappoint!

You have also taught us that family doesn’t have to be blood. There are many of us who don’t have a supportive family, that feel alone in the world, who feel outcast because we don’t have blood family and you have set an example for those of us who feel this way. You have proven that we can have brothers (or sisters) that aren’t by birth, that we can create our own family from our friends, that we can find love when we aren’t even looking. Sometimes we’re protective of you because you, also, have made us feel like we’re your family. For some of us, we have known you and the rest of the Boys longer than we have had our families. For this reason, we are overwhelmed with happiness that you are in a good place, that you are healthy and happy.

Thank you, Mr. Carter, for being a constant in our lives. Thank you for sticking around. Thank you for putting up with us when the world seems to be in a negative place and most of all, thank you for staying alive, inspiring us to make lifestyle changes, inspiring us to follow our dreams, and teaching us that life is what you make it.

Love, Fans All Over The World

A Few Words From The Fans:

“Where do I begin explaining why I love the man that is the love of my life? His smile can brighten up my darkest day. His contagious energy onstage can lift me up even when I haven’t had the privilege of seeing him live. His voice… The talent that man has is absolutely out of this world. The way he posts one tweet after another when he gets excited. The fact that he strongly believes in the existence of aliens. His hair, his eyes, his beautiful face. He’s the most beautiful man to ever walk on this planet. But mostly because it’s been through him that I’ve been able to meet the most amazing girls I call my friends.” – 

“Nick was actually not my favorite when I first joined this fandom. Really. I hated him for like, 3 somewhat days because of his appearance in the opening of All I Have To Give video. You know, the “Idk what he does to make you cry” line, lmao, but then I dont know when I dont know how he just started being my fav. Not gonna lie that it was first bc he looked so damn cute his chubby cheeks his baby face, but as time went by I realized how he actually has gone through hell to be the man he is now. He’s battled with fame in such young age, drugs & alcohol addiction, family feud etc I sometimes cant imagine how heavy the burden he had on his shoulder was. He tried to fix them, he failed a lot of times but he always held his chin up and tried again. I really adore his strength to move and dance and sing and ofc to fight his battle with demons, to get his own happy ending. Im so proud of the man he is now. He’s so inspiring. Plus I still want to bite his cheeks.” – 

“Nick Carter was my first crush when i was introduced to BSB..still is. great voice…makes my heart melt.” – 

is always so nice! Me makes me feel so attractive & I’m one of the few that plays WOW with him.” – 

“He’s down to earth and shares similar personality traits with me. In my opinion he’s great with fans. :)” – 

is da best idol a fan could ask 4!I’ve never met a man humbler n sweeter than him!I respect n love him tons!” – @CiapCarter

“My first love. Very special man. My favorite bsb. Perfect personality. He is the best. He is my everything. xoxo” –  

“I love his smile. His laugh is super infectious. His voice is absolutely ridiculous.He didn’t have the best childhood or family life but he found himself another amazing family.He struggled with addiction but came out stronger. So glad he found Lauren by his side. That’s true love. I’ve never seen him happier. That boy was born to be on stage. He thrives when he gets up there. He always gives 100% when he’s performing. He loves what he does.” – 

“I love him because he is such a nice person and he loves his fans.” – 

“I love him because one can just not ignore him – his energy is inspiring” – 

“Oh Nick…He’s more than an amazing singer, musician and performer. He’s more than eye candy too. He’s one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever gotten to know. I’m so proud of him and adore his personality and all the love he’s shown me in return. Nick, you’re amazing. Never forget that. Love you!” – 

There are many reasons why I love Nick. It’s hard to me to put into words because there are lot of emotions involved. Nick was my first crush and idol when I was just a little girl. At the time he appeared, I never saw someone like him, he was perfect to my eyes, phisically and artistic. I can say he changed my life, I had a difficult childhood, I was born premature and have some problems to walk, so being a fan was a way of scape to that period. He has changed my life with his voice and talent. He’s being a huge inspiration to my life, an example of how being a better person and learn from troubles, and persevere till the end in order to achieve dreams. I love how passionate he is in all he loves and cares about, how down to eath, thankful and care is with fans. He is a beautiful and amazing human being inside and out. I can’t thanks enough for all the things he’s done, for share his talent with the world and being just him, the most perfect and incredible artist in the world” – @Cotecita_Carter

Nick is one of a kind.I find him captivating. I have never seen anyone own the stage the way he does. He sings with an incredible amount of emotion and passion. Needles to say, his drum&guitar playing are one of the many talents that are worth my admiration and respect. I love Nick for the person that he has become and the journey he’s been through. The most important thing I love about Nick is that he is able to take away all of the life’s troubles and worries for me by just being himself- a singer,a performer, that amazing ball of energy that is Nick Carter. His book is something I could always go to for motivation and comfort.The day I met Nick is hands down the best day of my life and I can’t begin to describe what kind of whirlwind of emotion it was.Can I just say that he looks like he’s not even from this planet,he is THAT beautiful!All in all, I really can’t thank him enough for sharing his talents with us and for sticking with BSB for 22 years and counting!” – @KaosNevena

His voice, his energy on stage, his sexy moves, his musician skills, his blue eyes, his “naughty” smile, his hugs , his strength to fight all the dramas that happened in his life. Can I add I love his bromance with Kevin and his wife?” – @looloot23

I’ve loved Nick since I was 11 and now I’m 29. I’m so happy that he found the true love of his life. Unfortunately I’ve never met him in person but I hope that the Boys come back to Finland soon and I will be there to give him a huge hug.” – Krista Lamminpää

Wow! Where to start? I’ve loved Nick since I was 8 years old so that makes 2015 17 years. Knowing all that Nick has been through and knowing that he’s come out of it a better person is amazing. I couldn’t be happier that he has his wife and 4 older brothers by his side no matter what. His talent is immense and he has such passion for what he does. I’ve never been more proud to say that Nick is a special guy.” – Tina Flores

I can’t even begin to give even a remote idea as to why I love Nick. He’s just… Nick. It’s everything about him that still has me acting like I’m sixteen years old. My eyes apparently get very sparkly when he’s around, and I get very emotional around him. All. The. Time. He’s Nick, I love all of him. The good, the bad, the quirky… his voice, his looks, his stage presence, his strength, his eyes, his laugh… he even has sexy feet, it’s uncanny.” – Vanessa Court-Payen

Nick Carter is one of my constant inspiration. His struggles in life and his family, the way he came out of it is admirable. The way he used it to be a better person for himself, his wife, his friends and his fans is truly an inspiration. He doesn’t hide it anymore, he proudly talks and even wrote a book about it, to inspire others not to make the same mistakes he did. I love how he is with his fans, so nice, generous and all around a gentleman. I’m proud to be his fan. Can’t wait to see him be a Dad to a little girl. That would be so cute.” – Jhie S Grisola

Nick carter was much younger from them he was only 12. The real reson why I like him so. He
Is such a good singer and very strong hearted with good set of values.” – Sarah Kate Foster

“There are many reasons why I am a Nick fan. His enthusiasm, his energy, his passion towards anything he does… And what I love most is how he does not care what anyone thinks of him. He’s carefree and so so humble. He’s inspiring and strong… And have you seen those dance moves!? 󾌧 󾌸 hehe I’ve been a fan since I was a little girl. Now I’m 25 and still rooting for him. Always will <3″ – @Kaotic_LanaC

“Most of the fandom (that follows me on Twitter/Facebook) knows just how important Nick has been to me. I’m a fan just like everyone else who goes to concerts, I do the meet & greets when I can afford it. I run a fan site just for fun and as a hobby. Never expecting much out of it. I just wanted to show my love and support to Nick and the other boys. I could thank him so many times for allowing me to join his website site and post news. It was such a surprise to be asked to post news on his site. I wouldn’t change this oppertunity for anything else. I’ve been apart of his site for almost 3 years (in June). This meant a lot to me especially for someone who struggles with personal issues. So when I was asked to join Nick’s site I didn’t expect that all. As I said I run my site as a hobby and to hear Nick is a fan of my site was the best. I know just how much he appreciates what I do for him. Nick has given me hope for better things to come. I’d love to do this as an actual job someday.

I was bullied online for several years and Nick (well along with the other BSB) helped me get through it. As you can imagine I still struggle these days with personal issues. But Nick gave me a chance to be apart of his team. It’s not often you hear a story like this.

So to sum it up Nick has been wonderful to me and has made an impact in my life. I don’t get to have much interaction with him outside of twitter or his fan club chats but the little time he does tweet me or talk to me in his chats makes me happy. There are times I wish I could do more but I take this oppurtunity as a way to learn and who knows what will happen in the future.” – @KaosOnline

“I love him for his loving heart, playful soul and loyal character!” – @RobsBendyFinger

“Why do I love Nick Carter?  Where do I even begin?  Let’s start with that voice…that beautiful, angelic, soulful, versatile sound that comes from his mouth.  I’m a lover of all kinds of different music and artists, but NONE of them come close to the effect on me as Nick does when he sings.  Each year he seems to just get better and better.  I’d honestly rather hear him live than on CD. Not many artists today can sing live without sounding like a dying cat. But Nick, somehow this man sounds BETTER live than on a CD (not that he’s a slacker recorded either).  He literally has given me chills so many times.  I can say no other artist has ever done that for me.  His song I Got You, I call it my “calm down song”.  Whenever I get upset or just the end of my rope over a situation or with life in general, I listen to that song and by the end, that soothing, calming voice had me completely relaxed.  I often say that song saved my kids’ lives several times..lol. I won’t spend much time on the man’s looks but you can’t talk about Nick and not mention just how HOT and sexy the man is.  He DRIPS with sex appeal.  And he uses that against you if you are in the front row of a show.  A girl could DIE.  Combined with the newish confidence his weight loss has given him, that alone is beyond sexy.  I can say with ALL honesty, he is the best lookin man I have EVER seen in my life.  And pictures just don’t do the man justice…in person, he is simply STUNNING. I also love Nick for his personality.  I love how down to earth and REAL the man is.  Celebrity life has not gotten a hold of this guy. Nope.  From pictures of him riding a bike with a bigass package of toilet paper to apologizing on Twitter for dropping the F bomb in a tweet.  He’s goofy, childlike personality is so damn charming, I don’t know how you couldn’t possibly fall in love with him.  Pictures that he and Lauren share of their home, they just seem so…normal…and I love that about him.  And you give the man a compliment face to face and he blushes 50 shades of red. How freaking endearing is THAT??  That’s another thing…he’s so humble, you can tell just how much his career means to him and how much he cars for the fans.  He lets us know on a regular basis.  His passion while singing is amazing to watch.  You can just tell how much he FEELS the music.  I also find it totally endearing when they are out on tour and it seems Nick has only packed 3 shirts..lol  I love that he finds something he likes and then wears the SHIT outta it.  And the way he is with the Boys on stage.  The kisses, hugs and goofiness is just so sweet it will give you cavities.  He loves those other Boys so much and you can easily tell it. I also love Nick’s passion for trying to use his real life struggles and journey to good health and fitness to try to help others in the world.  You can tell by the way he speaks of these subjects how near and dear to his heart they are.  His book was so touching, I can’t even imagine how hard it was to write that and use his own real live experiences…to bear all those demons for the world to see, all in the hopes that it will help others.  I couldn’t be more proud of him for all that he’s overcome in his life, to come out the other side so strong, alive, loving and confident. My heart burst with pride, joy and happiness for him the day he married Lauren.  After all the years of saying he didn’t believe in marriage, I am so happy he found that one person to change him mind about that.  I always said to myself, every time he said that in interviews, “Nick, you just haven’t found “the one” yet.”  And he finally did.  I hope he and Lauren continue many years of happiness and love..they both deserve it.  And I can’t WAIT for there to be BABIES!!!  Talk about some beautiful children! And some lucky ones, because Nick will be THE best daddy a kid could ask for. I also love Nick for all of the friends he’s brought into my life (and the rest of the Boys too).  These girls have been my savior at times.  They are my family now.  They are my travel buddies to Nick solo and BSB shows.  The adventures we have had, the places we have been and seen…I have made memories of a lifetime and look forward to making more for as long as he and they keep going.  So, yes, I HEART Nick Carter.  Being a Nick Carter fan has changed my life and made it so much better in so many ways, more than I could ever thank him for.  I am so glad he shares his god given talents with us for I can’t imagine a world without the vocals of one Nickolas Gene Carter.” – @JennayHeartNick

