10 Things Fans Want The Backstreet Boys To Know

To The Backstreet Boys,

After watching “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of: The Backstreet Boys Movie”, I don’t think there were many of us that were left unaffected. After three years of waiting for this documentary to hit the big screen, we were not disappointed with the outcome…again. Over the past 21 (nearly 22) years, we are perpetually thankful to be fans of a group that never disappoints us, that takes the time to perfect things for us, and that puts in hard work to keep the group alive. We, as fans, want you to know a few things as well.

  1. We respect and love that you have shared your journey with us.

While the five of you have been on your own journey, starting from the bottom, growing up, forming bonds and shooting for the stars, so have we. Because of you five, we have been brought together with some of our best friends, traveled to places we would have otherwise not traveled, and have made a ridiculous amount of memories. Because of you five, we have also been able to find a peace on our personal journeys, through your music, through your events, and through the people that you are.

  1. We’re glad Kevin came back too.

We loved Unbreakable and This Is Us, but something about the five of you together is magical. We’re also thankful that he took time for himself when he felt like he needed it.

  1. We love that we now have proof that we can show our non-fan friends that you guys are, indeed, the best boyband of all time.

Backstreet fans stay on the defense. “Ugh, don’t say Backstreet’s Back, media! They were never gone!” As you all push for media to pay attention to you, we push on the fan side. We buy 10 copies of CDS and pass them out for Christmas. We blast your new music with our windows down in hopes that it will catch on. We bug radio stations to play your music. We have said over and over that the Backstreet Boys are more than just a boyband, and now we have solid proof.

  1. We love and appreciate each of you even more every year.

Seeing where each of you came from and the struggles you went through and are currently going through were not only cathartic for you all, but for us as well. Seeing what the five of you go through to make a record, to put together a tour, ultimately for us to enjoy as well as yourselves, is incredible. It gives us all a newfound appreciation for everything you do and have done in the past.

  1. Dear Brian, thank you for sharing your struggle, strength, and ongoing healing with us.

We know it wasn’t easy for you, but we do appreciate you sharing your vocal struggle with us and sticking with us throughout it. The world and the fandom is so lucky to have been blessed by your talent for so many years and we are absolutely going to stick by you throughout the rough times too. Thank you and we will continue to support you with all the love we can give.

  1. We continue to be so proud of AJ and Nick and their recovery.

We could not be happier to see you both so happy, healthy and making incredible music. Both of your recoveries have contributed to the longevity of the group and that is not lost on us. Thank you for inspiring others to get help themselves.

  1. We are forever grateful for the sacrifices you have made for us.

We know that you all spend 300+ days away from home, we know that you miss your loved ones when you’re not on tour, and we are so beyond thankful that you still choose to make music and tour. We may not always be the easiest fanbase to deal with, but we will always be the most dedicated and adoring.

  1. We love Howie singing leads!

Howie, we love hearing you on leads and we do agree that “In A World Like This” is one of the BEST Backstreet Boys albums.

  1. You get better with age.

Seriously, it just keeps getting better and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

  1. We’ll be here as long as you guys are.

Any Backstreet Boys fan will always make time for the Backstreet Boys. If we have to fly across country, we will. If we have to take out a loan, we will. If we have to fold up our wheelchairs on a plane when we’re 75 because the Backstreet Boys are performing, we’ll be there. You’ve been there for us, we’ll be there for you.

Here’s to another 22 years, Boys. To happiness, health, success, fun, and many more years of fandom family… We thank you.


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