4 Things We Know About AJ McLean’s Solo Album

For the past year or so, it has been no secret that AJ McLean has wanted to work on solo projects. With things like teaming up with Anvil on phone cases and Alexander Jaymes Originals (his jewelery line), we are all waiting for big things from AJ. A few months ago, his solo music started to surface online. With the release of his last album Have It All being exclusively in Asia, we are all hoping for a bigger release with what is sure to be a great album. Here’s what we know:

UPDATE (July 2016): Uhhh, maybe forget everything we previously posted. Ok, not everything. We’re just not sure what really – just read it all. Here’s the new stuff:

  • The album is not entitled Naked.
  • The potential release date is September 9th.
  • We’re going to “see more of” AJ than ever before, if that’s possible.
  • The title track was submitted for consideration on the upcoming 50 Shades of Grey movie.
  • Below are all the photos AJ shared on 7/25 during the shoot for the album. NO FACIAL HAIR WHAT!?


1. The Album Will Be Named The Anthem Naked.

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The countdown begins now…………..are u ready?

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And AJ was nice enough to share a list of song titles with us! We can’t wait to hear them all.

2. Shawn Stockman Is Collaborating With Him!

Yes! That Shawn Stockman from BoyzIIMen fame! We have never been so excited to hear a collaboration as we are to hear this one.

3. Jordan James.

Jordan James has been a songwriter for Backstreet Boys, Leona Lewis, Brandy, Mariah, Becky G, Pussy Cat Dolls, JoJo, Ne-Yo, Lady Gaga and is apparently AJ’s new best friend. We have Mr. James to thank for most of the song clips that we’ve gotten a sneak peek of from The Anthem. We LOVE you, Jordan James.


4. His First Music Video Involved Fans.

A week before the video was shot, AJ launched his new foundation, The Live Together Foundation. Fans were encouraged to order a T-Shirt and the first few hundred fans who could make it would be allowed into the video!

For more information on The Live Together Foundation as well as what AJ’s plans are for tour, check out the EXCLUSIVE interview with AJ from our affiliate, Totes & Notes, HERE! Keep checking back right here for updates on any other updates from AJ.


6 Phrases That Make Backstreet Boys Fans Angry (And They All Have To Do With A Break Up)

It has been happening for years. We have been dealing with it for years. We have been fairly nice about it for years. But it’s been happening more lately and people don’t even know what they’re messing with.

The Backstreet Boys, as a group, formed in 1993 and HAVE NOT DISBANDED since then. 

Yes, they’ve been on a short hiatus. Yes, they sometimes take 234 years to record an album and yes, they tour it for 75 years and YES, they ARE still touring. The media, non-fans, and semi-fans don’t realize what they’re messing with everytime they utter the words “when the Backstreet Boys broke up” or “Backstreet Boys are back..”. We hear those words and real BSB fans hulk out into raging beasts. It doesn’t happen all at once though. It’s a process.

1. “Backstreet’s Back!”

This usually comes from the uninformed media who think they’re being cute. While we twitch a little, we tend to send out a small disgruntled tweet, roll our eyes at their lack of research and move on. At least when this is said, our Boys ARE getting press and they ARE back. So we cross our fingers that people get the message this time.

P.S. They never WENT anywhere to be back. We really should just get that tattooed on our foreheads. Yo, BSB, merch idea!

2. “OMG Backstreet Boys Are Touring Again! We Have To Go, Guys!”

Nostalgia fans… the headache of the fandom. These are the people that gave up on the Backstreet Boys after Millennium and decided that since they broke up with them, the band broke up too. Newsflash: THEY STAYED TOGETHER WITHOUT YOUR SUPPORT. At this point, we’re resisting the urge to tell these nostalgia addicts not to come to the show to get drunk and sing in our ear and say things like “OMG THEY HAVE A CRUISE?! Becky, we totally have to go!” We’re literally holding our hands not to punch you.

3. “Wow! The Backstreet Boys are still around? I thought they broke up a long time ago.”

Yes. But you won’t be for much longer. This is usually a question asked to our faces and something we try to explain without clenching our teeth too tight. And don’t you DARE ask this question then walk off in the middle of us telling you every accomplishment they’ve had since you apparently thought they disappeared. We will come after you.

4. “But I Thought That One Guy Left…”

He did leave. And then he came back. This is what happens when you close a book before it’s done and you just assume it’s over. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?! You don’t just end things where you assume they end.

Now our anger is getting serious. Especially when you combine this statement with the previous question. Stand back, we’re going to explode…

4. “I Wish It Was Still 1999 and Backstreet Boys and NSync Were Still Together…”

Look, we’re really sorry that you chose to like the Backstreet Shadows, er, Nsync, but DO NOT utter this statement in front of us. It’s your lucky day because the Backstreet Boys ARE still together and ARE touring. But maybe it’s not your lucky day since we might have just knocked your front tooth out. Sorry about that. Fan-Hulk.

5. “We Survived The Backstreet Boys Breaking Up.”

Oh really? So you’re a time traveler? BECAUSE THAT HASN’T HAPPENED YET. This statement is most recent because of Zayn leaving One Direction and all the “cool” former boyband aficionados coming out of the woodwork like it isn’t a big deal. First of all, NO ONE in this situation is even breaking up. Second of all, shut up. SHUT. UP. You know NOTHING about the struggle of what it is to be a fan of a band that you constantly have to defend as still being together.

Together. Not BACK together. TOGETHER FOR ALMOST 22 YEARS. Stop being so bitter that your band isn’t.

6. “…Reunion Tour…”

IF by reunion tour you mean, since their tour that they did together two years prior and they’re just reuniting to go back on the road, okay fine. But it’s usually NOT. You can’t reunite when you aren’t un-united. Let us break it down for you. After Millennium, there was Black and Blue (2000), Never Gone (2005), Unbreakable (2007), This Is Us (2009), NKOTBSB (2011), and In A World Like This (2013)…. THAT THEY ARE STILL TOURING THE WORLD TO PROMOTE. Get your heads out of the trend bubble and find your way back to the real music.