“I have loved Nick Carter since I was 14 years old. I remember watching the two hour Millennium Special on MTV and falling madly in love with him.. I have been hooked on him ever since, and my love for him has grown over the years. I can’t even put into words how much he means to me, and how much he has changed my life. If I am having a bad day all I have to do is watch a video of him ,or listen to him sing and it turns my whole day around. I love his passion when he performs, and just hearing that beautiful voice has brought me to tears several times. I love how down to earth he is and how sweet he is to the fans.. There is nothing like a Nick Carter VIP.. I turn into a 12 year old girl everytime I meet him. He gives the best hugs and he has a way of making you feel special. I love Nicks beautiful smile and he has the cutest laugh I have ever heard in my life. It seriously brightens up my day just when I see him smile. I love how positive he is and I always turn to his book for inspiration if I am feeling down. Being a Nick Carter fan has really changed my life.. I wouldnt have met the friends I have today if it wasnt for him and the rest of the guys. I know I will always love him and never stop being a fan.. He is truly the most amazing, talented and beautiful man I have ever seen.” – Cherelle Scardina
“Nick- The guy who I’m so thankful to have in “A World Like This” who left a “Permanent Stain” on my heart when I was 11. I’ve been for your fan for almost 19 yrs. it has been pretty special to grow-up with you as I was also growing up. Thanks so much for being so sweet to me! I feel like I’m around a friend when I’m around you. Your incredible bear hugs are the best hugs! Thanks for giving this girl some of the best moments of her life! Thanks for giving me happiness back in my life last September. Thanks for all of the incredible moments you’ve gave me from following me on Twitter, Tweeting me, Tweeting me with the pic of you using the gift I gave you, singing to me at the after show quickie, kissing me on the cheek for the quickie pic, and including my pic with you in the thank you pics for the Nashville show. I’ve many moments with you from the past 4 yrs, but those are my favorites. Thanks for making me feel so special, and making me so happy every time I see you. I still can’t believe I’ve met you four times, and saw you perform by yourself twice, and once with Jordan. I call every time with you a dream come true when all my wishes came true. I always feel like a Princess at the ball. It’s nice to know that your wildest dreams can come true. I’ve fans from all around the world as friends all from just being your fan. It means everything to me. It took 18 years, but you knowing who I’m is the best feeling ever! You’re one of the most incredible, strongest, sweetest, and most talented guys. I’m so proud of the man you’ve become. I love your book! Your story is so inspiring! I still read parts of it at times. Lauren is very lucky to have you!” – @BlondeAmbition8
“I live in Tampa and had seen Nick around but had never bothered him. One day I was sitting in my office and I heard I want it that way on the radio and when I heard his part “Don’t want to hear you” you know the one her never sings now, lol I got up from my desk and said to a co worker than had a teenage daughter which one of the Backstreet Boys sand that part. She called her daughter and she told me it was Nick. I said which one is he again, and later I saw a picture of him and the rest has been history. I honestly fell in love with his voice first. When I found out about his life and family issues I was able to relate to them so much. He has been through so much in his life and some of it I witnessed with my own eyes. He had so many people to prove wrong and he did. His journey was not easy, but he is a fighter, and never gave up on what he believed in. His energy is infectious, he is amazingly talented and very genuine and humble. Not to mention drop dead gorgeous. He has gotten me through some of the toughest parts of my life.” – @Toni4Kaos
“I don’t even know if I could properly express all the ways I heart Nick Carter. He has always been my favorite Backstreet Boy since the very beginning and time has not changed that in the least bit. He is truly a beautiful soul and inspires me to be better. He has shared and overcame so many struggles and it gives me hope. I have always been a fan, and I love how he cares so much for us. It made me so happy when he recognized me on the cruise last year. It was so awesome to be able to go backstage on the Nick and Knight tour. I’ll never be able to thank him enough for all of the things that he’s done for me without ever even knowing.” – @Sushi_Flower
“When thinking about what to say about Nick, the first thing that came to mind is how I’ve been fortunate enough to watch him grow up from a young boy into a man. It has been one hell of a journey to today, and it’s a real joy to now see him as a man who is happy and healthy. He has given me so much in my life to draw inspiration from, and I thank him for that. I love how he has consistently worked on his craft and has grown into an extraordinary performer and singer, even though he already was one of the best there is.” – @amanda_ea

8 Things NOT To Do At A Backstreet Boys VIP

Going to a Backstreet Boys VIP can be cause for great anxiety. You’ve just took the plunge and bought your VIP meet and greet, you’ve talked your best friend into going with you, you’ve rehearsed what you’re going to say over and over in your head. You have counted down the months, days, hours and minutes until you will be sharing oxygen with the five guys you’ve loved longer than your boyfriend/husband/dog, until you will be touching them, hugging them, potentially losing your mind…What is your name again?!

If you think this post is about the actual “rules” of VIP, you. are. wrong. We’re here to tell you what eternal BSB fanclub members (AKA Have-Bought-So-Many-VIP-That-They-Have-Lifetime-Membership) all know to be true about meet and greets with the Backstreet Boys.

1. Don’t Ignore Nick Carter.

This is probably the first thing that any VIP-going fan will tell you. Whether you are a Nick-Girl or not, he will NOT be ignored. Numerous fans have reported being pulled to him when it is time for the photo, others have reported him turning on the charm if he thinks you’re passing over him too quickly. Really though, you don’t want to ignore him. He is something to behold in person. Only ignore him if you’re into playing games – be hugged a little tighter just because you act like you want to move on. Works everytime.

2. Don’t Look Kevin Richardson In The Eyes.

Not even in this picture do you look Kevin in the eyes. Why? Because he will suck you in in the best way possible. He will hug you, he will hold your hand while talking to you, and then he will look you so directly in the eyes that you’re sure you’re at least 5 inches off of the floor. He will thank you for coming and hopes that you enjoy the show (or ask you if you did enjoy it if it’s an afterparty) and you will be at a loss for words. You will walk away from Kevin and you will never be the same.

3. Don’t Miss The Opportunity To Talk To AJ.

If you walk past AJ without saying more than two words to him, you will regret it. AJ is usually the key to a longer VIP meet and greet because if you have something to say to him, he will have a conversation with him like he is your best friend. It’s the best thing in the world and one of those moments that you reflect on for days to come. “Holy cow! Did I really just talk to AJ like it was no big deal?” Yes. You did. What?!

4. Don’t Be Intimidated By Brian’s Energy.

We all know that Brian can be wiggly and occasionally (unexpectedly) loud, but he is really something to behold up close and personal. Those eyes (wow!) and his kindness will surge through you the moment you’re within feet of him. Don’t worry, he’s also usually right side up during meet and greets so there’s no foot-in-your-face accidents.

5. Don’t Underestimate Howie D.

He may be quiet, but man, is he handsome! He’s so relaxed and sweet, you’ll be sorry if you blow by him.

6. Don’t Forget To Eat Beforehand.

The shock of meeting all five Backstreet Boys together is enough to make you pass out – you don’t need your blood sugar issues to interfere. Force feed yourself. Force feed your friends. DO NOT pass out on AJ. He will probably freak out and you will have lost the hundreds of dollars you paid for VIP. You won’t even remember Kevin carrying you out! If you’re going to be passing out, you better be faking it.

7. Don’t Forget Where You Want To Stand. 

You go in with a plan – don’t panic! If you want to stand in between Kevin and Nick, you make it known and you stand immobile (especially if you’re with a group). You’ve paid for this moment and this is a once-in-a-lifetime (until next tour) chance to get what you want. When possible, be near the center – make yourself uncroppable, as you should in life.

8. Don’t Rush.

If you have something to say to those Boys, you say it. You will be rushed because, understandably, there are other fans and a schedule to keep, but make the most of your VIP meet and greet. If you want to tell Kevin he changed your life, do it (just don’t look at him). If you forgot to hug Brian, you go back and do it. Enjoy it. Be in the moment. This is really happening.

Just DON’T die afterward.

BSB Anniversary Project: Dear AJ… – Love, The Fans

As the Backstreet Boys are celebrating their 22nd year together in April, we came up with the idea to write each Boy a letter from the fans. We will post a letter to each Boy every week in April, going in age order, from oldest to youngest, and we’ll be asking you every week to contribute ideas so that it truly is from the fans to them. Follow us on Twitter @WHOTheBckstreet or find us on Facebook so that you can tell us your thoughts as well. 🙂

Dear AJ,

To the man we feel like we’ve known our whole lives (because some of us have), to the man who has literally transformed before our eyes, to the man with a huge heart, Thank you. Probably more than any other Backstreet Boy, we have watched you grow inside and out and we have loved you through it all. Thank you for sticking with us as we have with you.

We appreciate you sharing your entire journey with us. Not only have you been open and honest with your struggle with addiction, you have helped numerous people recognize their own problems and seek help. We couldn’t be more proud of you for living the life you deserve to have, for continuing to strive for a healthy life, and for finally being happy. Your kind heart has always shown through in everything you do and we are so glad that you’re getting the chance to use it to it’s fullest ability.

Thank you for always being approachable, sincere, and loving to us when you don’t really have to be. Your way of putting us at ease when we’re nervous and talking to us like we’re your best friend is a gift and has not gone unnoticed. Across the board, fans would name you as the friendliest at any time of day. You don’t know how much your kindness has meant to us. We’re sorry if we bug you too much, but you’re a little addicting.

