10 Reasons Kevin Richardson and Nick Carter Have The Best Bromance


When you work with 5 guys for 20+ years, you inevitably become family and the Backstreet Boys are no exception to this rule. They laugh, they play, they fight and they…bromance? While all of the Boys have had obvious closer bonds than others at different points in history, there is one that has stood the test of time: Kevin and Nick. Appropriately named “Kevick” by the fandom, their bromance…er, friendship has long been a fan favorite. Why, you ask? Let us explain.

1. It’s A Long Lasting Bromance.

B_Jj58mVEAENuAh.jpg_largeWhile they may not have always been the best of friends given their wide age gap, Nick and Kevin have slowly grown into each other. Before our eyes, they seem to have found their niche and now they can’t seem to stay away from each other.

2. They Fight Like Normal Bros.

This “argument” during a soundcheck during the IAWLT tour… and we still thought it was pretty cute. By cute we mean terrifying. Kevin and Nick are the two Backstreet Boys that NO ONE would want to piss off, so pissing off each other was interesting to watch for everyone. And hot. It was also hot.

3. …But When They Love Each Other, They’re Hilarious.


While they generally crack each other up the most or seem to intently be listening to each other, they most recently had US cracking up during a Cosmo UK interview. While Howie, AJ, and Brian were on “Team Guapo”, Kevin and Nick were appropriately named “Sexytime”….which they repeated everytime they scored a point. If you haven’t watched it yet, do yourself a favor:

4. They Love Each Other So Much, They Married Women That Are Similar To Each Other.


Let’s think about this: Lauren, Nick’s wife, is a tall, powerful, gorgeous brunette. Kristin…well, she’s blonde. But we all know how extreme Nick is with his obsessions.

4. They Do Couple Things Together.

B_JFLq8UoAA6E27.jpg_largeLike eating fondue…


And taking baths…NO EXCUSES, BOYS. You’re the only ones doing it. Publicly. YOU’RE LITERALLY FEEDING THIS TO US, KEVICK. Is it an overseas thing?

5. Nick Missed Kevin. The. Whole. Time. He. Was. Gone.

How do we know? Because Nick mentioned it everytime an interview asked about Kevin. “The door is always open…” Then once Kevin was back, “It wasn’t the same without him…” “We weren’t complete…” How dare you leave Nick so incomplete, Kevin! He was so pained!

6. They Know How To Party Like Bros.

B_OI4l0VAAANBm6.jpg_largeIt ain’t a Backstreet party until you invite Richardson and Carter. The complement each other well. Nick plays the DJ and Kevin is his hype man. Never change, boys. We like to party with these bros!

7. They Hug It Out. 


We’ve seen Kevick hugging before, but perhaps the most moving moment in this bromance happened in the BSB movie. An extremely emotional Nick struggled to explain his feelings then made a beeline for Kevin. Who can blame him? Kevin is probably the most comforting human of all time.

8. They Like That Onstage PDA.


Again: FEEDING IT RIGHT TO THE FANS, Boys. We know you know what you’re doing.

9. They Make All The Other Boys Jealous.


Considering Nick has been in a bromance with every other Boy in the group, seeing the perfect Kevick bromance might be too much for them. In fact, they have probably written in their journals about it until they cried. Or maybe they all fought over Kevin when he came back. The world may never know.

10. They Might Actually Have A Child Together.


We’ll just leave this here.

If you still can’t get enough, enjoy this Kevick filled clips:

At 0:58

At 1:46

We love you, Kevick! Never change.

Thanks to @sasarichardson and @AdriMonterroza_ for contributing a large number of media to this post!

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