10 Reasons You Should Be Following Kevin Richardson On Twitter


When Kevin left the Backstreet Boys in 2006, social media wasn’t a big deal so when he came back in 2012, we didn’t expect him have a huge online effect.

Boy, were we wrong! Kevin has proven to be the arguably the best (at least the most entertaining) Backstreet Boy on Twitter. Here’s why:

1. His Emoji Filled Replies.


Kevin has made emoji-replying cool. There isn’t one of us who see the peace-fingers emoji without thinking of him or one of us that wouldn’t squeal with delight if we got one. Basically, if you got peace-fingers + heart + a smiley of some sort, you might die. While you may want a word-filled reply from some celebrities, Kevin has changed that for all of us.

2. Who Doesn’t LOVE the Richardson Family?

KevinTweet1 KevinTweet5KevinTweet18

Kevin and Kristin have always had a place in the hearts of Backstreet Boys fans as a couple straight out of Disney (almost literally), but when Kevin started tweeting pictures of them with their sweet boys, WE. WERE. DONE. Life goals, guys. Be the Richardsons.

4. Kevin Is Thinking What We’re Thinking.

KevinTweet6 KevinTweet12


Whether it be fashion judgey, sad because there’s no Kevin m&m, or that new Maroon 5 video, he’s right there with us.

5. He Also Has That Brian / Brain Problem.


WHY can’t we get it right?! B.R.I.A.N. Eff you, autocorrect.

6. He’s A Fan, too.

KevinTweet8 KevinTweet13

While it is mostly a consistent stream of UK fan tweeting during football season (which we find ADORABLE), he also uses his tweet power to promote other artists. Whether they are unknown or quite popular, Kevin tweeting about them adds credibility because, duh, Kevin is POWERFUL. (We suspect he’s a wizard of sorts, but that’s for another day…)

7. His Replies To Fan Photos Are The Best (Or Just Fans In General).

KevinTweet4 KevinTweet7 KevinTweet10 KevinTweet21


If you want an honest reaction from a picture, it’s going to be from Kevin. He really seems to LOOK at things sent to him and replies with an appropriate human reaction. And we love him a little more each time.

8. Sometimes He’s Feisty.


Don’t you DARE say Kevin left an afterparty early, because he WILL call you out on it. Kevin is afterparty KING. Snap, snap, hair toss and sashay out.

9. That Time He Took Nick To Comic Con.


Along with the photos of Nick and Kevin that came out of Comic Con, the tweets that happened before and during were pretty cute. We all had a vivid picture of Nick Carter pulling Kevin into the convention center like a small child because, let’s be honest, that’s probably what happened. What a good dad!

10. That Time He Kept Up With Every Tourdate, Posted Pics, And Thanked Everyone.

KevinTweet14 KevinTweet15

There wasn’t ONE fan that saw the Boys on the IAWLT that didn’t/doesn’t appreciate Kevin posting about every tour stop along the way. Whether we were there or just wanted a little communication, the time he took to do so (or apologize for falling behind) was one of the coolest things about the tour. All we want is for them to know we love them and somehow, Kevin tweeting about it, made us feel appreciated.

10. He Reads What Fans Send Him (OUR SITE!!).


Once upon a time, we saw that Kevin was tweeted a link to our site (Things That Happen When Backstreet Boys Tweet) and REPLIED…we were dead on the floor. (Thanks @nickytoronto!) The point is, he cares what fans are saying and doing, and we are forever appreciative of that.

If you are not yet, follow the EPIC Mr. Richardson HERE because you never know what he’s going to tweet next.


5 Things That Happen When Nick Carter Changes His Hair

As you may or may not have noticed, there are many things that can cause a craze to run through the Backstreet Boys fanbase. The craze can be caused by anything from tour announcements 3 days before presale to cancellations of appearances due to weather. Perhaps though, nothing causes quite a stir as…Nick Carter changing his hair. Fans literally go crazy for this Boy, his hair, and have strong opinions about it. Allow us to walk you through the journey of how Nick controls fans emotions with strands of his own DNA.