Not only have we watched you kick a few addictions, we have watched you become an amazing husband and an even more incredible dad. Never would we have pegged you in 1999 to be the father you are today, but we were wrong. The love you have for Ava has been apparent since we first saw you with her. Just when we thought your heart couldn’t get any bigger, that our soft spot for you couldn’t be any softer, you had a beautiful daughter and became an even better man and human being. We hope that she knows (we’re sure that does) how incredibly lucky she is to have you as her dad. You’re everything a father should be and we love that you share that part of you with us.

Thank you for being the showman that you are. Thank you for being on top of your game everytime you hit the stage and blessing us with your amazing talent. Your vocals are unmatched and your energy infuses into each of us everytime you perform. Whether you’re thrusting around everywhere or kneeling down to look into our eyes, the show you put on with the other four is an essential part of a Backstreet Boys show. Thank you for sticking around – through trials and tribulations, good times and bad, we’ll be there for you, cause you’re there for us too (What would a letter to AJ be without a FRIENDS reference?). 

Thank you for loving what you do and never making any bones about it. Thank you for never being afraid to rock a funky look no matter what anyone thinks. Thanks for giving us something to look at on your arms if we get bored. Thank you for bettering yourself and staying alive. Thank you for growing up with us and thank you for wearing your heart on your sleeve and sharing it with us. You’re a blessing in our lives and we wouldn’t be (and BSB wouldn’t be) the same without you.

Love, Fans All Over The World

A Few Words From Fans:

“I love the power of his voice!!! I love A.J!!! ;)” –  

“To be honest, he’s not always my fave, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like or hate him. No. To me, Alexander James Mclean is a big teddy bear in trapped in a bad boy form. He seems so cuddly and warm, and when he smiles with teeth, the whole world stops and stare for a while. Maybe forever. The way he fought with his drug addiction and how he keeps on trying to be better shows us how strong he is, and how Ava changed him.. that’s just the best part of him who didn’t have a nice childhood. PLUS HIS VOICE. ESPECIALLY IN NO ONE ELSE COMES CLOSE. PANTY-DROPPING.” – 

“He carries on conversations with fans like we are long lost friends! Love it.” –  

“Because AJ & the songs he wrote in rehab eventually helped myself get over my own drug addiction.” – 

“He is just so sweet! I’m happy he’s fighting his demons and coming out on top. A great guy!! <3” –  

“His voice, he’s an amazing husband and father, is really down to earth, and gives great hugs!!” – 

“His voice, his eyes. He’s natural. He’s great. I love him.” – 

“AJ – he loves all his fans but last year in Glasgow he showed more because he has Scottish roots it was emotional.” – 

“He’s been through hell and back but has come back stronger. He’s an amazing husband and father. He’s super sweet…His tattoos, his humor, his smile, his eyes (that will be the death of me some day) and THAT DAMN VOICE! He’s just a beautiful man. I’m so proud of the man he’s become.” –  

“AJ is one of the most humble and kindest men I’ve ever met. The love he has for his family and fans is awe-inspiring. It has been an honour to watch him overcome his battles and do it all with humility and honesty. He has inspired me to live my life as openly as I can. Only he can pull off the rap in We’ve Got it Goin’ On and Get Down and always make it seem current and fresh; and we cannot forget the ..screams in a whole host of other songs. He makes everything he does a party, a party I plan on enjoying for the rest of my life. <3” – @amanda_ea

“After watching BSB movie, he’s a fighter.Thank God for Kevin for looking out 4 him.” – 

“I love @skulleeroz because he is genuine and he goes above and beyond to make fans happy. He is the sweetest “bad boy” that has ever existed, and I am so proud of the man, husband and father he has become.” – @Blu3y3dBalla

“He’s a true fighter! He’s such an amazing man and he’s shown everyone that you can change your life for the better. I love that he’s such a great father and damn, I love his voice! He could sing the ABCs and sound perfect. I love the amazing man he’s become.” – 

“His honesty about addiction and overcoming it. His love for his daughter, his voice, his kindness and his passion.” –  

“Turning his life around. sharing his battle with his addiction. the way he is with Ava. the man he became.” – 

3 Things Each Backstreet Boy Does At Every Concert

Sure, there are certain songs that the Backstreet Boys perform at every show that make every performance complete, but for the fans, there are certain things that each Boy does that a concert wouldn’t be complete without. We think you’ll agree.

Here are 5 things each Backstreet Boy does at every concert (or it’s not a real show).

Kevin Richardson

1. Reaching into the audience to touch everyone he can. If you were in the pit at the IAWLT concert, there were perhaps a few times that you thought he was going to fall onto you trying to reach everyone.

2. Holding his mic with both hands. As displayed in the photo above, Kevin has the habit of putting both hands on a microphone when he REALLY wants you to listen.

3. Closing his eyes and raising his eyebrows. That’s when you know he’s into it, y’all.

Bonus: Sometimes he stops to have conversations when we scream things at him… like he can hear us.

Howie D.

1. That mini Salsa dance. You know the one. It comes out of nowhere when you’re least expecting it and it really doesn’t matter what song it is. “Show Me The Meaning”? Salsa. “Quit Playing Games”? Salsa. Nick Carter talking? SALSA.

2. Winking. What would our lives be without Howie winking? How else would we know he loves us?

3. Every other Boy annoying him. It’s like if any of the other Backstreet Boys get bored, they pick on Howie. Actually, it’s just Nick. And sometimes Brian.

Brian Littrell

1. Lifting a leg. The louder Brian gets, the higher his leg. The more into it he gets, he basically curls into himself. One day, he will pull a total Sonic The Hedgehog whilst singing.

2. Tricks. He will jump 12 feet and he will be upside down almost more than he is right side up. Much like Howie’s random spurts of salsa, if Brian feels the need, he will be backflipping across the stage, jumping over your head, and walking on his hands. Basically, he’s a monkey in human skin.

3. Waving. We may never know if Brian ACTUALLY sees someone in the audience that he’s acknowledging or he’s just pretending to make us fight with our friends over who he actually waved to. Which is it, Brian?!

Bonus: He will also act out any lyric that he can.

AJ McLean

1. When he gets so into it, he starts yelling. AJ’s singing, AJ sounds so good…oh my God, he’s coming at us and he’s yelling the lyrics. “Creepin’ up on your left, straight up funky when I get WIT YA…” This is usually followed by out of control thrusting. (There was also the time he started making up lyrics while yelling. “With bacon and eggs and ham..” – Raise your hand if you still hear it!)

2. Removing his sunglasses for effect. AJ doesn’t always wear sunglasses on stage anymore, but when he does, he will whip them off slowly while singing something soulful and looking directly at you. Suddenly, you will feel like you’re floating and you may have the urge to give him all of your money. And your bra.

3. Dancing like he has no bones. He’s bendy. He flops around in a beautiful AJ way.

Nick Carter

1. Drop Down. Nick starts the show choreographed, but as soon as he’s on his own, the boy is down on the ground. The more passionate he gets, the lower he gets. Think a guitar will keep him up? Oh no – it just gives his downward move some flair. Look at him!

2. The Dance. When Nick gets up, he’s up and he’s feeling it. We’re not sure WHAT he’s doing but it’s his own funky little Nick dance and we love it. Feel that music, Nick! Move, boy!

3. Stopping and Staring. If there is one thing he hates, it’s not getting attention. There is a point in every concert where Nick will stop. Nick will stare. And Nick won’t talk until you give him the cheering and applause that he wants (Like a male Tinkerbell). And we cheer everytime because OMG, it’s Nick Carter.

22 Things We Have Learned From The Backstreet Boys

PicMonkey Collage 2

Since the Backstreet Boys formed in 1993, they have been learning. They’ve learned how to deal with fame, how to deal with highs and lows, and how to be successful in a world like this. 

Not only have these 22 years been a learning experience for the Boys themselves, but also for the fans. We have learned so much from these 5 men – some things that we may not even be aware of. Here are the top 22 things that we have the Backstreet Boys to thank for knowing.

1. We Know Which Countries Are In Which Time Zones.

As Backstreet fans, we can rattle off what time it is in any country that the Backstreet Boys have toured in. We need to know when we can find pictures, when they are performing, when they might be available for tweeting, etc. It’s a skill.

2. Bodyguards Aren’t Really That Scary After All.

When normal people think of bodyguards, they think of huge guys that will take you out if you get near your idol. When BSB fans think of bodyguards, we think of some of the best few guys we’ve met. Guys like Mike, Q, Keith, Josh and Drew are just as big of a deal to us as Kevin, Brian, AJ, Nick, and Howie. They may look tough, but they’re some of the nicest men we know and have probably held our purses for us more times than our significant others. We also probably have just as many pictures with them as we do with our Boys. Losing one of them is like losing a member of our Backstreet family as well, and there will not be a fan who doesn’t feel the loss of Q at every VIP. We appreciate these guys for protecting our Boys and being so good to us.

3. “Life Is More Than Just Stuff.”

This quote from Brian Littrell at the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame resonates with us. Life IS more than just stuff and no one knows it more than us. Every year, we give up materialistic items in order to experience things and create memories. Even in the years we aren’t seeing the Boys, we take roadtrips to see our friends that we’ve made because of them. We spend time doing the things we love and don’t mind the ridicule we get from our family and friends who just don’t understand.

We are also lucky that we have a band that believes in this mantra, that is more concerned with giving fans what they want that what’s going to give them the most profit in the end. We learn from them that doing what makes you happy is always the best.

4. It’s Possible To Have Best Friends Across The Country… And Across The World.

Ask any Backstreet fan and he or she will tell you that we have friends in every timezone because of the Backstreet Boys. We are more aware of what’s happening in the world, cultures, world holidays, and have created our own family of friends because of a mutual love for five guys.

5. Just How Long We Can Go Without Eating and Sleeping.

Before the Backstreet Boys, we never knew how long we could withstand not eating or sleeping. Some of us have traveled to a concert, left the concert, and traveled 4 hours to a concert the next night. Some of us have sat in line outside of NYC’s Virgin Record Store just to get a wristband to meet the Boys later in the day. Some of us have learned how to order pizza while waiting in a line and some of us couldn’t fathom eating when you’re going to a BSB concert in 6 hours!

6. We Figured Out Whether Or Not We Get Seasick.

When the Backstreet Boys launched their annual cruise, some fans had never cruised before. Would we get seasick? Would we get homesick? DOES IT MATTER?! A few days stuck on a ship with BSB? Take our money and we’ll figure out the sickness later. Seasick meds sales shot up that year.

7. How To Squeeze Every Last Penny Out Of A Paycheck.

If BSB is on tour, we will NOT go without. Of course, we’ve all whined about how we didn’t know if we could afford VIP or if we could afford going to a show at all, but we make it work. They’re not coming to you? You find a date that works and you start digging in your couch cushions for money! Some of us have even taken on second jobs just for Backstreet money. If we want something bad enough, we will find every penny to afford it.

