10 Reasons Why We Love Nick Carter

On this day 35 years ago, Nick Carter was born. 22 years ago this year, fans were blessed that he shared his talent with the world. Let’s take a minute to name just a few (of many) reasons that we love Nick to pieces!


1. His Talent.

Nick’s voice hasn’t gotten ANYTHING but better over the course of 20+ years. From the lovable whine of “If You Want It To Be Good Girl” to the intoxicating powerhouse vocals in, well, everything since 2003… his vocals have been inspiring girls to lose their minds for a while. His talents don’t stop there! We’re obsessed with hearing about his new projects which now includes Dead West, a horror film that he is creating and acting in and apparently…is a cowboy? COUNT US IN. Not to mention small bits of things that were born of his imagination that were exciting for fans, i.e. The BSB Harlem Shake video and Nick’s Corner.

2. His Charm.

Try and resist him ladies. It’s a well known fact in the fandom that if you ignore Nick Carter, Nick Carter will NOT be ignored. He is so charming that if you’re lucky enough to meet him, your legs may go a little weak. This is no fake charm either – the man is a SWEETHEART.


3. His Ability To Play Well With Others.

Touring with others seems to only pack more energy into Nick. NKOTBSB tour? Check. Jordan Knight? Check. He has never been a disappointment. And the albums produced from these endeavors? GOLD. We have them on repeat.

4. He Loves The Backstreet Boys.

This is something we have in common. He really doesn’t have to love them. It could just be a job. But no, these guys are his family and he makes it known. He is all about the music for the fans and being successful with the group and we appreciate that.

5. He Loves The Fans.

Anyone that takes 3 hours out of his busy schedule to reply to tweets we send is A-OK in our book. If you ever get the chance to do VIP with Nick, TAKE IT. You will never feel more cared about as a fan.

6, 7, 8. His Smile, His Heart, and Those Eyes.

These things need no further explanation, unless you are blind.

9. His Ambition.

The man does NOT take a break. 2013 was spent promoting the Boys 20th anniversary, planning a wedding and releasing/promoting his book. In 2014, Nick toured with BSB, got married, had a small honeymoon, made several trips to the hospital because he has no immune system, secretly recorded/released an album with Jordan Knight, then toured as Nick & Knight, as well as filmed his TV show with his wife, I Heart Nick Carter. In the midst of this, he also spent the year making good on Skype calls that 100+ fans purchased from his crowdfunded film. We’re tired just thinking about it.

10. His FanBoying.

Rock on! @amcthewalkingdead

A post shared by Nick Carter (@nickcarter) on

There’s not much better than a celebrity you fangirl over, being a huge fan of things himself. From freaking out over The Walking Dead cast at ComicCon to promoting new music on his Twitter on the regular, we love that he can appreciate where we’re coming from.

Happy Birthday, Nick! Thank you for everything. ❤


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