10 Questions We’re Tired Of Hearing The Backstreet Boys Be Asked (And What Should Be Asked Instead)


It started as soon as the Backstreet Boys hit the airwaves…

“Where did the name Backstreet Boys come from?”

Nothing makes a fan’s eyes roll harder than a question being asked of the Boys that we have heard the answer to 3.4 billion times. We know the answer before it even comes out of their mouths. At this point, our grandparents know the answers to some of the questions that are asked repeatedly in interviews. If we’re tired of it, we know the Backstreet Boys themselves must really bite their tongues.

Dear reporters/journalists/interviewers/Lucky Caller #7, there are a few things we never want to hear you say… and it’s not I Want It That Way.

1. “What Made You Guys Decide To Get Back Together?” or any reference to “Backstreet’s Back!”


There is no quicker way to piss off everyone in a room full of fans than to ask this question. Having a 20th anniversary means 20 CONSECUTIVE years. No one gets married, divorced, and remarried and just pretends it never happened. The Backstreet Boys have been together for 22 consecutive years in April. They never broke up, therefore they can not “reunite”. If looks could kill, half of the people working in the media now would be dead thanks to Backstreet Boys and their fans. We’re actually praying that one of them goes off about it one day. Just because other boybands can’t hold their own…

Alternate Question:

“Are you aware that your albums keep getting better?”

“Is there a period of time that you want to go back to and change to see what would change in the future?”

2. “What advice do you have for One Direction?”

Ok, there are a few things obnoxious about this besides it being so over-asked. 1.) Times have changed so much since BSB were in the same “period” that One Direction is, so any “advice” would be outdated basically. 2.) Why would they give away their secrets? WORK FOR IT, 1D! 3.) Backstreet is doing fine on their own, 1D is doing fine on their own. THEY’RE NOT THE SAME THING. And like Nick said, they wouldn’t listen anyway. Similar to way these reporters must not listen to every. other. interview.

Alternate Question:

“If this was 1993, Which member of 1D would you have recruited to be in BSB?”

3. “What is the secret ingredient to staying together so long?”

Ummm, how about songs that can live outside of the year they were made? How about these Boys care about each other? Or that they actually enjoy what they do? I don’t think any of us were aware that this was a secret.

Alternate Question:

“If you hadn’t lasted this long, would you have pursued a career in entertainment or would you have tried to go back to normal life?”

4. “Kevin was gone for 6 years…”

Yeah, we know. Everyone knows. It was brought up in every interview when he was gone. It has been brought up in every interview since he’s been back and he’s been back for a few years now. It was a dark and confusing time for some of us and we’d rather not talk about it. Some of us just want to move forward. He was gone, now he’s back, we love all five of them. End of story.

Alternate Question:

“What was something you discovered about yourselves as a group when Kevin left?”

5. “How did you get the name Backstreet Boys?”


This was by far the most over-asked question when the Boys first came out. Every interview. Every show. Everytime one of them went to McDonalds. And now the question has been creeping back in. We all know about the Backstreet market in Orlando. We all know it no longer exists. We know exactly how long it takes for them to answer this question (the long answer and the short answer, depending on who you ask).

Alternate Question:

“Were there any other names you considered?”

6. “What is the craziest thing a fan has done?”

We know the stories about the knife under Nick’s door, the girl who left rehab to come to VIP, and the girl who gave her parents wedding rings to AJ. We know that fans are crazy. Want a good story? The actual fans should be asked about crazy fans. THERE’S your dirt, media. Let us tell you…

Alternate Question:

“What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for a fan?”

7. “What would you have done if you weren’t a Backstreet Boy?”


Brian would be a teacher, Howie would be a doctor, Kevin used to say pilot and now he’s changed it, AJ and Nick would be strippers. Ok, AJ and Nick didn’t say that… but that’s what they’re thinking. The fact is.. they’re Backstreet Boys and we love them that way. DON’T PUT IDEAS OF WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN IN THEIR HEADS. Kthx.

Alternate Question:

“Do you ever wish you were a solo artist instead of in a group so you didn’t have to rely on four others?”

8. “Shouldn’t you change your name to Backstreet MEN?”

Shouldn’t you be original? This is not a clever question anymore (or ever, really). Does anyone change their name when they get older? No, they do not.

Alternate Question:

“If any of you decided you wanted to be a woman, you could consider a name change?” (HEY! It’s more interesting than the whole Men question)

9. “Nick, you’re no longer the baby…”


Umm, yes he is. Nick will always be the baby. Nick LIKES being the baby. Why would he being married or turning 35 suddenly change that fact? NICK CARTER, Are you a time traveler?!

Alternate Question:

“Howie, why do you keep getting younger? DAYUM!” (That DAYUM is probably frowned upon, but…)

10. “What song do you never want to perform again?”


This is a touchy one for the fans. Some of the songs the Boys hate are ones that we love. Some of the songs that one of them hates another one loves. This question might ruffle more feathers than any other question we don’t want to hear anymore. Just ONCE we want to hear “If You Want It To Be Good Girl” and everytime this question is asked, our fan-souls get crushed a little.

Alternate Question:

“If you could only perform one BSB song for the rest of your life, what would it be?”

“Was there any album that the Backstreet Boys released that you wish you had spent more time on to perfect?”

Do your research, people. Be the fan favorite.


4 thoughts on “10 Questions We’re Tired Of Hearing The Backstreet Boys Be Asked (And What Should Be Asked Instead)

  1. True fans will know these answers. For the new fans, they should /could b doing their research. Re: the song that they’re tired of singing, I saw in an interview that Howie said said sth to the extent of, “I think I speak for the group ____________ QPGWMH.” I heard Brian say that it was one of their first big singles (don’t quote me). Someone said in that interview (Brian or Howie?) that they sing it for the fans.


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