8. Music Heals Us.

The majority of us find solace in the Backstreet Boys’ music. Whether we’ve worked through something as tough as depression or something as small as a bad day at work, their music is home to us. It soothes our souls and takes us to a happy place. It transcends the bad feelings we might have and helps us to make it through another day. They will never know how grateful we are for their gift.

9. How To Make Travel Plans Faster Than Any Of Our Non-Fan Friends.

We know how to plan a trip across country faster than any non-fan friend because we’re used to last minute BSB events. We have more hotel rewards, more airline miles, and the people at the rental car place know us by name. More than likely, we also know where the celebrities stay in each city.

10. How To Be A Top-Notch Detective.

What do you mean you don’t know where the Backstreet Boys are or when they’re flying in or what flight they’re on or what they had for breakfast? Please. We all know. The Backstreet Boys have a secret? HA! We like a challenge. We could actually put on our resumes that we’ve worked for the CIA.

11. We Can Hash (And Rehash) Details For Hours Days Weeks.

Nick’s new hair? New leaked song? AJ’s cryptic instagram caption? We’re on it. We will have 32 different meanings for it, 444 opinions about, and ask continuous questions about it until we get answers.

12. How To Be Opinionated.

See above. When there is a drought in Backstreet land, we all have even stronger opinions about EVERYTHING they do. We don’t like Brian’s shoes? You’re gonna hear about it!

13. We Know How Real Men Should Act.

Our standards have been raised when it comes to the men in our lives. We know five men who are kind, respectful, and talented and we expect no less from every guy we meet. Poor dudes.

14. When, Where, and Who Wins/Loses In A UK and/or Tampa Bucs Game.

Thanks to Kevin, Brian, and Nick, we will always know when these teams are playing and who is winning or losing and some of us have even started to care.

15. What Real Harmony Sounds Like.

Boyband? Please. Vocal harmony group is more appropriate. Let me hear One Direction sing acapella. That’s what I thought. The Backstreet Boys are so good at harmonizing, you WILL want to slap yo’ mama!

16. To Keep Our Standards High.

As we said, they have raised our standards for men, but they have also reminded us not to settle. They have pushed throughout their career to get what they want and be successful. They didn’t settle for low quality and they didn’t stop when they world told them they should. They’ve been an example of what you can achieve if you just keep going and that you never have to lower your standards because the world says you should.

17. We Know Every Way To Soothe A Sore Throat.

We’ve all been there – weekend at a BSB concert, work on Monday morning. We still scream like 14 year olds everytime and when we’re with our friends, we talk and laugh all night. We’re aware that by Monday, we will need cough drops and hot tea because we are, in fact, NOT 14 anymore.

18. You Should Always Use Hand Sanitizer. 

Really, because Nick Carter and his ongoing bout of illness. Not so much that we’re worried about getting sick from him, but moreso if Nick (or the others) get sick after we went to a show, your friends blame you. If you get sick FROM one of the Boys, it’s almost like you’ve really made it as a fan.

19. Once You Go VIP, You Never Go Back.

Everyone knows what we’re talking out. If you pay for the VIP experience once, you will be paying for it everytime. There is nothing like it. Kevin’s eyes and Nick’s hugs. Brian’s smile, AJ’s chatter, and Howie’s sweetness. NO ONE can stop once they start.

20. Ain’t No Party, Like A Backstreet Party.

Enough said.

21. What It Means To Be A Fan.

We have a real passion for these Boys. We care for them like they’re our family and we root for them every chance we get. How sad is the life of any person who has never loved a band they way we love them. How sad is it to have loved a band that never cared about their fans the way the Backstreet Boys do? We have no doubt that every word they’ve ever spoken about their fans is true and sincere because they’re still around because we are. Wow.

22. Dreams Do Come True.

Just as the Backstreet Boys believed in their dreams in 1993 and made them come true, we have been inspired by them to do the same. They’ve inspired us to try, to succeed, and to try again even if you fail. They’ve taught us that you have to work hard for your dreams to come true and you can do anything you set your mind to.

They’ve also taught 12-year-old us that you can eventually meet the five guys that changed your life and that they are as great as you always thought they were.

❤ Thank You, Backstreet Boys. For Everything. ❤

16 “First Time With The Backstreet Boys” Stories From Fans Around The World


In the 22 years that the Backstreet Boys have been in existence, there has never been a time that we, as fans, get tired of seeing them live, meeting them, hugging them, and being in awe of their talent and kind hearts. However, there is always something about the first time that gets to you. There is always something about the first song, the first hug, the first smile that will take you back to the feelings that you could never replicate.

These 14 fans were kind enough to share their memories with us and will inspire you to take a walk down your own memory lane. After all, the first time is life changing. WARNING: You might get feelings reading these.

1. Lianne

image1My name is Lianne and i live in Moncton, Canada. My first time meeting the Boys was on May 3, 2014. I had seen them in concert 4 times before but this was my first VIP event.  Thanks to my awesome hubby for paying :). After 21 years my dream finally came true.  It all happened so fast.  I walked up to Howie first and he gave me a hug.  Then Nick took my arm and pulled me to him…I almost died.  After the photo, i hugged Kevin and AJ then it was over, but very worth the 21 years of waiting 🙂

2. Debra

IMG_4207My name is Debra. I’m 52 and have been a BSB fan for 18 yrs – here’s my story about the 1st time I met BSB!! BSB was to release their 1st album in the USA in NYC at virgin mega  store so my friends and I decided to go (3 of us were from montreal and 3 were from toronto). I’ve been a Brian Girl since day one. Finally, in NYC, we were keeping eyes open for BSB on August 11th. We just finished dinner at pizza place on Broadway, walking out I just happened to look towards my left – “OMG it’s AJ!” “Hi ladies, what’s up?” “Just gonna check out Times Square”, asked him for photos (“sure”) When it was my turn,I gave him a hug and started to cry. He said “hey sweetie, why ya crying?” “I’m sorry but I just can’t believe I just met you”, “Hon, it’s just little old me, AJ!”. Above is the pic from August 11, 1997. He then spoke to us, took photos  with my friends, saw me looking in my bag. “Did you lose something?” “No, forgot the bday card for my friend back home that I wanted ️signed if I’d be lucky to have met one or all of you”. He asked if I was coming the next day then said, “ok, then bring your card and I’ll make sure all the guys sign it!”

August 12th – now in line it’s 4:30 am ️(OMG) we are first in line (EEEKK). At 8:00 am, they opened to give us VIP bracelet for autograph session after inside was shaking so bad I was like “OMG Gonna meet BSB!” Saw part of mini concert now in lining up again my feet were so killing me, but we got to hear sound check. OMG now just 3 fans ahead of me and I can see table sitting behind that table was BACKSTREETBOYS: BRIAN ,HOWIE, NICK , AJ, KEVIN!!! Finally, my turn.

Brian in his amazing KENTUCKY accent says “hi darling, how are ya?” I was so nervous. “I’m fine!” “What’s your name?” “D-DEBBIE” Brian was so sweet he said “Well hi D-DEBBIE, my name is B-BRIANNN! So where ya from?” “MMMMONTREAL” “WOW! I like MMMONTREAL!” I told him my friends and I were waiting outside 10 1/2 hrs to met BSB. He poked Howie “hey man, did you hear that?!” ️️and signed my cd. I gave Howie a birthday card we had sent around the world ️signed by 88 BSB fans (had many bsb pen pals) and he was shocked. “Tell everybody thanks!” Nick said “hey..wow you guys waited for all long time thanks so much!” 2 more signatures on my cd. “Hi AJ nice to see you again..” “Got your friend’s birthday card?” “Yup.”  “Give it to me. What’s your friend name?” “Natalie.” “Hey guys, listen up. Sign this card for Debbie’s friend” All ️signed!

Finally was KEVIN. “Hey hey..what s up?” “Hi.”  “Hun, you ok ?” ️As by this time my feet were so major sore. “Nice to finally meet you, I’m so tired as my friends and I have been waiting 10 1/2 hrs to meet you guys.” He took my hand one of his hands was under mine put his other on top and said “It’s fans like you who make this all worth while, thanks so much!”
There you have it. I’d do it all over again just want to you to know. P. S. All the guys ️signed my CD

3. Melissa

me and howie
My husband had surprised me with a platinum VIP meet and greet with the boys when he got home from Iraq in 2010.
He rented a limo for the 2 of us and everything! While we were waiting for the sound check party to start he was picking on me, telling me how much of a dork I was being. He was joking of course.  When the sound check was over it was time for the meet and greet pics. When my husband and I walked up there all I could get out when I was shaking each of their hands was “hi”. “hi” really? Finally my life long dream of meeting the backstreet boys has come true and all I could say was hi? I felt like the biggest dork ever! Howie ends up taking all the platinum people on a backstage tour. At one point I was walking beside him and I couldn’t think of anything to say. Finally we got to where all the sofas were and he was talking about how he used to share a bus with Nick and AJ a long time ago and I blurted out “so has your cleanliness rubbed off on them?” really? did I just say that? Howie rolled his eyes and replied “yes they’ve gotten better.”  Then the most embarrassing thing of all happened.. I tripped and almost fell over a glass coffee table in which Howie said “don’t fall” “are you okay?” I wanted to run seriously. I felt like the biggest dork on the face of the earth.  At the end of the backstage tour we got our VIP passes signed by Howie and a picture with him. Even though some parts were embarrassing it’s a day I will never forget and my husband and I still talk about it all the time. He says his next goal is to get me on a cruise.. We’ll see.

4. Taylor

image1(1)Age 12 (2013)
We finally got in the line to meet the Backstreet Boys. I was sweating, jumping up and down smiling so hard. I walked over, they told me their names and gave me hugs! It was two days before my 13th Birthday (my mom told them), so of course they said “happy birthday”, all I could say for hours was “Nick Carter hugged me!” I was in complete shock! I saved the special shirt I wore that day, and it hasn’t been worn since, because it has BSB DNA on it! That was the greatest day of my life!

5. Noora

bsbscMy name is Noora and I first saw the Backstreet Boys in concert back in 2005 when I was 17. But that’s not the story I want to tell.