1. People Started Noticing Nick’s Hair Was Different Right Before U.S. Promotion For Backstreet Boys: Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of. During a Nick Carter tweetfest where he had shared a selfie (supposedly to show off his cat, but really about the hair), fans began to ask if he was growing out his hair for any reason. Why yes, yes he is — To play a cowboy in his new Zombie-Wild West movie, Dead West. The hair was soon forgotten as soon as people heard that Nick Carter was going to play a cowboy. Thoughts of longish hair gave way to the thoughts of cowboy hats and assless chaps. But not for long…

2. When Fans Forgot They Cared…Nick Brought It Up Again.

On the first day of U.S. promo for BSB The Movie, Nick posted a selfie while he was waiting for AJ to pick him up. Not only did he grab our attention with his perfectly moussed hair, he also revealed to a Twitter follower that he was wearing a scarf because “his nipples were poking”. Instantly, we’re back to being glued to our screens, but no one was really talking about the hair anymore… …So Nick posted an instagram of his “new hair” for his 35th birthday. And the wildfire started.

My new hair for 35.

A post shared by Nick Carter (@nickcarter) on

Fans were hesitant. Do we like it? Do we not like it? How much taller is that going to make him in VIP pics? Do we need higher heels? IS HE REALLY 35?! He’s immortal. He’s an alien. Look at his face. Again, the shift was focused from the hair to his beautiful face. Nick was not pleased with this shift, so he continued…

3. Nick Pulled Out The Big Guns.

A few weeks after his new 35-year-old hairstyle (and hiding his locks under a helmet while snowboarding), he took to Instagram and literally just posted NEW HAIRDOO.

New hairdoo

A post shared by Nick Carter (@nickcarter) on

DON’T LOOK AT MY FACE, he seemed to say. TALK ABOUT MY HAIR. And that’s all it took for the fandom to absolutely come apart. For the next few hours after the photo was posted and there was some hot debate over whether this hair was suitable for the tastes of Nick fans across the world. Some fans loved it immediately (because duh, it’s Nick and we’re going through withdrawals), some fans HATED it (but not as much as the buzzed look), and some fans were feeling like this is a time travel back to the Millennium days. We were all just generally confused by the feelings.

4. So Nick Told Us How To Feel.

I'm loving this dew.

A post shared by Nick Carter (@nickcarter) on

There it is, folks. He LOVES his new “dew” so we “dew” too (HA!). Except that some of us didn’t. (Some REALLY wanted to. “Maybe it’s just the angle…”) Some of us chose to post ignorant comments (because apparently Nick’s wife put a gun to his head and made him “ruin his hair”) and some of us just continued to tweet anyone that liked it with puking emojis. Nick Carter and his hair literally turn some of us into children.

5. Then Finally, He Let Us Draw Our Own Conclusions.

On Monday, February 23, 2015… Girls were thirsty for some Nick action and there it was. Posted all over, straight from Liverpool, Nick Carter and his hair. And the fangirls rejoiced. Literally went wild. Suddenly, this hairdo was the best idea ever. Suddenly, it actually IS 90s Nick, he DOES look 25, and we DO feel 14 (This coming from numerous tweets on every BSB fan’s timeline this morning). Suddenly, if you said anything negative about THE hair, you were taken down in one swift emoji-filled tweet. And now, the world is falling apart because he is not everywhere at once. WHY, NICK?! WHY?!

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. We may not know it, but Nick Carter and his magical hair will one day rule the universe. You heard it here first.

