6 Thoughts From A Backstreet Mom: An Interview With Denise Solis

Anyone who has read Backstreet Mom knows that Denise Solis and AJ McLean have a special bond that goes beyond just mother/son. We have always admired Denise as a strong woman and role model for all moms, so when Mary, our friend at Totes & Notes, offered to let us post an interview with her, we were elated! Read on for some interesting thoughts from a Backstreet Mom.

1. When you were first meeting all of the other boys’ parents, what did you think of them? Did you think these were the right kind of parents? Especially Nick’s parents, who have been an on-going issue in Nick’s life.

At first all of the parents seemed nice and concerned about their own child. Nick’s parents were always cordial to me even to this day when I see them (rarely). Since they split up, I have only seen Jane once and she was polite.

2. If you watched BSB The Movie, we’re wondering what you thought when AJ recited an old line, from a play he had been in, so well. Did it take you back to the first time he read it?

Actually I haven’t watched it yet. I purchased it on Itunes but have not seen it. Only clips from the rough cut when we were out in California.

3. Did you ever think you would shake Marissa and Donna from AJ’s life? Have you heard from or seen Donna in the last few years?

I was never concerned about Marissa as I grew to love her a lot and really felt sorry for what her Mother put her through. Donna, on the other hand, if I ever see her again it would be too soon. She has had no contact with me or Alex in many years.

4. When AJ first started to have people hanging around him, people you had never met before, how did you manage to not pull the Big-Momma card? Did it ever help to warn AJ about them?

As soon as that started I was not shy about letting Alex know how I felt. We always told each other everything and this was no exception. A few times I even pulled in a few favors from some police friends to dissuade them, get my drift?

5. In BSB The Movie, we saw a scene where the boys were not exactly welcome at a school and their performance was booed. Were you there? If so, what were you thinking in that moment?

We actually faced that same result a few times. Once in Miami at a club and other times in some schools. But usually as soon as the boys started to sing acappella they changed their tune LOL.

6. And lastly…you’re looking at 5 men, 1 that is your son, and 4 that you have seen grow up over 20+ years. What do you see? What goes through your mind when you see a new picture of them all together?

I really appreciate how they have all grown into fine young men, husbands and fathers. Aside from the occasional hiccup, they all have great qualities that can still be seen by their fans. They truly are still Backstreet BOYS at heart.

❤ A very special thanks to Mary once again for allowing us to post this interview on What Happens On The Backstreet. Please take the time to check out her boys and beauty site, Totes & Notes, linked above and our Affiliates page. ❤


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