I’ve been a BSB fan since I was 11 years old so that makes 16 years this year. I’m now 26. It was totally love at first sight and I dreamed of meeting them ever since. Little did I know that come 2014 and the IAWLT tour, I’d actually get to fulfill my dream. When I heard that the Boys were coming to Finland on their tour I knew immediately that I just had to buy a VIP ticket so I could finally meet my idols. I had no idea what I was getting myself into by doing that. Me and my friend Heidi (who I’ve become super close thanks to the Backstreet Boys) bought Gold VIPs. The whole day ended up being more than I had hoped for. It started with us going to their hotel. I got not one but TWO selfies! And one of those was with my man Kevin! I’d been waiting for that for 15 years! That was just an added bonus to the VIP and the soundcheck party. We got to the arena and I was super nervous. I was in the front row at sc party and I even got to ask the Boys a question! Thank goodness I had been thinking about that before the show. While the Boys were singing Trust Me at the SC, Howie noticed me singing along and gave me the thumbs up. Oh how I love that man. Heidi and I got this brilliant idea of making our own shirts for the concert. That turned out to be one of the best ideas ever. The back of the shirt said KTBSPA and the front of my shirt said “Helloooo Mr. Richardson”. Her’s said “Hellooo Mr. Carter”. When it was time to go to get our M&G picture taken, I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be, Which was good since I had something to give to Kevin. We had written a letter for all the Boys that I wanted to give to Kevin. Even got to talk to him for a minute which made this K-girl extremely happy. Oh and about my shirt? When I went to hug them and they saw my shirt, they said “Well hello Mrs. Richardson” to me! I totally didn’t mean it like that! I just wanted to show my love for Kevin! As I went to hug Kevin he gave me the biggest hug. It felt so good. Took me 15 years to meet them but it was so worth it. I’m so glad I waited until the IAWLT tour to buy a VIP since I got a picture with all of the 5 Boys. And as an added bonus I got an autographed photo of them! I will cherish that M&G my entire life. ❤

6. Miriam

Miriam, 27, The Netherlands.
* Age first concert: 17, on October 12th 2005, Never gone tour, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Ok, now don’t judge…yes I was 17 and my first concert was Never Gone. I missed out on the Millennium days and such because I was too young and I had no one to go with!

(Aw, don’t feel bad, since 2005 I’ve been to 6259 or something other concerts and traveled all over the world for these boys lol). I will never forget this concert. I begged my mom to go with me, skipped school, still remember what I wore that beautiful sunny day and loved every second of the concert, even though we had crappy seats all the way in the back of the arena.
* Age first time meeting them:  19, it was on October 10th 2007, Berlin Germany.
I read on a Dutch BSB fan forum that the boys were coming to Berlin for a signing to promote the Unbreakable album. Well this was my chance to meet the boys! A few days later I met up with some BSB fans, who I’ve never met, in the middle of the night and we drove for hours until we arrived at our final destination, a mall in downtown Berlin. And then the waiting began. We waited for hours until the boys arrived (Backstreet Time!) and there were hundreds of people. Security wanted to shut down the event because things were getting out of control. I was so afraid I couldn’t meet the boys after all. But security pulled me out of the crowd and I was one of the last and lucky people who got to meet Brian, Howie, AJ & Nick that day. I was able to shake their hands (no hugs back then) and they signed my Unbreakable booklet. Fun fact: During the signing, AJ and Nick got into a discussion (about something stupid, nothing serious) while I was waiting for them to sign my booklet. So I just stood there *awkward*, waiting for them to stop talking until Nick noticed me, nudged AJ and said: Dude AJ, this girl is waiting! Sign her booklet! Nick gave me his typical Nick Carter smile, with a look on his face like *excuse him*.  AJ looked at me and said:  Sorry about that girl, we got a little sidetracked. How are you? I mumbled something like: Good…*smile, giggle*. After what felt like 10 minutes (reality: 2 minutes) they signed the booklet and I walked away with a smile on my face. I finally met them!
* Age first VIP: 20, it was on April 6th 2008, Unbreakable tour, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
My first VIP wasn’t really something special. Yeah I met them again, got to shake hands again (no hugs, no kisses), I think they signed something again and we took our picture (with the barrier…bless Kevin for getting rid of that thing when he came back)..and there was $200 less on my bank account lol. I know, it doesn’t really sound that exciting or romantic but if you have the chance to ever meet the boys, try hotels, promo events, a cruise…you’ll have a far better experience 😉

7. Tracy


Age when I met the boys: 27The first time I met the boys was June 12 2011, at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey. It was during the NKOTBSB tour. I had never done a VIP before in my life. Never met the boys before. I didn’t know what to expect.I have been a fan of the boys since 1996 when I heard them on the radio. I didn’t know who they were at the time. I later was given a cassette  tape of the US debut CD by my mother. The boys have helped me through everything ranging from deaths in the family to personal anxiety, and in the winter of 2010 when the NKOTBSB tour had been announced… I said to myself that I was going to do vip with my best friend Ali. I brought up the idea to her and said I would buy us both Silver vip with my Christmas bonus as my gift to her. As her gift for me,  she fronted the extra money so we could get Gold. She wanted me to have some “alone time” with the boys. See, BSB, well Nick especially is one of the reasons I am still here. I owe a lot of my coming out of depression to him and the boys inspiring me. Meeting them was a HUGE deal.That day in June we went to the venue early and I stood in line with everybody else. I was shaking from nerves. I know they are regular people but it was the first time I’d met a celebrity. While we were in line we saw NKOTB finishing their own pictures. Joey came and gave us high five. Donnie gave my friend Ali a huge hug. After that I kind of started crying. It was becoming real for me then. As the line got closer and closer to the boys, the curtain separating me from them opened and I saw them up close for the first time in my life. I suddenly wondered if I had worn the right clothes for my pic, if I looked okay. I became self conscious, trying to calm myself down because I wanted to cry from happiness some  more. It was my turn and I was frozen in place, I couldn’t walk over. The boys were looking at me, I could feel Nick staring. Brian came over to me and put his arms around me after I’d finally took a couple steps. He blew me away. Brian seriously gives the best hugs in the world. I felt myself calm down a bit after that. AJ said “hello sweetheart”. Then there was Nick. I kept telling myself don’t look at him, you’ll be a mess. I looked up and he was just looking at me, smiling. He said hi sweetheart just as AJ had done. He hugged me and I was surprised that he actually smelled good. (LOL) I saw Howie waiting for me to come over but Nick had just fully distracted me. I felt horrible for not going over to Howie. (i finally made up for it on the 2014 cruise) then it was picture time. I took the pic and then went up the stairs to go to sound check. I almost tripped going up the stairs. Then I got to my seat and the tears came. I turned to Ali and said “did this just happen?”I’ll never forget that day as long as I live, it was perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing.

8. Kristyna


My age at my first ever VIP was 23, This Is Us tour 2009.
I was platinum VIP and the boys stood behind barriers for other VIPs, but they went in front of barriers for us platinum.
I didn’t count with that and was so excited. I walked to Nick first, hugged him and he grabbed my arms and posed me
in front of Howie and said, “this is Howie”, Howie was laughing and said to me,”good to see you´´ and I was so on the edge,
I offered him my hand to shake and he looked at my hand, hugged me and kissed my faces and said “nice to meet you´´.
Again, I was so on the edge, I didn´t expect it, I couldn´t even speak 🙂 Then we hugged with AJ and then I looked at Brian
and was thinking, “Oh my God, Brian´´ or something like that and he said “come here´´ and hugged me.
And then picture from Justin and backstage tour, amazing experiences, I will never forget them.

9. Kimberly

I’m a 90s kid. Between 1997 and 2000, age 11-14, I was on the top of my “pop”-game, listening to Westlife, Steps, Britney Spears and, of course, the BACKSTREET BOYS!

As I grew older and began to experience the oh-so-known and overrated “teenage problems”, my music taste changed as music was my outlet to release my anger. And I was quite angry, I can tell you that! My inner pop-princess was locked away somewhere in a corner of my subconscious, but never really left.

So as many others, I lost interest and track of what my former idols were doing – I want to express my utmost sorry for this. If I knew then, what I know now, I would have NEVER let this happen! – After Never Gone, I completely lost it and I didn’t know the Backstreet Boys were still making music and touring (now is the time to shoot me, if u didn’t do that already).

Whenever they were played on the radio, however, the volume went WAAAAAAY UP and I sang along at the top of my voice, never failing to remember every single word.

In November 2013, I was in my car and I just finished singing along with “Quit Playing Games With My Heart”, when my attention was caught by the announcement of a Backstreet Boys tour with ALL band members (yes, emphasis on “ALL” – I personally didn’t realize what happened – shoot me, again!).

This was it. This was my chance to go on a road down memory lane and do what I didn’t do 15 years ago: see the Backstreet Boys perform live. I decided to buy tickets. Little did I know what impact that decision would have…

22 March 2014 changed my life. My friend and I entered a packed “Sportpaleis” in Antwerp. After the preshow by The Exchange and, apparently, Baylee (while he was rapping, I told my friend: “Wow, who is that kid? He has talent” – shoot me again… it gets boring, does it), you could feel the anticipation rising.

Imagine: 1 Sportpaleis – 13.000 people – the lights went out and as “The Call” started playing and those 5 fabulous men entered the stage, the crowd exploded and my jaw dropped. The rest is history…

This was the BEST SHOW I have ever been to. Both my friend and I were blown away. Their music, their looks, their moves,… How could we ever let that slip away from us over the past years?

Since that magical evening, it feels like I’ve been spellbound. I started reading about them and realized I had a hell of a lot of catching up to do…

Eventually I ended up playing their music every single day, standing front row at their next show only a few months later and setting up a Twitter account dedicated to my BSB love – which has brought me to meet all these incredible people who are – just like me – bedazzled by this vocal harmony group.

So this is my story, this is what my first BSB concert has done to me. I know I haven’t been the “best” fan the past years, but I’m “all-in” NOW, with hopefully many years to come. I sure will be there, keeping the backstreet pride alive.


10. Denise

unnamed (1)

I don’t actually remember my first concert cause it’s so many years ago way in the beginning. So I wanted to share my first VIP. And that was pretty recent, last year on March 22, 2014. I was 35 years old at the time and I finally saved up enough money to buy a VIP Gold. I was excited, I did meet the guys before, but this was just something I really wanted to do. Before we had to be in line for VIP, we were at the hotel the guys were at and we saw them. But we were late to get our VIP tickets. It was in Antwerp, Belgium and with a lot of stress and not getting to our own hotel to check in, I ended up getting dressed in the bathroom of a gas station. I can tell you, stress level was way up high! After me and my bestie (who I met in real life for the first time there) and my other good friend Anna got in line finally we got our tickets and stood in line for soundcheck. I had prepared a question for Kevin, but unfortunately, Justin didn’t came close, so I wasn’t picked. But it was okay, soundcheck was great and Kevin was being silly.

Then after soundcheck we got in line for the meet and greet. The wait was long as there were a lot of VIPS. I have to tell you a little short story, that 6 months earlier I had met Kevin at the studio’s in Holland and had a deep talk with him. He was so pure and so at ease at the time. It was a very special moment. So back to VIP. I went up to hug Howie, then AJ and from the corner of my eyes I saw Nick with this huge grin on his face. So when I went up to him he came to me and grabbed my head an hugged me (I am a short girl lol). Then Kevin took me away from Nick, saying to Nick it was his time now. He looked at me and grabbed me in his arms and said heeeeeeeeeeey baby, so happy to see you again! He recognized me and we had a long hug. I gave him the present I had with me. It were the official documents to a star I named to his father.  Kevin was overwhelmed and loved his gift. We took a pic and he kept holding me and talked to me. Drew was already very impatient because they were running late bigtime and Kevin was taking long with me. Kev smiled to me and he said I could go and hug Brian. I totally forgot I didn’t hug him yet haha. So I went up to Brian and hugged him, already feeling Kev’s arms pulling me back. He kept thanking me for the gift. I told Kev I really had to leave now, cause Drew was about to explode. I said goodbye to him and as I was walking away, Kevin was still yelling to me, how he loved his gift and how thankful he was for it. Later that night I got a tweet from him. (and a lot more after as well) It was a rushed, but very amazing VIP! Until next time!