Also, do yourself a favor and see “Show Em What You’re Made Of: The Backstreet Boys Movie”… You’ve been missing out.

5 Differences Between Kevin and Zayn’s Band Departures (But The Feelings Are The Same)

PicMonkey Collage 2The world has had 24 hours to process the fact that Zayn Malik has formally left One Direction, but it took less than 24 seconds for BSB fans to dredge up their feelings from when Kevin Richardson left the Backstreet Boys in 2006. Some fans have compared the two occurrences, some fans say there is no comparison, some fans are reaching out to comfort the 1D fandom, and some fans don’t care at all – they just want more selfies from Nick Carter.

So what’s to consider before you send out that raging tweet about how Kevin was more important or how fans should calm down? We’ll tell you why you should think twice.

1. The Official Statements.

Here is Kevin’s official statement upon leaving in 2006:

“After 13 years of what can only be described as a dream come true, I have decided that it is time to leave the Backstreet Boys. It was a very tough decision for me but one that was necessary in order to move on with the next chapter of my life,” said Richardson, 34, adding that he’s leaving to pursue other interests.

“I would like to thank the Backstreet fans for all the beautiful memories we have shared together and look forward to including you in the next phase of my life. I wish my brothers continued success and look forward to their new album.”

Here is Zayn’s official statement upon leaving in 2015:

“My life with One Direction has been more than I could ever have imagined. But, after five years, I feel like it is now the right time for me to leave the band. I’d like to apologize to the fans if I’ve let anyone down, but I have to do what feels right in my heart. I am leaving because I want to be a normal 22-year-old who is able to relax and have some private time out of the spotlight,” he said.

Calling Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson his “four friends for life,” Malik added, “I know they will continue to be the best band in the world.”

Here’s the thing, friends – Kevin’s statement, while it outraged us, gave us a sense of peace. Kevin ensured us that he was pursuing other interests and that we would be included, softening the blow of his absence a little. With Zayn openly stating that he wants to move away from the spotlight, fans are obviously reacting differently. One Direction fans are not sure if/when they’ll ever see Zayn perform again and that’s tough to swallow.

2. The Age Difference.

Kevin was 34 when he made the decision to leave the group. He had been married for 6 years and had openly expressed his distaste for their record label at the time as well wanting to pursue an acting career. While his leaving was something that was tough to cope with, it was not as shocking as Zayn’s departure.

Zayn is 22 with a lot of life ahead of him and has stated that he wants time to be normal. While his normal 22-year-old self may not be able to ever be completely void of the celebrity that he has achieved, it will take a good while before he can be out of the public eye.

The age difference also refers to the fans. While a lot of BSB fans were older when Kevin left (it wasn’t 1999!), the 1D fans (for the most part) are still fanbabies. These girls are still enjoying the innocence of life and put One Direction on a pedestal that they can do no wrong. Zayn Malik leaving is literally changing their worlds and it’s a tough heartbreak.

3. The Other Boys.

Both Kevin and Zayn consented to their bands continuing as a foursome, but the response is different. While the remaining Backstreet Boys were always very adamant about leaving the door open for Kevin’s (eventual) return (“The door will always be open for him to return to the Backstreet Boys. We wish him the all the best in his future endeavors”), the remaining boys of One Direction seem a little stunned by their bandmate’s departure. While they are committed to continuing their tour and going forward with their planned projects, nothing has been stated about how the band would feel about Zayn’s return if he ever changed his mind.

While the news is still fresh and Harry, Liam, Niall, and Louis haven’t had much time to process it, we’re sure that the uncertainty of the entire situation has left the hole in the hearts of Directioners a little wider. We didn’t know if Kevin would ever return, but we were sure that the remaining Backstreet Boys were his biggest supporters.

4. The Era.

The two bands are in totally different parts of their career at this point.

In 2006, the Backstreet Boys fame had died down from the Millennium era, they had come back from a hiatus to release and tour for Never Gone, and things were generally pretty quiet when Kevin decided to leave. The media reported it, online message boards were blowing up, and girls were on their phones crying about it. The difference is, that we had time to get used to the idea of the Backstreet Boys as a foursome before we had to see/hear them in their Kevin-less state.

One Direction has only been together 5 years, has released 4 albums, been on a constant worldwide tour loop and their fame is still as big as ever. Zayn’s leaving comes mid-tour and months before a new album drops. This is the equivalent to Kevin leaving during the Millennium tour. Our hysteria would have been much more immense. There’s also the social media factor. The news is like wildfire and it’s not dying down. Consider this next time you think 1D fans are overreacting.

5. Fan Heartbreak Is The Worst And We Should All Feel For Each Other.

Backstreet Boys fans have been through it, guys. Album highs and lows, marriages, babies, rehab, arrests, accusations, Lou Pearlman, long breaks, a member leaving and returning and all of it has rocked us, shocked us, and made us lean on each other a little more. It doesn’t matter that the BSB have been around for 22 years and that 1D has been around for 5 years. It doesn’t matter that they don’t dance. It doesn’t matter that they were formed from a reality show and shot straight to the top while BSB took years to even be recognized. There’s need to shove one fandom into another fandom’s face or claim one band is better than the other. Because honestly, we sound like our parents (“Well all of their music sounds the same! Back in my day, the Beach Boys wrote their own music…”)

At the end of the day, there are millions of us that love two different sets of 5 different boys in a band (or maybe we love them all). We’ve been there and we do know how it feels, but we should also be considerate of all of the above. Don’t make promises that he’ll come back (because that SUCKS) and don’t play the “I’m not surprised” game (because that makes you rude), just be understanding. 1D fans don’t care that Kevin left once upon a time, but they might care that we survived dark times and that BSB would have gone on as a successful foursome even if Kevin didn’t come back.

Stop judging. Stop comparing. Just feel for your fellow fangirls. It’s good for the world. ❤

3 Things That Happened In Chicago With The Backstreet Boys, Beauty Products and… A New Tour?

A month ago, a peculiar thing popped up online and we were slow to believe that it was real. The Backstreet Boys? At a beauty convention? Soon enough, it was confirmed by none other than Nick Carter himself. This past weekend (March 22), Nick, Howie and AJ showed up in Chicago at a beauty convention exclusive to those in the industry and HERE is what we found out.

