4 Non-Tour Events Backstreet Fans Want

The In A World Like This Tour has been going on for two years and has had two successful legs in the U.S., so for the past little while, we have been getting quite a filling of Backstreet love. While we’re ready for things to move on, we’re also in need of one huge tiny event to end things the right way in 2015. Or maybe we just can’t breathe in a year where we’re not guaranteed to see our fave five, whatever. That being said, we present 4 options for non-tour events that fans can totally get behind.

1. Backstreet Boys: Shipwrecked

BSBShipOn a year without a cruise, what could be better than a cruise on land? Preferably in Las Vegas (where the party never stops), we could attend the events we want and not worry about the weather or committing to an entire weekend (but let’s be real…).There’s also the added benefit of not worrying about missing the boat, falling off the boat, or feeling sea-legged for days after. It would also serve as a damn good way to end a 2 year tour. We’re all about it!

2. BSBBQ Redeux

Let’s revisit 2012 when the Boys were at Mixtape Festival and they hosted a little event called BSBBQ. This was the first taste fans had of the Backstreet Boys in a totally new element and we LOVED it. We loved the festival feel, we loved the fun and games, we loved literally hanging out with our favorite Boys. For those of us that couldn’t make it before, this would be an awesome opportunity to experience.

3. Boychella (Or Any Other Festival)

U9VaOsoBWhat’s Boychella, you ask? It’s something that doesn’t exist…YET. The idea was born from two fans to create an entire music festival made up of boybands. What could be better? (For details and how you can support this festival, CLICK HERE.) However, we’d take the Backstreet Boys doing a set at ANY festival, even if we have take mudbaths at Bonaroo.

4. Party Crashing.

It’s all the rage in pop culture right now, from Katy Perry crashing birthdays to Maroon 5 crashing weddings. Even our own Howie D has gotten into the wedding crashing game (Read about it here). There isn’t ONE fan who would be even remotely pissed if a Backstreet Boy crashed their party. How amazing would it be to see random BSB party crashing happening on one weekend? The only downside –> Wedding crashing might lead to a runaway bride.


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