11. Ana

unnamed (2)
Of course I’ll jump at any chance to tell this story. I remember every detail.  My name is Alicia. I did my first VIP last summer in Jones Beach. I was 27. (I know I’ve been deprived all my life)
Okay so I was standing in line, just chilling, talking to other fans. (I saw Leighanne and Baylee and Leigh and James walk past. James is so cute by the way) When we got close enough to watch them taking pictures I just forgot about everything else, I was staring so hard that when I got closer I made eye contact with Brian and then Nick. Nick winked. They must’ve thought I was crazy. I swear I’m not a creep. It’s funny cause the man controlling the line, I’m not sure if it was Justin or Drew, he said welcome back to me and I told him this was my first time and then he told me I must have a doppleganger. We laughed and then the people in front of me were done and he told me to go ahead. My heart was beating so fast, I remember telling myself in my head to relax. They’re just boys. So I said “Hi Howie”, gave him a hug. Next was Aj. I said hi, gave him a hug, I remember him saying have fun tonight or something. (Next time I need to think of something else to say to Aj. Our interaction was so quick and he’s one of my favorites) Then Nick. I was like “Hey Boo” He said “Hey Boo-Boo, how are you?” I said “good” He hugged me and then he was like “Let’s take the picture”  and he kind of turned me around. I remember him leaning over (I’m so short) his chin was like right on my head and his hand was on my side. I remember Aj’s hand was on my back. I was just thinking Omg they’re touching me! So after they took the picture, Kevin just like popped out (it felt like out of nowhere) and gestured with his fingers to give him a hug. That was so cute. I was like “Hi Kevin” I felt like I was hugging a long lost uncle or something. I think he asked me how I was and then I told him my mom said to tell him hi, she likes him. He said “Oh yeah? Tell your mom I said hi.” He broke the hug and told me to enjoy the show. I told him I will and then Brian, and his eyes are sooo pretty. I was just smiling at him. I said “Hey Boo” (They’re both my boos, chill lol) He hugged me, I remember his arms were around my waist and I’m in my head like I’m hugging Brian! He said “How’s it going? Good to see ya” I just did not want to let go of him but I did. I think he told me to enjoy the show too (I dont know why they even tell us that lol) And I said I will but I just had to say something else to him. So I just thought of anything. I said “Next time you should come to Barclay Center. You could have the after party at my house. It’s right there.” (That was a joke. I don’t seriously want them to have the after party at my house. I’m not delusional.) He’s so cute. He raised his eyebrows and laughed. He was like “Oh yeah?’ I was like “Yeah” He said “Yeah son” and made this like gangsta hand gesture with his hand. I know I sound so hood when I get nervous, I don’t mean to but it’s so funny that he noticed that. And that was it. I went to get my purse from Mike (who’s cool by the way) and then I had to call my mom (like a big baby) cause that was all just crazy. I had to tell somebody. Lol.
They’re awesome for doing all those meet and greets. They probably don’t even remember but they made my whole life that day and they don’t even know it.

12. Priya

unnamed 4
My name is Priya and I was 30 the first time I met them.
After being a fan for 19 years I thought it was about time I finally met the 5 guys I had plastered pictures of all over my walls and adored since I was 11 years old. So when the boys announced the European leg of the In a World Like This tour and they just happened to turn up in London around the same time as my 30th birthday (I could not have asked for a better present) I decided it was now or never and went for the Gold VIP experience & after party.
I arrived at the O2 arena in London around 2pm after spending 2 hours getting ready in the morning – I had managed to find the perfect dress a week before that made me feel a million bucks – I felt I looked good! My sister and I joined the queue that was already forming outside gate A to pick up our VIP passes. We were shortly joined by another fan, Eugenia, who had bought my spare pair of tickets (who is now a friend!). We waited in that queue for what must have been over an hour. But the wait wasn’t all bad – we got talking to other fans in the queue (which is one of my favourite things to do as sometimes I feel like I am the only BSB fan in London and it’s a nice reminder that I’m not!) and the time quickly sped past. Once we got our VIP and afterparty passes, we then joined another queue to pick up our tickets to the show while Eugenia joined the 3rd queue to get into VIP. Being early did mean we were pretty close to the front of the queue for the Gold VIPs and thankfully Eugenia was there to keep our place in the queue while my sister and I went to get the concert tickets.
After all the queuing (and about 3 hours after I had arrived), we went in for sound check. London had the biggest soundcheck party of the whole European tour – 500 people! Amazingly, we ended up centre stage 2nd row from the front so had brilliant views of the stage and boys. I remember saying to my sister that if we wanted to ask a question we were in prime position to ask it as the boys were bound to see us so to start thinking! I was incredibly excited as this was the closest I had ever been to the boys before! Slowly the boys came out one by one and when my favourite Brian came out someone asked about Baylee, and Brian said he’d flown back to the states. Disappointed that I wouldn’t see Baylee sing I said (slightly loudly) that I had wanted to see Baylee sing. Brian heard me! He suddenly looked around asking who said that to which I replied me! My sister remembers him mimicking my British accent (which isn’t the first time he’s done that – I shouted I love you to him at the Fan Event last June and he said I love you too mimicking my accent) although I think my heart must have been pounding at this point as I cannot remember it at all. Brian joked saying I could see him on youtube, to which I said I’d already seen him there – so he teased me saying I could buy his record. When I asked when his record was coming out Brian did what Brian does best and was like “Tomorrow!” and smiled and laughed! I would have been happy had that been the most face time I got with the boys that day but there was more!
Q&A time came round far too quickly and Justin was put in charge of the mic. The boys answered 4 questions and it was time for the last question. My sister and I had come up with a master plan to get the boys to sing me happy birthday, it being my 30th and all, although the “plan” was just that, with no idea how we would get it to happen, and so I don’t think either of actually expected it to happen. So the boys say they have time for one last question and whoever goes crazy will get to ask it. Suddenly my sister goes mental jumping around going me, me, me! I also step in going “over here” and pointing at my sister. The boys can see us going mad. Eugenia was also on the other side of me and also helps attract attention. My sister and I look at Nick pleadingly (I have no idea what my sister wanted to ask at this point, just that she went crazy!) All the boys see us, and are pointing at us to Justin, who comes over and hands the mic to my sister. She asks them (rather nervously bless her) to sing me happy birthday and they oblige. Better still, AJ asks what my name is and when my sister replies, he says “Priya? – That’s a very pretty name Priya.” At that point I could have died and been perfectly happy with life as it had been! Other fans pipe in at this point also saying it’s also their birthday, and the boys are like “Oh, sure, now its everyone’s birthday”. They sung me (and everyone else) Happy Birthday and it made my life – I never thought I would hear THE Backstreet Boys sing my name, but they did – and totally beautifully! Luckily, my brain regained function for a split second and screamed “record this on your camera!” and so I got it on film for all eternity! I genuinely cannot wait till my next birthday so I can play it over, and over, and over again until someone threatens to kill me if I play it one more time.
Then it was time for my meet & greet. Being close to the front I didn’t have to wait long for my picture. Mike was fantastic and we chatted to him as he walked up and down the line taking people’s bags – so before I knew it, it was my turn! If someone had asked me what my dream experience was for meeting them for the first time, my immediate response would have been that they would have known me just like I knew them. I imagine it would have been a very strange experience for me to go up to someone I’ve known for 19 years only for them to not have a clue who I was, and yet, this is what I expected it to be like before I had got there. To go up to them and say “Hi, I’m Priya – you have been a huge influence on my life for the last 19 years” was what I thought I’d say but I wasn’t sure I liked it much. But before I’d even stepped up to the mark I heard AJ go “Priya!” and open his arms out for a cuddle! He wished me happy birthday again and I’m pretty sure I got a kiss on the cheek (although it all happened so quickly I hardly remember.) Then I moved on to Nick who squeezed me tightly in his arms (dream come true!). My sister and I decided we’d combine our pictures and have 2 with both of us in. So at this point it was time for my first picture. I wanted to be next to Brian and Kevin in the first shot so I ran over to the other side and squeezed in between the 2 of them. I don’t remember anything else at this point other than thinking OMG I am between 2 backstreet boys! The smile on my face in the photo tells it all! Kevin gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek and said “hope you enjoy your evening” before I had to move quickly again for our second photo – this time I was between Howie and AJ. I gave Howie a quick hug and hi then went back to Kevin for my second hug of the day! My sister and I had combined our gifts into one bag for each boy, and I wanted to give Kevin and Brian theirs personally. I gave Kevin the gift saying “this is for you” and he thanked me and gave me another hug. Then, the moment I’d waited for 19 years since I fell in love with him after seeing the snow version of the “I’ll Never Break your Heart” video – Brian! I heard the security guard at this point try move me along saying I was holding up the queue but I just ignored him and Brian did too (which was awesome!) I gave Brian the gift, he said thank you and gave me the longest hug ever! I know it was long because it was the only hug where I had time to think to myself “OMG I’m hugging Brian Littrell right now!“ I savoured every delicious moment in his arms and bless Brian cos he didn’t let go until I did (and I actually cannot believe I did!) I could definitely live in his arms forever!

The whole experience was better than I could have dreamed or wished for – Thank you soooooooo much boys!

13. Stefie


My first concert was for the first tour Backstreet Boys January 03rd 1997…I had nose bleed tickets so I didn’t actually ‘’saw’’ the boys neither than hearing them …People were CRAZY I think I had trouble to hear the next fews days…I remember the first fews years they come in Montreal it was crazy like screaming sooo loud it was impossible to actually know which they were singing. In 1997 I went to the show with my cousin and a friend of mine…My mom told us we need to go out right after the show which we done to be able to saw the guys leaving by bus. It was my very first BIG concert and I was in love!

