9 Reasons Why We Love Brian Littrell (And More!)


He may have been the last member to join the Backstreet Boys, but Brian Littrell has certainly proven himself to be an essential piece of the group and in the hearts of fans all over the world. As his 40th birthday (WHAT?!) draws near, let’s go over a few of MANY reasons we love this man.

When you’re done with the list, keep reading about how you can be a part of our Brian Birthday celebration on Twitter/Instagram.


1. His Talent.

We are not just talking about vocal talent here. While it’s no secret that Brian has musical talent that will make hearts fall out of your eyeballs, you may NOT know that there isn’t much he can’t do.  From jumping off high points of the stage (making us all hold our breath), to doing numerous handstands throughout a show, to modeling for his wife’s Wylee brand, to an acting cameo in Olive Juice (and that outdoor lighting commercial…), to his numerous writing credits across every Backstreet album…is there anything he CAN’T do? No. The answer is no.


2. The Way He Entertains.

This might go along with talent, but really, Brian is in a category all on his own when it comes to entertainment value. Whether he’s doing it on his own or he’s dragging a bandmate with him (usually to annoy Kevin), you can almost guarantee that keeping an eye on Brian will result in some sort of amusement. Sometimes he does backflips, sometimes he makes faces, and sometimes he shoots Nick with an invisible gun… but he makes us smile all of the time.

P.S. There was also that time he ran across a bed while being hit with a pillow


3. Those Arms.

Seriously. I could write a whole post dedicated to Brian’s arms. Have you SEEN them? Do yourself a favor…


4. His Dad Skills.

The first Backstreet Boy with a baby, being a dad only made Brian hotter. While Baylee was born before social media was huge, any glimpse we got of Brian with his small son was sure to make your heart melt. As he got older, Brian started bringing Baylee to soundchecks, letting him “announce” them before the show, and eventually perform as the BSB opening act. And believe us, nothing is sweeter than those two together. Heart. Explosion.


5. His Heart.

While he may have not been born with the best heart physically, the warmth and kindness that comes from Brian’s heart is incredible. He continually inspires others to be kinder, to count their blessings and to be grateful. It’s also the little things, like taking the time to hug every single person onstage for the Platinum VIP last tour before taking his place to sing. You get the feels just watching him.


6. The Way He Plays The Guitar.

There’s not much to explain here except that he looks/sounds damn good doing it. We’d be A-OK with him releasing a series of guitar playing insta-vids.

7. Those Eyes. 

Going along with his heart, Brian’s eyes are just as warm and expressive and an INCREDIBLE shade of blue. They actually might be the first thing you notice when you see him in person, but if you’re close enough to see them, you’re probably not thinking straight. TAKE NOTE NOW, LOOK AT HIS EYES. Holy wow.

8. Shoes.

You all know what I mean. Every appearance Brian makes, we’re all looking at his shoes. As we mentioned before, we think he needs to sign a deal with Nike and release a line of KickRoks (If that is used, you heard it here folks!). We’d be first in line to buy them.. in every color of the rainbow.

9. His Faith.

Last but certainly not least, Brian’s faith may be the most inspiring thing about him. There have been many fans personally affected by Brian simply because of his strong face and his sharing of  it with others. There is no denying that we have been blessed to have him share his life with us and, for a lot of us, change us for the better.

A few days ago, we asked our Twitter followers to send in reasons they love B-Rok and the results were overwhelming and beautiful. Here are a few:

2015-02-16 17.28.30 2015-02-16 17.29.15 2015-02-16 17.29.50 2015-02-16 17.30.32 2015-02-16 17.31.05 2015-02-16 17.31.32 2015-02-16 17.32.06 2015-02-16 17.32.36 2015-02-16 17.33.08 2015-02-16 17.33.36 2015-02-16 17.34.11 2015-02-16 17.34.54 2015-02-16 17.35.27 2015-02-16 17.35.58

2015-02-16 19.10.57

To Participate on Twitter/Instagram with us for Brian’s birthday, tweet or instagram your favorite Brian quote or lyric (that he has sung or wrote) with the hashtag #BirthdayChirps. See you there!

Happy Birthday, Brian! We think you ROK! ❤

You’re Welcome.

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