1. Nick and Howie are SURPRISINGLY in their element with beauty products. 


While Howie was not picture putting on anyone’s makeup, Nick was. We’re not sure if we’d risk losing an eye to test out his technique, but if you’re going to get your eye poked out, this seems like the way to go. We were so sorry to hear that AJ became sick and was unable to attend last minute. We’re sure he would have been a total makeup badass.

2. The Backstreet Boys are investors in Lash Now.

What is Lash Now? It’s a Chicago based mascara company that is currently launching their new natural lash extension product. How did the Boys become involved? Read more about that HERE. The Boys were given the product for their wives to use but who are we kidding…AJ, Nick, and Howie seem to all have particularly luscious lashes lately. They obviously showed up to swipe some more. We’re no fools!

If you are interested in trying the product out yourself, go HERE.

3. A Confirmation That There Will Be A Backstreet Tour 2016?! 

You heard us right! We know that the Backstreet Boys have been saying in numerous interviews that they will be back in the studio this year, but how often do we get confirmation this easily?! What are we talking about? Click HERE to find out! Start saving now, everyone – Backstreet is coming BACK.

For more photos from this weekend posted by LASH NOW, click HERE.

10 Questions We’re Tired Of Hearing The Backstreet Boys Be Asked (And What Should Be Asked Instead)


It started as soon as the Backstreet Boys hit the airwaves…

“Where did the name Backstreet Boys come from?”

Nothing makes a fan’s eyes roll harder than a question being asked of the Boys that we have heard the answer to 3.4 billion times. We know the answer before it even comes out of their mouths. At this point, our grandparents know the answers to some of the questions that are asked repeatedly in interviews. If we’re tired of it, we know the Backstreet Boys themselves must really bite their tongues.

Dear reporters/journalists/interviewers/Lucky Caller #7, there are a few things we never want to hear you say… and it’s not I Want It That Way.

1. “What Made You Guys Decide To Get Back Together?” or any reference to “Backstreet’s Back!”


There is no quicker way to piss off everyone in a room full of fans than to ask this question. Having a 20th anniversary means 20 CONSECUTIVE years. No one gets married, divorced, and remarried and just pretends it never happened. The Backstreet Boys have been together for 22 consecutive years in April. They never broke up, therefore they can not “reunite”. If looks could kill, half of the people working in the media now would be dead thanks to Backstreet Boys and their fans. We’re actually praying that one of them goes off about it one day. Just because other boybands can’t hold their own…

Alternate Question:

“Are you aware that your albums keep getting better?”

“Is there a period of time that you want to go back to and change to see what would change in the future?”

2. “What advice do you have for One Direction?”

Ok, there are a few things obnoxious about this besides it being so over-asked. 1.) Times have changed so much since BSB were in the same “period” that One Direction is, so any “advice” would be outdated basically. 2.) Why would they give away their secrets? WORK FOR IT, 1D! 3.) Backstreet is doing fine on their own, 1D is doing fine on their own. THEY’RE NOT THE SAME THING. And like Nick said, they wouldn’t listen anyway. Similar to way these reporters must not listen to every. other. interview.

Alternate Question:

“If this was 1993, Which member of 1D would you have recruited to be in BSB?”

3. “What is the secret ingredient to staying together so long?”

Ummm, how about songs that can live outside of the year they were made? How about these Boys care about each other? Or that they actually enjoy what they do? I don’t think any of us were aware that this was a secret.

Alternate Question:

“If you hadn’t lasted this long, would you have pursued a career in entertainment or would you have tried to go back to normal life?”

4. “Kevin was gone for 6 years…”

Yeah, we know. Everyone knows. It was brought up in every interview when he was gone. It has been brought up in every interview since he’s been back and he’s been back for a few years now. It was a dark and confusing time for some of us and we’d rather not talk about it. Some of us just want to move forward. He was gone, now he’s back, we love all five of them. End of story.

Alternate Question:

“What was something you discovered about yourselves as a group when Kevin left?”

5. “How did you get the name Backstreet Boys?”


This was by far the most over-asked question when the Boys first came out. Every interview. Every show. Everytime one of them went to McDonalds. And now the question has been creeping back in. We all know about the Backstreet market in Orlando. We all know it no longer exists. We know exactly how long it takes for them to answer this question (the long answer and the short answer, depending on who you ask).

Alternate Question:

“Were there any other names you considered?”

6. “What is the craziest thing a fan has done?”

We know the stories about the knife under Nick’s door, the girl who left rehab to come to VIP, and the girl who gave her parents wedding rings to AJ. We know that fans are crazy. Want a good story? The actual fans should be asked about crazy fans. THERE’S your dirt, media. Let us tell you…

Alternate Question:

“What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for a fan?”

7. “What would you have done if you weren’t a Backstreet Boy?”


Brian would be a teacher, Howie would be a doctor, Kevin used to say pilot and now he’s changed it, AJ and Nick would be strippers. Ok, AJ and Nick didn’t say that… but that’s what they’re thinking. The fact is.. they’re Backstreet Boys and we love them that way. DON’T PUT IDEAS OF WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN IN THEIR HEADS. Kthx.

Alternate Question:

“Do you ever wish you were a solo artist instead of in a group so you didn’t have to rely on four others?”

8. “Shouldn’t you change your name to Backstreet MEN?”

Shouldn’t you be original? This is not a clever question anymore (or ever, really). Does anyone change their name when they get older? No, they do not.

Alternate Question:

“If any of you decided you wanted to be a woman, you could consider a name change?” (HEY! It’s more interesting than the whole Men question)

9. “Nick, you’re no longer the baby…”


Umm, yes he is. Nick will always be the baby. Nick LIKES being the baby. Why would he being married or turning 35 suddenly change that fact? NICK CARTER, Are you a time traveler?!

Alternate Question:

“Howie, why do you keep getting younger? DAYUM!” (That DAYUM is probably frowned upon, but…)

10. “What song do you never want to perform again?”