8 Ways To Survive Backstreet Boys Withdrawals

With 2014 being filled to the brim with Backstreet Boys, 2015 (for most of us) won’t be the same. Although we’ve experienced the hype of #BSBTheMovie, we know the moments are fleeting. This calls for creativity from the fandom. Backstreet Boys withdrawals are fierce, any fan can tell you that. The withdrawal symptoms include, but are not limited to:

– Excessive daydreaming about a BSB event

– Recurring nightmares about not getting Fanpit tickets

– Obnoxiously tweeting every BSB about the next time we’ll see them

– Foaming at the mouth anytime they hint at any kind of “announcement” (That usually ends up being a sale in their merch store)

If you have been suffering from the above symptoms, we’re here for you.  We feel your pain, we know what you’re going through, and we’ve come up with a (semi) effective plan to get you through to the next Backstreet Boys takeover.

1. Watch Old Interviews, Concerts, Videos, etc.

Basically, raid Youtube of anything Backstreet Boys related. This is more effective if you blew off some interviews during a specific time because it’s basically new material (probably everything you already knew, but DAMN, AJ looks hot, right?). WARNING: Watching your own videos may cause even more intense feelings of withdrawal. Make sure you are prepared to handle it.

2. Keep Up With Any Solo Projects.

AJ, Nick, Brian, and Kevin have all confirmed that they have and/or are recording for solo albums. It looks like we are closest to getting AJ’s new album, The Anthem, judging by his recent instagram posts. At the time of this post, he had announced that he was shooting his music video in the coming weeks. We’ll take it! We have also been lucky enough to hear samples of a few of the songs that have NOT been disappointing. We’re chomping at the bit to hear the whole thing. Sooner, rather than later.

There’s also Nick, who has been posting about people he’s working with on his new solo album (like Dan Muckala, YESSSS!), but we’re assuming that is still in its infant stage. More than likely, we will be seeing him working on his movie, Dead West (formerly Evil Blessings). You may remember this project coming to light during the beginning of the IAWLT tour 23340 years ago, when he posted a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund the production. Since then, he has been making good of the “rewards” purchased for funding and working through several hardships that have coming with the making of the movie. Recently, we learned that The Anthem (responsible for the cult classic Sharknado) has signed on to produce the movie (Follow them HERE).

We may not know as many details about the solo projects of the Kentucky cousins, but we do know that when we get the details, we’ll be ALL about those too.

3. Watch Your Bank Account Grow.

No tour, no cruise, more money in your bank account.

But a little sadness in your heart.

Movie merchandise and sales on tour merch! Forget this one.

4. Buy The Tour Merch You Didn’t Buy Before.

Forget what we said about your bank account growing, that BSB tote just went on sale! Plus, there’s the movie poster and shirt that you have to have or what kind of fan are you?!

In addition to the movie merch, have you bought the actual movie? On iTunes AND Google Play? You never know when there will be an opportunity to ambush your friends with a “Oh yeah, the Backstreet Boys ARE together and here’s the MOVIE” moment..

5. Follow The Overseas / South America Adventures.

Our Boys may not be doing much in the U.S. in 2015, but they ARE promoting the movie overseas and hitting some new spots on the In A World Like This tour before heading back into the studio (from what we’ve been told) for a new album. So stalk Instagram and search Twitter for a delightful look into what you’re missing, because even if you’re not there ..your brain can’t handle that much time without them.

6. Invest A Small Amount Of Time In A New / Old Boyband.

Of course they won’t be Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ, and Nick, but you may need to find 5 guys as placeholders for times when your Boys are out. It just so happens that One Direction and New Kids On The Block are smart enough to tour in the U.S. when the BSB are not. Speaking from experience, both bands put on a really great show!  Just don’t get too attached. You can check out 1D’s schedule HERE and NKOTB HERE.

7. Freak Out and Cry.

If you haven’t already, this is probably the least productive way to deal with your withdrawal symptoms, but sometimes you have to lean over your concert pictures, crying, rocking back and forth, and wanting to go back. Do it once, and move on. Also, check yourself before going onto social media. Make sure that your crazy is in check… Withdrawn fans will regret the words they tweet. If they don’t, they might be legit crazy and you need to click that unfollow button. If it’s you, deactivate yourself and GET IT TOGETHER. Nick said as long as there is music, they’ll be coming back again…TRUST NICK***.

