6 Reasons To Believe That Brian Littrell Is Probably A Superhuman


It’s a bird! It’s a Plane! Nope, Just Brian.

We’ve always known that something was different about Brian Littrell (and it wasn’t just his rainbow colored shoe collection). We couldn’t quite put our finger on it until Nick Carter penned The Backstreet Project, the Backstreet Boys themed comic book, that turned Brian into a high jumping superhero with “flaming balls” (let’s not forget that!). Soon, it was very clear that Mr. Littrell was/is, indeed, superhuman.

1. He Leaps From High Points And Lands Perfectly.


Everytime he does it, we all stop breathing. This is it, we think, this is the one time he’s actually going to break something or someone. But he never does. He lands on his feet like a stealthy ninja cat EVERYTIME. We don’t know how he does it, how he knows where he can jump off, and if he really enjoys giving fans a heart attack, but we do know that the power is not human. FYI, he apparently DOES warn people before he does it. As I was attending a concert in Vegas last year, security was overheard basically yelling, “HE WANTS TO JUMP! He’s GOING to jump.” 10 minutes later, Brian was flying through the air. Kinda like this:

2. If He’s Not Jumping OFF Of Things, He’s Still Getting A Lot of Air.


There are very few people that can jump in the air and stay there long enough to look perfect doing it, but again, Brian is the exception. We don’t know how Air Littrell gains so much air and seems to suspend in the air for a few seconds, but he does it. Because he’s superhuman.

3. He Spends A Lot Of Time Standing Around…..On His Hands.


We’re not sure if it literally PAINS him to stay on the ground with his superhuman FEET for more than a few minutes, or if this handstand phenomena is just a subtle treat for fans who get a peek at his abs everytime he does it. Or perhaps it’s a way of showing off his shoes. MAYBE his super powers lie within THOSE shoes. These are all things to ponder…

Back to the subject at hand (haha, hand..stand), regular humans do not suddenly flip upside down, and do what sometimes ends up in a backflip. Who are you REALLY, Brian Littrell?

4. He Has Some Super Strength And Stamina.

2015-03-06 B-pu4gjUIAAIQMO

First of all, those arms. Wipe the drool from your chin and pay attention. Brian was BORN with arms that could make you cry just looking at them. We are all so blessed everytime he wears a wifebeater.

Second of all, you wouldn’t think by looking at him that Brian has more strength in his pinky than most people in their whole body. He proves it to everyone everytime he picks up Kevin. That’s right, KEVIN. Like it isn’t any big deal. IT’S A HUGE DEAL.


Brian also climbs things (and people) like a beast.


He has also demonstrated his strength in the time a fan challenged him to a push up challenge at a soundcheck. Not only is Brian strong, he’s FAST. He’s the superhuman form of Speedy Gonzalez. If you have not treated your eyes to the amazement of the pushup challenge, see below.

5. He Can Make Nick Carter Cry.


While this may not SEEM like a superhuman power, it most definitely is. It is a known fact that Nick Carter does not like to cry nor does he like to see himself cry. Brian, though, delivered a speech at his wedding that brought the tears and gave us the feels. We were watching and hugging our TVs. Oh, Brian…you and your way with words!

6. His Heart Is The Biggest Superhuman Power He Possesses. 


Maybe you weren’t expect this last superhuman strength to make the list, but why would it not? In all my years as a fan, personally, I’ve always been incredibly impressed with the amount of heart and kindness Brian possesses, especially towards children (don’t lie and say you aren’t MELTING at the gif above). Normally I don’t share personal stories, but I feel that I have to to get my point across this one time. In 2007, I joined a friend at a radio station in Lexington, KY to watch the Boys do an interview. Brian’s parents were there as well as a handful of fans, but I clearly remember Brian making a beeline to a special needs fan who was sitting quietly in her wheelchair in the corner of the room with her mom. He squatted down in front of her and spoke directly to her in the kindest way for a good 5 minutes, even though the girl could not speak and her mom was telling Brian how much she responded to their music. It was the first time in a long time that I was so deeply touched by a moment that I believed good still existed in the world. Say what you will, Brian has a superhuman heart.

Stay Super, Brian Littrell. Reach for the stars and keep your feet off the ground!

**Special Thanks to Amber (@yahtzee27) and Kinzie (@kinziekayy) for helping me with the photos for this post. You girls ROK!**

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