This is a touchy one for the fans. Some of the songs the Boys hate are ones that we love. Some of the songs that one of them hates another one loves. This question might ruffle more feathers than any other question we don’t want to hear anymore. Just ONCE we want to hear “If You Want It To Be Good Girl” and everytime this question is asked, our fan-souls get crushed a little.

Alternate Question:

“If you could only perform one BSB song for the rest of your life, what would it be?”

“Was there any album that the Backstreet Boys released that you wish you had spent more time on to perfect?”

Do your research, people. Be the fan favorite.

6 Thoughts From A Backstreet Mom: An Interview With Denise Solis

Anyone who has read Backstreet Mom knows that Denise Solis and AJ McLean have a special bond that goes beyond just mother/son. We have always admired Denise as a strong woman and role model for all moms, so when Mary, our friend at Totes & Notes, offered to let us post an interview with her, we were elated! Read on for some interesting thoughts from a Backstreet Mom.

1. When you were first meeting all of the other boys’ parents, what did you think of them? Did you think these were the right kind of parents? Especially Nick’s parents, who have been an on-going issue in Nick’s life.

At first all of the parents seemed nice and concerned about their own child. Nick’s parents were always cordial to me even to this day when I see them (rarely). Since they split up, I have only seen Jane once and she was polite.

2. If you watched BSB The Movie, we’re wondering what you thought when AJ recited an old line, from a play he had been in, so well. Did it take you back to the first time he read it?

Actually I haven’t watched it yet. I purchased it on Itunes but have not seen it. Only clips from the rough cut when we were out in California.

3. Did you ever think you would shake Marissa and Donna from AJ’s life? Have you heard from or seen Donna in the last few years?

I was never concerned about Marissa as I grew to love her a lot and really felt sorry for what her Mother put her through. Donna, on the other hand, if I ever see her again it would be too soon. She has had no contact with me or Alex in many years.

4. When AJ first started to have people hanging around him, people you had never met before, how did you manage to not pull the Big-Momma card? Did it ever help to warn AJ about them?

As soon as that started I was not shy about letting Alex know how I felt. We always told each other everything and this was no exception. A few times I even pulled in a few favors from some police friends to dissuade them, get my drift?

5. In BSB The Movie, we saw a scene where the boys were not exactly welcome at a school and their performance was booed. Were you there? If so, what were you thinking in that moment?

We actually faced that same result a few times. Once in Miami at a club and other times in some schools. But usually as soon as the boys started to sing acappella they changed their tune LOL.

6. And lastly…you’re looking at 5 men, 1 that is your son, and 4 that you have seen grow up over 20+ years. What do you see? What goes through your mind when you see a new picture of them all together?

I really appreciate how they have all grown into fine young men, husbands and fathers. Aside from the occasional hiccup, they all have great qualities that can still be seen by their fans. They truly are still Backstreet BOYS at heart.

❤ A very special thanks to Mary once again for allowing us to post this interview on What Happens On The Backstreet. Please take the time to check out her boys and beauty site, Totes & Notes, linked above and our Affiliates page. ❤

13 (ish) Friendships Formed Because Of The Backstreet Boys

There is a lot that happens in the Backstreet Boys fandom. There’s excitement about tour announcements, disappointment about tours ended, hysteria about waiting for music, etc. – But none of these things would be as fun without the friends we make through the Backstreet Boys. There are so many fans that would have never known each other if not for the shared love of 5 guys. When I asked a few weeks ago for people to send in their fan-friend stories, I never expected to be so touched.

1. Gavin and Deena


“I’ve been a massive backstreet boys fan since I was 14. I’m 31 this coming May, so they’ve been a big part of my life for a long time now. I’m a singer, and was once in a group similar to the backstreet boys, so I get a lot of inspiration for from…. But the best part is, 8 years ago in 2008 I was on the official backstreet boys website, in the chatroom chatting to a few fans about the upcoming tour they were doing at the time. Little did I know that one of them would one day become my wife! I married Deena in 2011 in Canada (I’m originally from the UK, and she’s from Canada). We travelled back and forth to each other’s countries from 2008 to 2012 when I was accepted for a visa to work and live in Canada. We bought our first house last year, and also became the proud parents of our beautiful little girl Alice. I literally owe my life to the backstreet boys, so I will be eternally grateful for what they have given me. In 2014 they toured Canada and we got to meet them at soundcheck and tell them our story” – Gavin

2. Denise and Iris


“I met my best friend, Iris, thanks to Kevin. It all started with a picture being posted on facebook of Kevin. A lot of people were being very nasty about him and i was one of the few that stood up for that. Then I got a private message from Iris saying she found me so strong to stand up for what I believed in and for Kevin.
And we never stopped talking! There is not a day that we dont talk. From the moment we wake up till the moment we go to sleep. Because we live so far apart (holland-germany), we dont see each other often. But we can share our heart and soul with each other. What I have with her I never had with anyone before. She is the best friend I could ever ask for. She is always there for me, always there to listen or to help. We have so much fun when we are together. And we share a lot of the same passions. Although she is an AJ girl and I am a Kevin girl, we understand each other like no one can. If she is not there, I feel incomplete. She feels like she is my long lost sister. I love her with all my heart and our friendship will go on forever. And even forever doesnt seem like long enough!” – Denise
3. Nick and Kristina
Kristina Nick Friend
“In 2006, I joined the Backstreet Boys fanclub and met my best friend Kristina or as everyone else knew her K~Witt. Kristina and I had a very close bond through having the genetic terminal condition Cystic Fibrosis and BSB. She knew the guys very well. Her and her Mom had connections with Brian and his wife Leighanne. Our closeness went as far as we were dating in her eyes. She would even warn other women that if she so much as spoke to me they’d be trouble, that I was hers and hers only lol. Due to me being in New Zealand as much as I loved and wanted to be with her, I found the distance too great. We used to chat/skype each other 24/7 and she helped me meet BSB when they toured NZ for the first time in 2010.

Unfortunately, this story doesn’t have a great ending. After a flight to catch up with Brian and Leighanne in Las Vegas she got a very bad chest infection which caused her to need to be put into an induced coma before she had a stroke which killed the left side of her brain and she passed away on July 5, 2010 unexpectedly from complications of cystic fibrosis.