***We don’t actually endorse trusting Nick Carter in most situations, but for your sanity, do so this time.

8. Gather Your Support Group And Plan For Next Time.

Gather your favorite fangirls and boys and hold onto each other for support. Reminisce about the good times and prepare for the next last minute event held on Backstreet time. 😉 It’s coming and you don’t want to be alone.

And as always, check back here for new posts (Or Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter). Just because the Boys aren’t in the U.S. doesn’t mean we won’t be. ❤



9 Reasons Why We Love Brian Littrell (And More!)


He may have been the last member to join the Backstreet Boys, but Brian Littrell has certainly proven himself to be an essential piece of the group and in the hearts of fans all over the world. As his 40th birthday (WHAT?!) draws near, let’s go over a few of MANY reasons we love this man.

When you’re done with the list, keep reading about how you can be a part of our Brian Birthday celebration on Twitter/Instagram.


1. His Talent.

We are not just talking about vocal talent here. While it’s no secret that Brian has musical talent that will make hearts fall out of your eyeballs, you may NOT know that there isn’t much he can’t do.  From jumping off high points of the stage (making us all hold our breath), to doing numerous handstands throughout a show, to modeling for his wife’s Wylee brand, to an acting cameo in Olive Juice (and that outdoor lighting commercial…), to his numerous writing credits across every Backstreet album…is there anything he CAN’T do? No. The answer is no.


2. The Way He Entertains.

This might go along with talent, but really, Brian is in a category all on his own when it comes to entertainment value. Whether he’s doing it on his own or he’s dragging a bandmate with him (usually to annoy Kevin), you can almost guarantee that keeping an eye on Brian will result in some sort of amusement. Sometimes he does backflips, sometimes he makes faces, and sometimes he shoots Nick with an invisible gun… but he makes us smile all of the time.

P.S. There was also that time he ran across a bed while being hit with a pillow


3. Those Arms.

Seriously. I could write a whole post dedicated to Brian’s arms. Have you SEEN them? Do yourself a favor…


4. His Dad Skills.

The first Backstreet Boy with a baby, being a dad only made Brian hotter. While Baylee was born before social media was huge, any glimpse we got of Brian with his small son was sure to make your heart melt. As he got older, Brian started bringing Baylee to soundchecks, letting him “announce” them before the show, and eventually perform as the BSB opening act. And believe us, nothing is sweeter than those two together. Heart. Explosion.


5. His Heart.

While he may have not been born with the best heart physically, the warmth and kindness that comes from Brian’s heart is incredible. He continually inspires others to be kinder, to count their blessings and to be grateful. It’s also the little things, like taking the time to hug every single person onstage for the Platinum VIP last tour before taking his place to sing. You get the feels just watching him.


6. The Way He Plays The Guitar.

There’s not much to explain here except that he looks/sounds damn good doing it. We’d be A-OK with him releasing a series of guitar playing insta-vids.

7. Those Eyes. 

Going along with his heart, Brian’s eyes are just as warm and expressive and an INCREDIBLE shade of blue. They actually might be the first thing you notice when you see him in person, but if you’re close enough to see them, you’re probably not thinking straight. TAKE NOTE NOW, LOOK AT HIS EYES. Holy wow.

8. Shoes.

You all know what I mean. Every appearance Brian makes, we’re all looking at his shoes. As we mentioned before, we think he needs to sign a deal with Nike and release a line of KickRoks (If that is used, you heard it here folks!). We’d be first in line to buy them.. in every color of the rainbow.

9. His Faith.

Last but certainly not least, Brian’s faith may be the most inspiring thing about him. There have been many fans personally affected by Brian simply because of his strong face and his sharing of  it with others. There is no denying that we have been blessed to have him share his life with us and, for a lot of us, change us for the better.

