11 Husbands And Boyfriends Who Love The Backstreet Boys

As Valentine’s Day comes around, some fans find themselves having to pay attention to another man in their lives — their husbands, fiances, or boyfriends. While some men may be intimidated by the love and commitment a girl holds for her Backstreet Boys, the best of the (real) men join in the fun! For a little V-Day fun, we asked fans to dish on their significant other’s preferences — Backstreet Boys preferences, that is. Get ready for a little real love coming your way.

1. Meet Will, husband of Andrea (@AndreaScruggs) for 4.5 years. While her fangirl heart belongs to AJ, Will prefers either Kevin or AJ. When asked his favorite BSB song, he settled on “Show Me The Meaning (Of Being Lonely)” because he “loves the video”. Note: The struggle was real when he was asked to pick his favorite song. He also attends concerts, has let her record him singing along to their music, and appreciates them as a real man should. Swoon.

2. Shaun, husband to Jenn (@kbnhachicky) for almost 4 years. She may go between Kevin and Howie for favorite Boy, but he has boldly chosen to go with Brian. His favorite song? “I Promise You (With Everything I Am)” from the Black and Blue album, even though Jenn hates it (“It reminds me of an Nsync song”).

3. Moving on to Jason, husband to Amy (@evilsnugglybunns) who ventured with her to Vegas last summer so that she could see our Boys live! While in Vegas, they ran into AJ in the elevator who then turned into his favorite because “he has soft hands”. He’s changing it up a little with his favorite song though, as it only involves one Backstreet Boy — “Paper” by Nick & Knight. What a rebel.

4. Another Jason?! This one is married to Toni (@Toni4Kaos). They have been together for 12 years, but have only been married for 1.5 years, waiting until after she had met Nick Carter ;). Jason really has no choice but to have Nick as his favorite Boy and when it comes to favorite song, he chooses “Incomplete” because it will “forever remind him of Toni” (Awww!). She begs to differ and says it’s just because AJ and Nick have amazing vocals on that song.

5. Ivan and Nev (@KaosNevana) have been together 7 years and even though she loves Nick, she says to “not even talk about Nick” to her boo because he favors AJ. Which song does he choose as his jam? That would be “Larger Than Life” because “it sounds cool”. Keeping it simple, Ivan!

6. Anna (Nightflight on TDS) and her man TJ have been together a year and a half. When he was asked who his favorite BSB is, he responded with “J.C.” (WHO IS THIS GUY?!). Anna gave us the real scoop though – he likes to annoy her and pretend he doesn’t know the members of the Backstreet Boys, but “he has a soft spot for Kevin”. Don’t we all?! He does, however, know their songs and says that “It’s Gotta Be You” is his favorite.

7. Then there’s Gary, who has been with Kathy (Queen Mab on TDS) for 39 years! While he won’t admit to having a favorite Backstreet Boy (he “loves Jimmy Buffett”), she says that Nick, her favorite, is preferred by the whole family. Gary might be a little secretly hardcore though, because “Song For The Unloved”, an unreleased track, is his favorite.

8. Also going for a lesser known song as their favorite is Lukas, who has been with KMaderova (TDS) for 11 years. He’s choosing “Hot, Hot, Hot” as his favorite Backstreet tune because “it’s something totally different for them”. The Boy who makes him fanboy? AJ.

9. Jaclyn (@dubnoxious) dished on her friend’s man for 1.5 years, Ryan. He’s going with the ever-popular AJ as his preferred Boy and probably has the best reason for “The Call” being his favorite song — “Because it’s an awesome song, even though the Backstreet Boys are dirtbags in it”. There you have it, guys.

10. David has been with his girl, Lucy (TDS), for 15 years and is very clear about his favorite Backstreet Boy. “Kevin,” she says, “Or as he affectionately calls him, the finest swordsmen in all of Spain.” We so want to know the story behind that one! As far as his favorite song goes, David is choosing “Drowning” because they always play it in the gym. He also loves the line about gypsies in “Song For the Unloved”….then skips it.

11. Finally, we have Richard, who has been with Alana (Alanamony on TDS) for 6 years STILL doesn’t have a favorite Backstreet Boy (WHAT?!). That’s okay though, because he DOES have a favorite song –> “As Long As You Love Me” because they “sing it a lot at karaoke”. Too cute!!

From WHOTB to you, Happy Valentine’s Day! Show someone the shape of your heart! ❤

*TDS (The Dark Side) is a Backstreet Boys fans forum and would love for you to visit them at www.thedarksidebsb.com


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