Because of her I’d have not got to meet BSB. I struggle daily with my condition but she’s my inspiration and know she’s pushing me on from heaven.” – Nick
4. The Pandaskunk Girls (Rose, Julie, Laureen, and Lynsey)

“So this is the way the Pandaskunk Girls first united. Honestly, it’s a strange story. If you couldn’t tell by that first sentence.

Julie (known in the fanfic world as @rokofages75) and I have known each other online for almost ten years. Which is sort of insane when I think about it. I’m pretty sure we met in 2006. The fanfiction community has become almost like a family. It’s shrunk a bit since the glory days in the 90s and early 2000s. In 2006 she asked for help writing a story called Code Blue and was calling out to any writers interested. I wasn’t exactly known in the fandom at all, or even in fanfic yet. I was pretty low-profile in this fandom once upon a time! I signed up. We wrote and talked and between that and a forum for a well known site called “Absolute Chaos” we connected. Basically Julie is the only person in this fandom who I’ve discovered is as crazy as I am. I mean that in a good way too! I could go on and on about how crazy we both are. Lets just say we have a morbid sense of humor that might rival Matt Stone and Trey Parker and leave it at that. Our friends who I will get to in a moment will fully agree with this assessment and call us insane too. But secretly they love it. That or they tolerate it LOL. But I say love cause they totally go along with us. I mean, how many people would dress up as a “Zom-BeeGee” with me for Studio 54 Night, zombie makeup, afro and all? (This was one of the ideas maybe a little “too” crazy for our two friends but that’s okay). Nick loved it! Howie didn’t seem to mind either.  If I had a bucket list I guarantee you one thing on there would be posing with BSBs dressed up as a zombie with one of my best friends.

Laureen aka @LaureenM25 was actually a friend of Julie’s longer than I was. I knew her online though Julie because she also read her stories. The two live decently close to each other. One year after Julie and I met I went to Chicago with them for Nick’s I’m Taking Off tour. Laureen is awesome. Simply put. When I met her in person for the first time the three of us hung out and there was no awkwardness. I was worried there might be cause online I didn’t know Laureen too well but nope! You don’t get that lucky with everyone. I didn’t see her again till the cruise last year but again we hung out like no time had passed.

Lynsey. Lynsey @lynsey4 I sort of knew online between twitter and the occasional fanfiction review. That was it. Julie and I were on the 2011 cruise and met her there. Her roommate was strange cause she did the match program so we immediately invited her with us. Turns out she lives not too far from Laureen and Julie! I’m the odd one out on the west coast, unfortunately for me LOL. But I knew Lynsey was epic when she had no problems creeping down a hallway on the boat with us while Julie’s shirt played “Mission Impossible” music. See this is what I mean when I say they feed the crazy! But in all seriousness the three of us simply clicked on the 2011 cruise. We’d never really known her before that but man it felt like we’d known her for years after what, three days?

Remember the “It’s Christmas Time Again” video? Do you remember that weird panda thing (Pandaskunk) that flies across the sky in it? Well Julie and I had the idea to make shirts with it. Cause why not?! Julie and Lynsey were coming to Vegas for the 2013 concert and we wanted to have shirts for VIP. Lynsey was kinda iffy on it. (The front said beneath the Pandaskunk – When the pandaskunk comes flying down, down down…  and the back says You know the Boys are back in town, town, town…That’s when it’s Backstreet Time again). Long story short the Boys LOVED it. Security tried to rush us through VIP and the Boys kept telling them they were talking LOL. Lynsey, Julie, and Laureen wore the shirts (and even dressed up as Pandaskunks) on the 2013 Cruise. I was unable to go but their door was dedicated to me in spirit. Finally, all four of us got to go on the cruise together last year. We wore the shirts on the first day. Brian freaking remembered us! LMAO it was hilarious. He was pointing at us and our shirts all excited lol. I gotta admit the red did make us stand out. You can even see where we are in this photo from the BSB website. We pretty much agreed after that we’d wear the Pandaskunk shirts to any BSB function we’re at together. Like I said, Lynsey and Laureen are pretty awesome and great friends for supporting our crazy! And believe me, I know that can be a struggle LOL.

I’m so thankful to the BSB fandom in general. I’ve made so many friends it’s too many to mention. In the fanfiction community or in the fandom outside of that. When my mom passed away in 2012 the show of love and support in this fandom blew my mind. I had countless cards sent to me. Jen @JennayHeartNick along with others sent me flowers. Julie sent me a giant stuffed Platypus. (Long story but it’s name is Platypussy Galore). Tweets and RTs asking fans for their prayers for me and my family. People I didn’t even know were tweeting me with their support. Thank you Backstreet Boys for the friends you’ve given me. We BSB fans might be a dysfunctional family, but we are a family.” – Rose ( @ForeverRebel )

5. Brandy and Kristy

unnamed (2)

“My name is Brandy and I met one of my best friends Kristy through BSB about 6 years ago at the unbreakable tour at wolf trap in Vienna, VA. Kristy and I met while we were waiting in line for vip and we started  talking and we just clicked ..we sat next to each other during soundcheck. We both told each other who our favorite was hers was Nick and mine is Brian…After we met BSB we both cried together and the concert was amazing to. We have been to several BSB events together we even went on the BSB cruise 2013 together and I went on her first plane with her and first cruise and we had a blast..We also visit each other from time to time since she lives in Va Beach and I live in Maryland..We also are alot alike we both love boy meets world and quote it all the time lol…we are always there for each other. .I feel like I owe BSB the world cause if it wasnt for them I wouldn’t have met one of my greatest friends.”

6. Amy and Sara

Afterparty (2)

“So, Sara (the site owner) is the friend that I met thanks to BSB. We originally met on the FB Event page for the Vegas IAWLT show. She wanted a non-crazy nick fan to be in her VIP Pic, lol. The fact that I was a Kevin girl sold her, I am pretty sure anyway. This was my first VIP experience, or backstreet event in at least a decade. We had quite an adventure that night. We will forever hate Chateau together.

