8 Ways To Survive Backstreet Boys Withdrawals

With 2014 being filled to the brim with Backstreet Boys, 2015 (for most of us) won’t be the same. Although we’ve experienced the hype of #BSBTheMovie, we know the moments are fleeting. This calls for creativity from the fandom. Backstreet Boys withdrawals are fierce, any fan can tell you that. The withdrawal symptoms include, but are not limited to:

– Excessive daydreaming about a BSB event

– Recurring nightmares about not getting Fanpit tickets

– Obnoxiously tweeting every BSB about the next time we’ll see them

– Foaming at the mouth anytime they hint at any kind of “announcement” (That usually ends up being a sale in their merch store)

If you have been suffering from the above symptoms, we’re here for you.  We feel your pain, we know what you’re going through, and we’ve come up with a (semi) effective plan to get you through to the next Backstreet Boys takeover.

1. Watch Old Interviews, Concerts, Videos, etc.

Basically, raid Youtube of anything Backstreet Boys related. This is more effective if you blew off some interviews during a specific time because it’s basically new material (probably everything you already knew, but DAMN, AJ looks hot, right?). WARNING: Watching your own videos may cause even more intense feelings of withdrawal. Make sure you are prepared to handle it.

2. Keep Up With Any Solo Projects.

AJ, Nick, Brian, and Kevin have all confirmed that they have and/or are recording for solo albums. It looks like we are closest to getting AJ’s new album, The Anthem, judging by his recent instagram posts. At the time of this post, he had announced that he was shooting his music video in the coming weeks. We’ll take it! We have also been lucky enough to hear samples of a few of the songs that have NOT been disappointing. We’re chomping at the bit to hear the whole thing. Sooner, rather than later.

There’s also Nick, who has been posting about people he’s working with on his new solo album (like Dan Muckala, YESSSS!), but we’re assuming that is still in its infant stage. More than likely, we will be seeing him working on his movie, Dead West (formerly Evil Blessings). You may remember this project coming to light during the beginning of the IAWLT tour 23340 years ago, when he posted a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund the production. Since then, he has been making good of the “rewards” purchased for funding and working through several hardships that have coming with the making of the movie. Recently, we learned that The Anthem (responsible for the cult classic Sharknado) has signed on to produce the movie (Follow them HERE).

We may not know as many details about the solo projects of the Kentucky cousins, but we do know that when we get the details, we’ll be ALL about those too.

3. Watch Your Bank Account Grow.

No tour, no cruise, more money in your bank account.

But a little sadness in your heart.

Movie merchandise and sales on tour merch! Forget this one.

4. Buy The Tour Merch You Didn’t Buy Before.

Forget what we said about your bank account growing, that BSB tote just went on sale! Plus, there’s the movie poster and shirt that you have to have or what kind of fan are you?!

In addition to the movie merch, have you bought the actual movie? On iTunes AND Google Play? You never know when there will be an opportunity to ambush your friends with a “Oh yeah, the Backstreet Boys ARE together and here’s the MOVIE” moment..

5. Follow The Overseas / South America Adventures.

Our Boys may not be doing much in the U.S. in 2015, but they ARE promoting the movie overseas and hitting some new spots on the In A World Like This tour before heading back into the studio (from what we’ve been told) for a new album. So stalk Instagram and search Twitter for a delightful look into what you’re missing, because even if you’re not there ..your brain can’t handle that much time without them.

6. Invest A Small Amount Of Time In A New / Old Boyband.

Of course they won’t be Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ, and Nick, but you may need to find 5 guys as placeholders for times when your Boys are out. It just so happens that One Direction and New Kids On The Block are smart enough to tour in the U.S. when the BSB are not. Speaking from experience, both bands put on a really great show!  Just don’t get too attached. You can check out 1D’s schedule HERE and NKOTB HERE.

7. Freak Out and Cry.

If you haven’t already, this is probably the least productive way to deal with your withdrawal symptoms, but sometimes you have to lean over your concert pictures, crying, rocking back and forth, and wanting to go back. Do it once, and move on. Also, check yourself before going onto social media. Make sure that your crazy is in check… Withdrawn fans will regret the words they tweet. If they don’t, they might be legit crazy and you need to click that unfollow button. If it’s you, deactivate yourself and GET IT TOGETHER. Nick said as long as there is music, they’ll be coming back again…TRUST NICK***.

***We don’t actually endorse trusting Nick Carter in most situations, but for your sanity, do so this time.

8. Gather Your Support Group And Plan For Next Time.

Gather your favorite fangirls and boys and hold onto each other for support. Reminisce about the good times and prepare for the next last minute event held on Backstreet time. 😉 It’s coming and you don’t want to be alone.

And as always, check back here for new posts (Or Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter). Just because the Boys aren’t in the U.S. doesn’t mean we won’t be. ❤




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