A few days ago, we asked our Twitter followers to send in reasons they love B-Rok and the results were overwhelming and beautiful. Here are a few:

2015-02-16 17.28.30 2015-02-16 17.29.15 2015-02-16 17.29.50 2015-02-16 17.30.32 2015-02-16 17.31.05 2015-02-16 17.31.32 2015-02-16 17.32.06 2015-02-16 17.32.36 2015-02-16 17.33.08 2015-02-16 17.33.36 2015-02-16 17.34.11 2015-02-16 17.34.54 2015-02-16 17.35.27 2015-02-16 17.35.58

2015-02-16 19.10.57

To Participate on Twitter/Instagram with us for Brian’s birthday, tweet or instagram your favorite Brian quote or lyric (that he has sung or wrote) with the hashtag #BirthdayChirps. See you there!

Happy Birthday, Brian! We think you ROK! ❤

You’re Welcome.

11 Husbands And Boyfriends Who Love The Backstreet Boys

As Valentine’s Day comes around, some fans find themselves having to pay attention to another man in their lives — their husbands, fiances, or boyfriends. While some men may be intimidated by the love and commitment a girl holds for her Backstreet Boys, the best of the (real) men join in the fun! For a little V-Day fun, we asked fans to dish on their significant other’s preferences — Backstreet Boys preferences, that is. Get ready for a little real love coming your way.

1. Meet Will, husband of Andrea (@AndreaScruggs) for 4.5 years. While her fangirl heart belongs to AJ, Will prefers either Kevin or AJ. When asked his favorite BSB song, he settled on “Show Me The Meaning (Of Being Lonely)” because he “loves the video”. Note: The struggle was real when he was asked to pick his favorite song. He also attends concerts, has let her record him singing along to their music, and appreciates them as a real man should. Swoon.

2. Shaun, husband to Jenn (@kbnhachicky) for almost 4 years. She may go between Kevin and Howie for favorite Boy, but he has boldly chosen to go with Brian. His favorite song? “I Promise You (With Everything I Am)” from the Black and Blue album, even though Jenn hates it (“It reminds me of an Nsync song”).

3. Moving on to Jason, husband to Amy (@evilsnugglybunns) who ventured with her to Vegas last summer so that she could see our Boys live! While in Vegas, they ran into AJ in the elevator who then turned into his favorite because “he has soft hands”. He’s changing it up a little with his favorite song though, as it only involves one Backstreet Boy — “Paper” by Nick & Knight. What a rebel.

4. Another Jason?! This one is married to Toni (@Toni4Kaos). They have been together for 12 years, but have only been married for 1.5 years, waiting until after she had met Nick Carter ;). Jason really has no choice but to have Nick as his favorite Boy and when it comes to favorite song, he chooses “Incomplete” because it will “forever remind him of Toni” (Awww!). She begs to differ and says it’s just because AJ and Nick have amazing vocals on that song.

5. Ivan and Nev (@KaosNevana) have been together 7 years and even though she loves Nick, she says to “not even talk about Nick” to her boo because he favors AJ. Which song does he choose as his jam? That would be “Larger Than Life” because “it sounds cool”. Keeping it simple, Ivan!

6. Anna (Nightflight on TDS) and her man TJ have been together a year and a half. When he was asked who his favorite BSB is, he responded with “J.C.” (WHO IS THIS GUY?!). Anna gave us the real scoop though – he likes to annoy her and pretend he doesn’t know the members of the Backstreet Boys, but “he has a soft spot for Kevin”. Don’t we all?! He does, however, know their songs and says that “It’s Gotta Be You” is his favorite.

7. Then there’s Gary, who has been with Kathy (Queen Mab on TDS) for 39 years! While he won’t admit to having a favorite Backstreet Boy (he “loves Jimmy Buffett”), she says that Nick, her favorite, is preferred by the whole family. Gary might be a little secretly hardcore though, because “Song For The Unloved”, an unreleased track, is his favorite.