Anyway, If it wasnt for Sara, I am 100% sure my After Party VIP experience wouldn’t be nearly as amazing as it was. I would have had 4 other random girls in my VIP pic who I knew nothing about. Instead, I know two of the girls and I am pretty sure she is obsessed with me since I am hanging up on her wall. LMAO.
Okay lets be real. I was a pathetic excuse of a fan before Sara. My Fangirling consisted of following their FB Pages (how boring right?) and maybe visiting their website once a month praying for a new update. She got me hooked in the world of twitter which has changed my fangirling for life. She listens to my crazy rants and vents, and helps me stay in the loop when my work/personal life gets way too busy to stay in the twitter daze. Thank you Backstreet Boys for introducing me to Sara! She is amazing.” – Amy
7. Melissa and Her Best Friend
“17 years ago in 1998, I was the new girl in a new high school. I was going to a new school that non of my middle school friends were going to. I was sitting at the lunch table one day by myself. Eating my lunch and listening to my personal CD player. We didn’t have ITunes or iPods back than.. Lol. Anyways I was really starting to get into bsb back then. That I even went to a store called “Media Play” and paid a ton of money for a teenage girl to get “the boys” first Album. Anyways I was listening to this one CD minding my own business when this girl called to me from the table across from me  “Hey what are you listening to there”? “You talking to me” I ask? She goes “Yes you” I tell her “Backstreet Boys”  Oh my goodness if you had seen her face just light up like no other when I said that. We started talking  from that day forward for our love of all things Backstreet. She was always an AJ girl. She liked that he was such a Rebel. I’ve always liked Brian. Anyways we went to two concerts  together. The into the millennium tour and the black & blue tour. I have such awesome memories of us and the boys. It’s to bad we don’t live closer anymore. But I still talk to her on Facebook. I’m so glad  I can still have her and her brother as my two closest friends in life. And this is how I met one of my best friends because of the Backstreet Boys!” – Melissa
8. Stefie and Manon

“Me and my best friend / roomate Manon ( @musik_freak ) met on the bsb fanclub in 2008 …. I was in school and had time to kill and I remember one girl talk to me about this thread on the forum with girls from Quebec. I start posting on this thread and one time one girl help me revise for one of my test …. Moera that what she was calling herself on the forum… It was a little bit before the Unbreakable show in Ottawa where I was going with friends . First time I met her was there she came out of the VIP and she was screaming because her friend told her to let it out ..I was like ‘’ who is this crazy one ‘’ …The next day we introduce at the Montreal show but nothing more . I remember 1 or 2 weeks later my friends want to go in Sudbury and Sault St Marie but I couldn’t go because I have school during the sault st marie day so I end up going with other friends  and since I was talking with Manon I told my friends they could invite her….Since then we were always planning tour all together and in 2009 I move out from my parents home and we move together as roomate… A lot of people call us the Double Trouble * even Nick and Mike are calling us like that lol * …She is like my older sister, she was there for me when I lost my dad in 2010 and I can truly said I don’t know where I would be right now without her. She help me go through this hard pain and support me even if I was a pain in the ass at this moment. We are doing all our roadtrip together because we understand each other because we know we can trust each other.” – Stefie (@girlygirlstefie)

9.  Jen and Cherelle 
“I started to become a DIE HARD Backstreet fan in February 2006.  I had always loved their music but in 06, something really clicked and I was completely hooked!  During this time, I was introduced to a site called LiveDaily.  I made several really good friends on that site but in 2007, when the Boys were dropping Unbreakable, a certain girl, Cherelle, I had been talking to and I (along with another girl we met on LD, Liane) made plans to go to New York for the album drop.  None of us had been to New York City before so we decided to go for four days and make a big trip out of it.  This was the first time I’d met Cherelle in person and I had NO idea what this trip would start.  Cherelle soon became my BSB buddy.  Over the years, I have lost count of the amount of shows and events we have attended together.  We live on the same coast but I live in West Virginia and she lives in Boston.  But, we never let distance stop us.  We have done trips from Minnesota  to Montreal.  But, throughout all of this, Cherelle has become my best friend.  No wait…more than a friend…I think of her as the sister I never really had…I think of her as FAMILY.  She is there for me whenever I need someone.  The times we have spent together, I will cherish for the rest of my life.  This friendship will last a lifetime and I can not thank the Boys enough for bringing us together.  It blows my mind that we are coming up, next year, on our 10th anniversary of meeting.  Here’s to another 10+ years of BSB memories and friendship.  I can’t wait to make more memories!” – Jen
10. The Noisy Girls (Jen, Diane, Victoria, Bianca, Luz, Chels, and Poppy)
“Now this group of girls are VERY special to me. Over 5 years ago, we had a comedy website called The Backstreet Noise Project…we were the Noisy Girls!  The memories attached to these special ladies are INSANE!  The group chats, Skype chats, the writing together, the friendship these girls have given me over the years have been so special to me.  These are some of the most hysterical, loving, caring group of girls you would ever meet.  Again, these girls are not my friends, they are my family.  Even tho our site has kind of faded, and life has taken over and we don’t talk as much as we used to anymore, I know, without a DOUBT, that I ever needed one or all of them, they’d be there in a heartbeat.  We have a very special bond.  They consist of Diane (DD), my twinny Victoria (LadyV), Bianca, Luz (aka sorting), Chels (aka Hat) and Poppy, and Sam.” – Jen
11. The Canadian Buddies (Jen, Cherelle, Diane, Sofia, Cinzia, and Erin) 
“Now this group of girls…if you want to have a great time, THESE are the chicks to hang out with.  I call these girls “My Canadian Buddies”.  Again, most of them I met on LD.  Cherelle and I have done quite a few events and shows with these funny, lovely ladies as well.  The one that sticks out in my mind the most tho was Nick’s ITO Canadian Tour in 2011.  We did three shows in three days, from Toronto to Montreal.  Mix together all these crazy girls and VERY little sleep and you will not believe the outcome.  Hilarity ensues!  From 3am sleepy driving ramblings to a crappy hotel, the trip still is one of my all time favorites.” – Jen
12. Jen And The Rest 🙂
“This group of ladies…we’ve done quite a few events together, including the EPIC trip to LA for the Boys 20th anniversary and the Boys NYE shows in 2012.  From doing events to CRAZY, late night phone calls, these ladies are very special to me.  We never fail to have a blast when we are all together! (Me, Kim, Rachel, Melissa, Maria and Lynsey ready to see the Boys on NYE!)”
“I also want to give a special shoutout to Emilia and Katie Paul.  I attended my very first BSB event, the Jingle Ball in Cleveland, OH with Katie, whom I also met on LD, back in 2007.  Emilia and I have also done quite a few events as well together.
I just can NOT thank the Backstreet Boys enough for bringing each and every one of these beautiful people into my life.  I truly don’t know what I’d do without them.  They are a treasure to me and I love each and every one from the bottom of my heart.
One SPECIAL shoutout I want to do is to the creator of this blog, Sara.  I met her just under a year ago on TDS and she quickly became one of my best friends.  She’s a very special person with a quick wit, and someone I can truly be myself with without fear of being judged.  The many, many, many, MANY conversations we’ve had have always left me laughing and the feeling of someone who’s there to lend me an ear and support.  Thank you Sara for all that you do for me.  Last year, I had the great pleasure of surprising Sara with this little gem. What I would have given to have seen her face when she saw it the first time.” (EDITOR’S NOTE: For the record, when Jen sent this photo to me, I was driving and had to roll down my windows so I could breathe)
13. Sara and Andrea
When I was 16, I started a job at a place for little girls birthday parties. The first night Andrea (who had just started as well) and I worked together, the electricity went out in the middle of the party. Scrambling to find something for them to sing karaoke to, Andrea suggested Backstreet Boys. The little girls, of course, had no idea who they were, but I did! I found out that she was just as big a fan as I am and soon, we were together all the time. 10 years, several Backstreet Boys events and a flight from Nashville to Vegas to see them, we’re best friends and I couldn’t imagine life without her.
To my other BSB friends, you will never know how much you mean to me. To Jen, Amy, and Emilia – I love y’all so much, thank you for always listening. Steph (Cupcake), Stefie (Tootsie Roll), Sasa, Nevena, Toni – Thank you for making laugh and putting up with me all the time. Jenn – Thank you for being around SO long and talking with me everyday. Love! Rose – Thanks for all your crafty spy work, chats, and love for the lovepurge! Gemma – Thank you for being so logical all the time. Mary (Bunny) – Thank you for being so incredibly creative and inspiring to be a go-getter everyday! To Everyone Reading This That Shares a Love For BSB – Thank YOU for being here and making this site a success. ❤
Dear Backstreet Boys,
Thank You for being together so that we could all be together. You’re the glue. ❤

CALLING ALL BSB FANS: Tell Us About Your First Time With The Backstreet Boys


We all remember our first time – especially our first time with the Backstreet Boys. As a project for their 22nd anniversary on April 20th, we want to hear about YOUR first time at a Backstreet Boys concert or a cool story from your first VIP experience! Make sure you read all the details to be included in our BSB anniversary post.

Send all stories to whothebackstreet@gmail.com and include the following:

– Your Name

– The age you were at the first concert and/or VIP and the year

– The story of your first time! (Be sure to include the things that stood out to you, even if it sounds silly)

– You may include a photo from the concert or VIP (NO MORE THAN ONE PHOTO, please)

Please submit by April 15th as we will be posting the following week.

We can’t wait to hear from everyone!

9 Reasons Everyone Wants Howie D. At Their Party


It’s well known that Backstreet Boys parties are some of the greatest parties out there. What’s perhaps not well known is that the Boys possess a secret to their party flair: Howie D. While he may seem reserved on stage, Howie is actually the one stop shop if you need a party guest! He’s got it all and if you didn’t know before, you’re about to find out.

1. He Doesn’t Care Who You Are, Where You’re From, What You Did, As Long As There’s A Party.

download images (8) images (5)

If there is a party to go to, Howie D. will be there. You can guarantee that he will show up and that he will look his best, no matter the occasion. Basically, if you’re looking for the perfect wingman, here he is!

images (9)

That’s right folks, he even parties with Vanilla Ice. He literally does not care who you are… or if you steal pool heaters for fun.

2. He Loves The Swag. 

images (2)

You never have to worry about missing out on the freebies a party has to offer ever again. Sweet D. with his unassuming, boyish charm will move in stealthily and swipe all the swag you want.

4. He’s Got Those Moves Like, Well, Ricky Martin.


We’d like to say moves like Jagger, but let’s be honest, Howie has shaking his bon-bon DOWN. We were treated to this sight quite often on the IAWLT tour and we just added it to our mental list of why we want Howie at every party we go to! Who doesn’t love a man with moves?!

4. The Party Is A Wedding Party? Have No Fear, Howie Is Here!

e70cfe01158506cd39548422f0282c77 HowieNickWedding images (1)

Whether it’s hitting the dance floor, being in your wedding party, or having a wedding of his own, a wedding might be the best environment for all of Howie’s party features. The man looks fantastic in a suit, can easily gather a few party favors, dance in the wee hours, and make sure everyone has a good time. He’ll even crash your wedding if you ask!


That’s right ladies and gentlemen! This couple asked for a Backstreet Boy at their wedding and a Backstreet Boy at their wedding they did have. Of course it was Howie! We hope they know how lucky they were. They had the ultimate party guest and now, we all want to have fake weddings so Howie will show up.

5. If You Get A Little Out Of Hand, You Won’t Even Annoy Him.


Why? Because he lives with Nick Carter and Brian Littrell 300 days out of the year. Howie has grown an alarmingly high tolerance for things like the above. And things like this…


Get as absurdly drunk as you want, Howie isn’t going to even hold it against you. He might not even notice. But being the nice guy that he is, he’ll make sure you get home safely…because he’s SWEET D.

6. That Doesn’t Mean That He Doesn’t Know How To Have Fun.

images (7)

Howie has been known to hold his own at parties. He will keep the drinks coming for you and him both and he will have fun doing it.