My first VIP experience was in 2005 for Never Gone…We couldn’t buy vip at this time it was only a contest…Which we didn’t win, but one of my friend at the time was at the Bell Center pretty early and one of the crew come to her and some other girls asking if they have VIP PASS…She said no and he said ‘’do you wanna go?’’ Of course she said yes but she told him that she had 2 others friends so he told her ‘’come back here at 3:00 pm not before and you will have your pass ‘’ I remember that this day I was feeling like SHIT!! I was so sick so I spend the day laying on a bench while my friend were talking how impossible it was and we will never have those pass. At 3pm, we go back close to the bus and stay there talking to each other when the guy came back. He look my friend and told her ‘’it was you this morning right?” She said yes and that we were her friends. He then said to wait that he will be back in 5 minutes….Longest 5 minutes ever….When he come back he said ‘’I promise you something I always keep my promises ‘’ He open his hand and have 3 bracelets for us….Only problem he had NO IDEA where we need to go to go inside….So we run around the bell center like idiot before finally finding the spot…Once inside in the line we wait….and wait ….and wait…Then Marcus * Aj bodyguard at the time* appeared. He told us we need to make 1 line, show our bracelet and that no one is allowed to run or stole someone spot. I was sooooo impressed/scared by him when I was in front of him – I put my bracelet in his face like ‘’don’t hurt me, I got it ‘’ Ended up second or third row in front of Nick…They played 2 or 3 songs – the only one I actually remember is Safest Place to Hide because my friend at the time asked it. And I Just Want You To know. It’s all a blurry in my head since I was really sick and I was sooo nervous..We didn’t have picture with the boys but at the end during I just want you to know, Brian brought Baylee on stage. He was shy at first than start running around and dancing. Brian try to make him talk in the microphone but he didn’t want. He end up playing drums and Brian looking at us screaming ‘’IT’S MY SON’’ ….It was a great experience which lead to many many more vips after that.

14. Becca

My first concert experience was awesome! I couldn’t believe it really happened (to this day still) Mine was last May 2014 in San Diego, we had great seats and a blast. I think Brian saw me a few times… They sound wonderful live. Hope to see them again!

15. Jen

My first BSB show wasn’t technically a concert.  The first time I ever saw them perform was at the Jingle Ball in Columbus, OH on December 12, 2007.  I had made plans with my friend Katie (whom I met on LD) and her sister, Carrie.   The only other time I’d seen them perform was on Regis and Kelly earlier in the year for one song.  So this was very exciting to me since this was a whole set I’d get to witness.

I had a three hour drive to Columbus and had planned on driving back home the night of.  But, we got there at 11am and sat outside, in DECEMBER and froze our asses off so that we could get a decent spot.  We were in a pretty good spot in line too.   Despite the cold, it was so much fun waiting in line, just talking to other fans and to each other since this was the first time we’d met face to face.  We had to walk 2 blocks away just to use a bathroom and the ONE time we left to go, THAT is when the Boys decide to venture outside to say hi to the fans.  We were on our way back and we heard the screaming.  We looked at each other and took off running back to the venue. We were so excited we ran across the road without even looking..lo  Luckily no cars were coming.  We laughed about that afterwards.  But we arrived back just as they were heading back in.  In the back of the venue there was a long gate that stretched clear across the parking lot.  AJ had come out of the venue to have a cigarette and then came other to the gate and proceeded to touch EVERY SINGLE fans hand as he walked by.  He went down and back up just to make sure he touched as many hands as possible.  I just remember feeling that he really did love the fans that day because he didn’t need to do that.

The doors opened at seven for the show to start at eight.  I don’t think the ticket checkers even know what hit them…lol  People were just THROWING their tickets at them and running like hell into the venue.  Gotta love GA…NOT!!! lol  We booked it to the stage and got 3rd row center.  I was so happy about our position, especially since it was my first time seeing them in this kind of setting and seeing a whole set list!  The thing was, they were main act.  We had to go through One Republic, Colbie Calillat and surprise guest Blake Lewis before we got to the Boys.  Colbie’s set was right before the Boys and people started getting pretty hostile about midway through her set.  She was HORRIBLE.  And her set seem to last forever.  People started yelling for her to get off the stage at one point.  It was pretty obvious most of the people in the audience were there to see Backstreet Boys!!  Finally…it was time for the Boys set!!

I just remember feeling more excited than I’d ever been in my LIFE!! I was FINALLY seeing MY Boys perform right in front of me!  And I remember being excited to see the choreography to Any Other Way.  I’d seen it before in videos and couldn’t wait for it to unfold right before my very eyes!  And…they didn’t disappoint!  I stood in awe the whole set.  Before, I was bitching that we’d been on our feet most of the day, my back hurt..but that was all forgotten the moment they stepped on stage.  It was MAGICAL!

I had bought a shirt for Nick that I had hoped I could get to him..somehow.  It said, “Beat a drum, Bang the drummer”..lol  So, about halfway thru, I balled the shirt up tight so it would fly and was going to throw it on the stage.  I decided to let Katie’s sister throw it for me because she was standing in front of me and had a better shot.  Now, this thing was balled up TIGHT. She hurls this thing toward the stage and….BAM!!! It smacks Nick right upside his head! I. Was. MORTIFIED…lol  Now, this guy never even batted an eye, never missed a dance step.  Such the professional.

It was over so fast but I walked away with some great memories of that trip.  My first, of MANY BSB adventures.  That trip is what got me hooked on traveling to see them with friends.

After the show, we had found out where they were staying and we headed towards their hotel.  We headed straight for the bar in the hotel and walked around it trying to spot any Backstreet Boy that felt the need to unwind a bit.  Howie didn’t disappoint us!  He was sitting in the back and we must have been so obvious because before we could even say anything he said “if you give me a few minutes I’ll make sure to talk to you guys before I leave”.  We said OK and then went to the bar and parked it there for a while.  Sure enough, a little while later Howie comes over to us and chats for a bit and then takes pictures with us before he headed to his room.  We were beyond excited!  After he left, we sat back down at the bar and had a few drinks.  I had happened to turn around and look at the elevator bank just as AJ steps off the elevator!  We head over towards him and he was in his bare feet..lol  He chatted with us for a good while before heading back to his room.  The night was so great!! After a few more drinks, we were feeling P.R.E.T.T.Y good and we find out which room Nick is staying in.  Somehow Katie and I stumbled up to his floor and sat outside his door for a little bit (we didn’t knock or anything..even drunk we were too scared to disturb him..lol)  Poor guy..there’s no way he didn’t hear us out there at 3am. Happy to report we left and didn’t get in trouble.

All in all, it was THE best first experience I could have asked for.  

It did kinda end on a sour note because I HAD planned on driving back but going to their hotel and getting drunk off my ass wasn’t planned.  So, Katie told me I could crash at their hotel for a few hours to sleep before I had to head back.  I had parked my car near their hotel beforehand and when I got up to leave, I went to my car..and it was gone!  I hadn’t seen the “No Parking” sign and my car had been towed.  So yeah, had to go get my poor car outta impound before I could even start my hungover trek back home.

Since then, I’ve done a few more shows with Katie and Carrie.  That’s why I love these Boys so much.  I have met so many wonderful people and traveled to so many places to see them.  The bond is REAL.

16. Angeleena 


❤ Thank you, Boys, for changing our lives. One concert, VIP, hug, hello, wink and song at a time. ❤

BSB Anniversary Project: Dear Brian… – Love, The Fans

As the Backstreet Boys are celebrating their 22nd year together in April, we came up with the idea to write each Boy a letter from the fans. We will post a letter to each Boy every week in April, going in age order, from oldest to youngest, and we’ll be asking you every week to contribute ideas so that it truly is from the fans to them. Follow us on Twitter @WHOTheBckstreet or find us on Facebook so that you can tell us your thoughts as well. 🙂

Dear Brian,

To the boy who wasn’t expected to survive to become the man, husband, father, entertainer, musician you are today, we want you to know how much you are loved and appreciated. Your kind spirit and your incredible faith have touched the hearts of so many of us that you can’t even begin to fathom how lucky we are to have you in our lives.

When we posted asking why people loved you, there were multiple tweets/comments in response and they all said “Where do I start?” and “I need more than 140 characters”. There is not a way to describe the immense love and respect that we have for you, not only as fans, but as human beings. You bring a certain light to any room and have, at times, made us realize things we didn’t know about ourselves. You bring things out of people, for the better. You’ve showed us that you can be a celebrity and still remain a good person. You’ve restored our faith in humanity on multiple occasions and for that, we thank you.

Many of us were also touched by your solo career as a Christian artist (including myself personally). There were events that we have attended for you, only to leave with a deeper spiritual hunger and an overwhelming sense of wanting a closer relationship with God. Your unshakable faith is inspiring shows in everything you do. Thank you for never compromising your beliefs for the sake of the industry. We may not be famous, but we face hardships everyday that ask us to compromise who we are and because of you, we know that it’s possible to be successful without giving in.

Thank you for never throwing in the towel. We know that the sacrifices you have made are tremendous and that you’re a small town guy who loves being home and loves being a husband and a father and you don’t know how much we appreciate you always coming back. You have a gift for entertaining and we are so blessed that you have chosen to share it with us, whether it be on a small or large scale. The Backstreet Boys wouldn’t be the Backstreet Boys without you. Whether you’re upside down, flippiing across and/or jumping off the stage, or laying down to take selfies with a few of us, we love who you are and you’ll never know how much it means to us. Your talent goes beyond your vocal ability – it takes a special person to do what you do.

Thank you, also, so sharing your struggles with us. We know that it’s not easy to open up about anything personally affecting you and that we don’t necessarily have the right to know, but you chose to share with us anyway. Thank you for having the courage to be open and honest about what you’re going through and pushing through. You are a fighter and you are unstoppable – we’ve seen it for 22 years. We will forever be in your corner rooting for you on a daily basis.

We appreciate your humor and your comedic relief as well as your kind heart and your good soul. If your goal is to make millions of people happy all across the world, you have succeeded. You are one-of-a-kind and an all-in-one package. Your heart shines through in everything you do and every interaction with fans. We couldn’t have asked for a better 5th member of the Backstreet Boys and in 22 years, you have proved to be so much more than just a member of a band that we love. Never change, Brian Littrell. We love you just the way you are.