8. Also going for a lesser known song as their favorite is Lukas, who has been with KMaderova (TDS) for 11 years. He’s choosing “Hot, Hot, Hot” as his favorite Backstreet tune because “it’s something totally different for them”. The Boy who makes him fanboy? AJ.

9. Jaclyn (@dubnoxious) dished on her friend’s man for 1.5 years, Ryan. He’s going with the ever-popular AJ as his preferred Boy and probably has the best reason for “The Call” being his favorite song — “Because it’s an awesome song, even though the Backstreet Boys are dirtbags in it”. There you have it, guys.

10. David has been with his girl, Lucy (TDS), for 15 years and is very clear about his favorite Backstreet Boy. “Kevin,” she says, “Or as he affectionately calls him, the finest swordsmen in all of Spain.” We so want to know the story behind that one! As far as his favorite song goes, David is choosing “Drowning” because they always play it in the gym. He also loves the line about gypsies in “Song For the Unloved”….then skips it.

11. Finally, we have Richard, who has been with Alana (Alanamony on TDS) for 6 years STILL doesn’t have a favorite Backstreet Boy (WHAT?!). That’s okay though, because he DOES have a favorite song –> “As Long As You Love Me” because they “sing it a lot at karaoke”. Too cute!!

From WHOTB to you, Happy Valentine’s Day! Show someone the shape of your heart! ❤

*TDS (The Dark Side) is a Backstreet Boys fans forum and would love for you to visit them at www.thedarksidebsb.com

4 Non-Tour Events Backstreet Fans Want

The In A World Like This Tour has been going on for two years and has had two successful legs in the U.S., so for the past little while, we have been getting quite a filling of Backstreet love. While we’re ready for things to move on, we’re also in need of one huge tiny event to end things the right way in 2015. Or maybe we just can’t breathe in a year where we’re not guaranteed to see our fave five, whatever. That being said, we present 4 options for non-tour events that fans can totally get behind.

1. Backstreet Boys: Shipwrecked

BSBShipOn a year without a cruise, what could be better than a cruise on land? Preferably in Las Vegas (where the party never stops), we could attend the events we want and not worry about the weather or committing to an entire weekend (but let’s be real…).There’s also the added benefit of not worrying about missing the boat, falling off the boat, or feeling sea-legged for days after. It would also serve as a damn good way to end a 2 year tour. We’re all about it!

2. BSBBQ Redeux

Let’s revisit 2012 when the Boys were at Mixtape Festival and they hosted a little event called BSBBQ. This was the first taste fans had of the Backstreet Boys in a totally new element and we LOVED it. We loved the festival feel, we loved the fun and games, we loved literally hanging out with our favorite Boys. For those of us that couldn’t make it before, this would be an awesome opportunity to experience.

3. Boychella (Or Any Other Festival)

U9VaOsoBWhat’s Boychella, you ask? It’s something that doesn’t exist…YET. The idea was born from two fans to create an entire music festival made up of boybands. What could be better? (For details and how you can support this festival, CLICK HERE.) However, we’d take the Backstreet Boys doing a set at ANY festival, even if we have take mudbaths at Bonaroo.

4. Party Crashing.

It’s all the rage in pop culture right now, from Katy Perry crashing birthdays to Maroon 5 crashing weddings. Even our own Howie D has gotten into the wedding crashing game (Read about it here). There isn’t ONE fan who would be even remotely pissed if a Backstreet Boy crashed their party. How amazing would it be to see random BSB party crashing happening on one weekend? The only downside –> Wedding crashing might lead to a runaway bride.

Love Boybands? Help Us With #Boychella – The First All-Boyband Music Festival


Do these photos evoke some emotion from you?

If you made a fangirl noise at least once while viewing these photos, you need #BOYCHELLA in your life.