7. He’s Obviously Going To Be A Great Karaoke Choice.


While all your other friends at the party are belting out off-key versions of “I Got You, Babe”, you’ve got Howie. Howie, who may not remember the words to songs, but will sing the wrong words perfectly. Plus, another good reason to show off those salsa moves. Song choice #1: Livin’ La Vida Loca, please.

8. He’s Willing To Travel.

images (4)

Land or sea, call Howie D. If this whole Backstreet Boys thing goes down the drain, that should be the tagline for Howie’s professional party guest service. Right?

9. If You’re Hungover The Next Morning, No Worries. Howie Is A Pro.


Have you EVER seen Howie not look put together or look like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about? No. You haven’t. Because Howie has got that swag. While your hungover ass is struggling to put socks on, Howie will be sharply dressed, talking to people in words that you won’t even be able to comprehend. You will stand and watch in awe. You will literally want to be Howie D.

images (6)

We can’t wait to party with you again soon, Mr. Dorough!

5+ Things That We Know About Nick Carter’s New Solo Album (+ All The Updates You Might Have Missed)

Nick copyWhen Nick Carter was blasting tweets out during a tweet-fest in January, no one expected him to drop news about another solo album. Having just spent two years on tour with BSB, releasing an album and touring with Jordan Knight, starring in a reality show, and, oh yeah, GETTING MARRIED, we expected solo-Nick to pretty quiet in 2015 with the exception of his movie-making on “Dead West”. That’s what we get for thinking, folks. After he dropped the “I’m working on a solo album” bomb, the fandom erupted. We’re thirsty and we’re sucking up anything we can get about this new solo album, which is currently untitled as far as we know. Take a look at a few things that we DO know:

1. He Is Working With Some Heavy Hitters.

Dan Muckala (songwriter and producer) is no stranger to Backstreet Boys fans, as he has done work with the Boys on Never Gone, Unbreakable, and In A World Like This as well as working with Nick, AJ, and Brian on their solo albums. His credits certainly do not end there, as he has worked with Garth Brooks on his latest album as well as Amy Grant, Nick Lachey, and Leann Rimes. The man is by no means limited in the genres in which he works and we’re excited to be seeing him again.

Kipp Williams is another songwriter/producer from Nashville that Nick is currently working with. He has had great success since 2012 with several artists in cutting records and in the Sync world.

Perhaps the most well-known person of the people we know Nick is working with is Natasha Bedingfield. Since the early 2000s, Natasha has written and released hits like “Unwritten” and “Pocketful of Sunshine” as well as landed a few acting roles. Her upbeat music is undeniably catchy and we’re excited to see the British singer collaborate with Nick.

There were also a few pictures floating around earlier this year of Nick working with a few others in Nashville.

2. We Know A Few Song Titles And We’re Interested.

In addition to the grimy little tune named “Repeat”, Nick took to twitter on March 6th to drop a few more song titles on us.

“19 in 99”

“Cherry Pie”

“All American”

“That’s California”

While Nick let us know that “All American” was about that booty and not a cheeseburger special downtown, we’re thinking that all of the titles allude to an 80s type classic, Born-In-The-USA, Bruce Springsteen type vibe. We dig it. Maybe the album title should actually be Roadtrip…because it’s going to be the soundtrack to all of our roadtrips for the next year.

3. We’re In For A New Sound.

From a pop-rock Now Or Never to a cooler pop I’m Taking Off to a R&B infused Nick & Knight album, we’re excited to hear a newer sound from Nick and one that “he’s been wanting to do for years”, according to his Twitter. Judging from the past, nothing sounds better than something Nick is excited about.

4. From What We’ve Heard, It Really Is Going To Be Great.

Here’s a little ear candy for you via Nick Carter himself. We’re intrigued and dying for more.

5. It’s Hitting Japan In July.

In a followup tweet, Nick mentioned that while he already has a deal in Japan for the release, he is also looking for distributors in North America. Have no fear, Nick fans! The man’s #1 strength is giving eargasms and he’s going to make sure we all get it.

For more info on Nick’s new album, make sure you’re following him on Twitter at @nickcarter and keep an eye on this post,

UPDATE: March 11, 2015

Today, Nick did an impromptu chat for his fanclub at nickcarter.net and took us into the studio with him for a sneak peek of his song California (We’re still singing that ‘Baaa, ba, babaaa…” part) and a behind the scenes look at the recording process. Here’s a few more things we learned:

– Nick feels like this album is “home” and “Nick in a jar”, meaning that it’s everything that he’s wanted to do for a long time but hasn’t.

– The album is influenced by things he loves (Basically, the beach and ocean) and is very positive and upbeat.

– From what we heard, things are sounding very Beach Boys meets Rock-Pop vibe.

– He IS releasing first in Japan and is still shopping for a deal everywhere else to hopefully get it released later this year.

– He mentioned touring.

– There will be more to come on his website. He is going to try to do a few more chats, so if you aren’t a member already, it’s a good time to join his fanclub!

– Near the end of the video, he was being attached to a microphone. This leads us to believe that there may be bonus footage on his release? Woohoo!

Here is the bit of song “California” played during the chat (Thanks to our friend, Jen!)

And a new post from Nick himself!

as we will be updating with more info for you as soon as we get it!

UPDATE: March 12, 2015 

A new clip featuring “Cherry Pie”

UPDATE: April 10, 2015

View this post on Instagram

Last song for the solo record. It's called #swet

A post shared by Nick Carter (@nickcarter) on

UPDATE: September 5, 2015

Nick revealed today via Twitter that the new album will be title All American and will be released in Japan in NOVEMBER!! 

UPDATE: October 20, 2015

9 15

During Nick’s I Heart Radio Twitter takeover this morning, he revealed that All American will feature a collaboration with Avril Lavigne, who opened for the Backstreet Boys on the 2nd leg of their In A World Like This tour. He is also looking to tour for the album in February 2016! If you haven’t purchased his new single “I Will Wait” or watched the video, it’s important that you drop everything and do it right now.

Update: November 17, 2015


Nick’s album cover has been released, the album will be dropping November 25th, and Nick will be touring in February! Read it all HERE.