Love, Fans All Over The World

A Few Fan Tweets:

“The man makes me downright speechless… He has one of the biggest hearts and he touched mine in a way I never imagined.” –  

“Oh man too many reasons. Where to begin? He is one of the most giving, paitent, down to earth men I have been blessed to meet.” – 

“I love how he’s not afraid to show his faith in God and how he keeps his sense of humor, even during hard times. He’s truly an angel. 140 characters weren’t enough.” – 

“Because makes an effort to make me feel like in a sea of a million faces, I’m special.” – 

“I don’t know where to start! I just can’t imagine my life without his voice, his music, his way of being, I love everything about him, he’s a blessing!” – 

“He loves God, his family, he is so humble and grounded and amazingly talented and strong.” – 

“Always makes me smile in interviews & the little waves & winks he gives to fans in concerts.” –  

“He has a huge heart and is one of the most inspiring, humble & talented men I’ve ever seen!” – 

“Where should I start? His voice is the most perfect I’ve ever heard, he’s very handsome, sexy, funny, cute, down to earth. I love how he always stays true to himself and his family & put them above everything ” – @Sasizzel

“I love how he sticks to his faith no matter what circumstance he is in. Family man.” – 

“The strongest man: the most inspirational man in my life; angelic voice; the smile that makes other happy.” – 

“Personality, voice, funny, handsome, down to earth, sweet, has faith, family man, smart.” – 

“His eyes, his voice, him as a person, so sweet, kind and caring. Can’t wait to one day meet him. Oh and one more – how he has been fighting with his voice issues and opened up about it, that was so brave of him” –  

“He’s funny, sweet, kind, amazing father & husband, has the voice of an angel, always willing to talk to fans & take pics, hasn’t had to compromise his faith for BSB. He’s just a beautiful person inside and out.” – 

“He was the first BSB I ever laid my eyes on. He always have a special place in my heart because he’s just like his cousin Kevin. He’s a humble country boy who loves to sing and bringing happiness to people with music and his song. His strong Christian faith is one of his best features ever. I mean, he was already a superstar, he was the Brian from BSB and what did he do for a solo? Not an ordinary love song pop album but a Christian one. Not many people do that even tho they claimed themselves as a Christian. His love for God is probably the one that makes me love him so much, despite of how goofy he is. And oh, his nostrils. Those are amazing.” –  

“Ηe is a really inspiring artist and an amazing human being! I adore him!<3” – 

“My second fave BSB. The funniest guy in the group. He makes me laugh.” – @sapnasajnani

“I love him because not only is he an amazing talent, he’s a great example of a man that I desire to be like.” –  

“He has a heart of gold. one if my inspiration. his faith. his family. his talent. his music.” –

“I think @brian_littrell has a really good heart and a really cool personality amazing sense of humor. My fave.” –   

“If I need evidence God is good, just looking at you is enough” In writing these lyrics, Brian may not have realized he was writing about himself. He personifies all that is good and pure. He inspires many, including myself, with just about everything he does. I will be forever grateful having been blessed with his presence on this Earth, and the world is truly a better place with him in it.” – @amanda_ea

“If you’re reading this right now, I’m already beyond thankful and shocked. I really don’t know how to start this but with a Thank You. You have no idea how many people you’ve influenced and inspired, and blessed as I am, I’ve grown so much because of you. The very first time I heard you sing, I heard an angel. Your voice is so warm and emotionally powerful I can’t even describe it, it melts my heart and penetrates straight through my heart (woah that just came!). I really really can’t show you how much you’ve changed my life, you brought me out of my downs. Whenever I fall, by just looking at everything little thing you do, I’m able to find strength through that and stand again. Thank you so so much, for your love and passion, for your faith, for your caring, and for always being there. Don’t ever, ever stop being who you are. Love you lots ❤️” – @CocoXxPuffs

UPDATE: Brian read this letter and tweeted us back! Thanks to everyone who tweeted and RT’ed to him. ❤

8 Times The Backstreet Boys Didn’t Break Up (#BSBBigScreenEvent Will Show You What They’re Made Of)

Every good Backstreet Boys fan knows that our Boys never broke up, but mere humans apparently didn’t get the memo seem to confused about the status of the group. Dear unfortunate souls unaware former fans and countrymen, allow us to inform you about the times that you may have thought the Backstreet Boys ceased to exist, but (SURPRISE!) they didn’t and you might just appreciate them more after this.

1. That Time They Sold Millions Overseas… And Couldn’t Even Get Radio Play In The U.S.

You might not even know that you had an opportunity to think the Backstreet Boys broke up while still in the 1990s! The group, formed in 1993, released “We Got It Goin’ On” in the U.S. in 1995 and it barely broke the Billboard Hot 100, but overseas was another story. The Backstreet Boys were HOT and they were selling albums like it was 1999. They had all but disappeared from the U.S. and people could have easily thought they broke up. This is the only instance when BACKSTREET’S BACK was appropriate because, eventually, they came back to the United States and took the world by storm. But they didn’t break up. 

2. That Time Kevin and Brian Got Married.

2/5 of the Backstreet Boys, Kevin and Brian, announced in 1999 that they were getting married. 1999 was a time for many things – TRL, music videos, world tours, millions of fangirls – NOT marriage. At that point, it was still taboo for anyone in a boyband to even admit that they were in a relationship (To quote Nick Carter – “All of you are my girlfriends *wink, wink*”). The fact that our Boys bravely went where no other “idol” at the time was going shot off the flare signal for an imminent breakup! Of course they would. How could two boys in a band be married and still be teen idols? Cue the beginning of the Backstreet Men references and listen to this shocker – Kevin got married in June 2000, Brian got married in September 2000, and the Backstreet Boys released an album that November. And they still didn’t break up. 

3. When Black And Blue Didn’t Reach The Massive Success of Millennium.

Following the highest-selling album Millennium, the Backstreet Boys released Black and Blue just over a year later. The album did well in it’s first week, but did not reach the peek that Millennium had created. Everyone seemed to be okay with this except for the critics that were waiting for the Boys to fail. Is this the end of the Backstreet Boys? Nope. No breakup here. Move on.

4. That Time AJ Went To Rehab.

In July 2001, the Backstreet Boys took to MTV’s TRL to announce that AJ McLean was entering rehab for alcohol abuse and depression. They could have swept it under the rug, they could have lied about AJ’s whereabouts, but instead they were open and honest, hoping that opening up about AJ’s struggle might, in turn, help someone else. Fans were crushed and again, the media went crazy with rumors that this was the beginning of the end for the Backstreet Boys. In a music industry plot twist, the Boys picked the Black and Blue tour back up when AJ felt that he could come back and again, they stayed together, as in, they didn’t break up.

5. That Time There Was A Hiatus.

After the Black and Blue tour ended, it was decided that the Backstreet Boys were going to take a much needed, well deserved break from the spotlight and this was perhaps the most notable time that everyone believed the media-induced hype that the group was indeed over. N*Sync was hitting their career high (ahem, just before their ultimate demise) and the disappearance of the Boys was more notable as there was no longer “competition” between the two boybands. Adding to the breakup rumors were the facts that Nick Carter was releasing a solo album and Brian Littrell was about to be a dad.

Maybe if other boybands had more respect for themselves and had also taken a break to breathe, they’d still be around. Maybe if other groups would have had a relationship with their fans like the Boys of BSB do, they wouldn’t have succumbed to an industry “death”. Maybe if everyone had just been patient, they would have seen that the Backstreet Boys came back in 2005 with their Never Gone album, a more grown up sound, a successful tour, and WHAT?! They were STILL together. Count them. 5. The only thing missing was Howie’s long hair, which we were okay with.

6. That Time Nick Released A Solo Album.

During the hiatus, while break up rumors were already swirling, Nick released a solo album. At the same time, Justin Timberlake was also venturing out on a solo career of his own… and we all know how that ended. What fans knew that apparently no one else in the world did was that Nick had/has/will always have a loyalty to the group. He never said he was going completely solo or that he was leaving the Backstreet Boys – in fact, quite the opposite. Since he dropped the first solo album in October 2002, he has released another, plus an album with Jordan Knight and is recording a third to be released in 2015. Nick’s solo career is not contributing to the breakup of the Backstreet Boys. 

7. That Time Kevin Left The Band.

The Backstreet Boys had a few good years without the breakup rumors (and a whole lot of “Backstreet’s Back” references) … and then Kevin left the group. He wanted to take the time to start a family, to seek other career opportunities, to grow personally and professionally. While we were a little wrecked at first, Brian, Nick, Howie, and AJ assured us that they would carry on with Kevin’s blessing, as a foursome, that the door would always be open for his return, and that they were not breaking up. For two more albums, they carried on as four members and five hearts.

8. That Time They Celebrated Their 20th Anniversary.

The Boys celebrated their 20 years TOGETHER in 2013. TOGETHER as in not broken up ever. While many asked if this was their final run, if they were finally throwing in the towel and this was their farewell, the Backstreet Boys reiterated “as long as there’ll be music, we’ll be coming back again”. They’ve repeated that as long as the fans show up, they will play. These Boys didn’t climb to the top to let anybody take them down and they’re not going out like that. For their 20th anniversary, they released their album In A World Like This in 2013 and are finally wrapping up the tour this summer.

Then Backstreet WILL be back in 2016. Don’t miss it.

If this post didn’t make you realize what a strong band (family) the Backstreet Boys are (or even if it did and you are sobbing right now, trying to turn back time and take back all those words you said about a break up), it is recommended that you catch their tell-all documentary. It’s already available on itunes, but you can also catch it in theaters for a one night only event on May 13th in select cities. Get all the details HERE.

Tell Me Why: 16 Years Of I Want It That Way (And We Still Don’t Know Why)

It’s been 16 years since “I Want It That Way” was released and things were never the same.

In 1999, the Backstreet Boys were riding high. They could have released a recording of them singing the alphabet and it would have gone straight to the top, but in true Backstreet fashion, they released the big dog AKA I Want It That Way. The song (a Max Martin creation, of course) went straight to the top as well as Millennium, arguably the greatest album of the 90s… or ever.

As time rolled on, people started to think about the song and everyone suddenly realized, that no one could tell you what the song was about. The Backstreet Boys themselves can not even tell you what this song means and trying to solve the enigma that is “I Want It That Way” will make your brain explode.

So, we started to get a little basic. People simply wanted to know:

Did Anyone Ever Tell The Backstreet Boys Why?

And the answer is… No. Because what exactly were they asking why about? We know it “ain’t nothin’ but a heartache”, “ain’t nothin’ but a mistake”, but they are literally asking US to tell THEM why they never want to hear us say I Want It That Way. And boys say girls are confusing! “I Want It That Way” is actually the 3AM call from your drunk boyfriend that you had an argument with, but you actually really love him and are with 16 years and 4 children later. The song confuses you, but you’re never going to turn it down.

So, Backstreet Boys, we have a few “Tell Me Whys” of our own:

Tell Me Why… I Want It That Way has anything to do with an airport.

Tell Me Why… We can’t fly to Backstreet Boys concerts on that plane.

Tell Me Why… Backstreet Boys no longer perform for fans on the tarmac.

Tell Me Why… Everyone but AJ looked really cold in the video.

Tell Me Why… the Backstreet Boys all look hotter now than they did in 1999 (And where is this fountain of youth?)

Tell Me Why… Brian always wants us to sing the last line of his first part when it’s live.

Tell Me Why… We might skip the song when we’re playing the CD, but we act like fools when we hear it in public.

Tell Me Why… You never want to hear us say we want it that way.

Tell Me Why… We still don’t what way the Backstreet Boys don’t want it.

Tell Me Why… The Backstreet Boys need US to figure it out. YOU tell US why, Boys. Damn.

Regardless, “I Want It That Way” has been one of the only songs performed on every Backstreet Boys tour since it was released. Brian always asks us to sing along and pretends that he sees someone waving. Nick always gets really intense about it, like it really DOES mean something. AJ will always make the song seem kinda sexy and go off to do his own little dance. Kevin will always get really into it, and Howie will always cover for Kevin when he’s not there.

And we will ALWAYS sing along.

Happy Sweet 16, I Want It That Way, you iconic song! We’ll see you next tour.

The Millennium Tour

The Black And Blue Tour

The Never Gone Tour

The Unbreakable Tour

This Is Us Tour


In A World Like This Tour