Tentatively named, Boychella is the brainchild of two fans. I (Sara), living in Nashville where music festivals are numerous, have always wanted a music fest that catered to boybands. Mary, a boyband force to be reckoned with, felt the same way. Together, we are working to push this festival into fruition and need your help!


We’re so glad you asked. Click HERE to support our festival idea then share it with all of your boyband-loving friends!

If you have any questions, contact us via Twitter (@TNCovergirl or @Maryerestifo)



7 Reasons The Backstreet Boys Deserve A Grammy

They’ve sold millions of albums worldwide. They’ve sold out tours in almost every country. After nearly 22 years together, the Backstreet Boys are still making music, touring, cruising and leaving other bands of their kind in the dust. There’s many things they have yet to do, but the biggest thing? Win a damn Grammy.

If you have wandered onto this page and thought “Uh, why do the Backstreet Boys deserve a Grammy?” – A.) What are you doing here?!, B.) Keep reading.

1. The Millenium Era

During the Millenium Era (1999), the Backstreet Boys were UNSTOPPABLE. They were winning everything – AMAs, Billboard Music Awards, MTV VMAS, Teen Choice, Kids Choice, EVERYONE’S CHOICE…. But the Grammys. While the Boys were nominated SEVEN times from 1999 – 2002, they have yet to win. TELL. ME. WHY.

Ain’t nothin’ but a mistake.

2. 22 Years.

They may not have always been popular in the U.S., but they made it eventually, and they made it in a way that blew everyone’s minds. When these Boys finally made it, they didn’t stop. 22 years later, they’re still making music that is worthy of any stage and any audience. Tell me again, where is NSYNC?

Why does 22 years together not warrant some kind of Achievement Grammy?!

3. Their Music Is Not/Has Never Been Junk.

These Boys can SING. Any group that can sing acapella at the drop of a hat, that doesn’t require autotune, writes a lot of their own music, has the ability to play instruments, and doesn’t have every other word bleeped out because the FCC approves their lyrics, DESERVES TO BE REWARDED.

4. They’re Doing It On Their Own.

No longer belonging to a record label gives more credit to the Backstreet Boys name. They’re controlling themselves and putting out the music they feel best reflects who they are. However, there was huge controversy last year when Macklemore won a Grammy without being on a record label, simply because a few years ago, this was unheard of.  By not being signed to a record label, the Backstreet Boys are not only more in control of their music, but their connections to fans. By pushing their online presence and growing their fanbase, they may just be able to push a little closer to that Grammy!  (To read more about the music industry and record label changes -> Click Here)

5. Everyone Loves A Surprise Win.

While we obviously don’t think the Backstreet Boys are an “underdog” by any means, the Recording Academy loves a good surprise win. Everyone also loves a good crying winner, and we can guarantee a 5-Man-Two-Eyed-Cry from these Boys (plus 232433 crying fans).  Plus, everyone watching would be like, “BACKSTREET BOYS?! I LOVED THOSE GUYS!” Then they’ll run to their computers/phones and download everything. It’s a win-win for everyone.

6. These Artists HAVE Won Grammys.

 Baha Men, Milli Vanilli (Before it was returned), Weird Al, Creed, MC Hammer, and Chamillionaire have all won Grammys. Dear 12,000 voting members of the Recording Academy, REDEEM YOURSELVES.

7. At This Point, They Deserve A Lifetime Achievement.

Does this really need an explanation? REALLY?!  Not only have they been nominated 7 times, they’ve performed by themselves and with Sir Elton John on The Grammys IN THE SAME YEAR.

Bonus points if Carlos Santana gives them the award. Does anyone need a reminder of the 2000 Grammy Awards when “Smooth” (featuring Santana, the only reason it won) walked away with almost every award the Backstreet Boys were nominated for?  We’re still bitter.

To read more about how Grammy nominations are decided on – CLICK HERE.

And for those of us that feel the need to REWATCH their Grammy performances this time of year:

And for those of us that feel the need to REWATCH their Grammy performances this time of year: