The Ultimate BSB Movie Post: What You Need To Know, What You Need To Bring, and Why We’re Excited

January 30, 2015, Your world will be rocked. “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of: The Backstreet Boys Movie” will be released and your life will change because this “boyband” is far from just a boyband. Let’s start from the beginning.

image-7That’s right — 1993! 22 years later, This is happening…

Backstreet_Boys_Doc_Movie_Poster.jpegWhen word got out that the Backstreet Boys were filming a documentary in London in 2012 for the making of their album “In A World Like This”. fans weren’t quite sure what to expect. It was at the group’s 20th anniversary fan event that part of the final project was finally unveiled and we were certainly in for a wild ride from there. Read more about that HERE.

2015-01-27If Backstreet fans seem a LITTLE excited about this documentary being release, it’s because we have been waiting for 2 years. Some of us were treated to a special pre-screening of the movie in late 2014, and some of us got a sneak peek on the 2014 BSB Cruise, but for most fans, this is a brand new piece of work from our favorite five guys. More than just a band, these Boys have been in our lives for 22 years and have moved into a special kind of ranking with us. We’re a privileged fandom and when you see the documentary, you’ll see why.

Here are THE BASICS:


Meet Stephen Kijak. He is an American filmmaker who has produced and directed several feature films and award winning documentaries, including Stones In Exile, a documentary telling the story of the the making of the 1972 Rolling Stones album, Exile On Main St. 

In 2013, Stephen Kijak also added another title to his name: God’s gift to Backstreet Boys fans around the world. When it was announced that Stephen would be directing the Backstreet Boys documentary, Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of, fans had no idea how lucky we were. A director with so many credits to his name and talent beyond measure surely had no time for fans of the highest selling boyband of all time, right? WRONG.

In the last few months, Stephen Kijak has been the #1 source of information regarding the Backstreet documentary and we could not be more grateful! He has been so very patient with us and has even been fantastic in promoting the hype that we all want for this film.

Meet Mia Bays, producer of both Oscar winning and multiple BAFTA and BIFA nominations for her work and in the film industry for 21 years. She is the producer of the Backstreet Boys Doc and founder of Missing In Action films. Incredibly talented in her field, she too has been incredibly informative and fantastic about rallying for this movie with us!

Neither of Kijak nor Bays were Backstreet fans.

It is fair to say director Stephen Kijak and producer Mia Bays were not the biggest fans of US boy band Backstreet Boys before making the documentary Backstreet Boys: Show ’Em What You’re Made Of. “I hated them,” says Bays cheerfully.

“I thought I was too cool for the Backstreet Boys,” agrees Kijak. “Boy, was I wrong.”

Filming took two years, with Kijak and Bays dipping in and out of the band members’ lives as they prepared for their 20th-anniversary global tour. Los Angeles-based Kijak then relocated to London to cut the film with hisStones In Exile editor Ben Stark for eight months in 2013.

“The shoot was so rewarding. It was about just filming stuff happening,” Kijak says. “It felt more alive than some of my other docs. It was nice to just be in the moment and shoot stuff as it happened.

“I enjoy it more when I’m collaborating with the artist. You want them to have as much of a voice as you do. This one settled in a real special groove. It was one of the most agreeable editorial processes I have been through with a band.”


– Credit: ScreenDaily (Read the rest HERE)

WHAT AM I WATCHING?? Is this like Pop-Up Video?

“What do you do when you’re a full grown man in a boy band?” This film is about a band, of course, but it’s more universal a story than that – it is about five friends, it is about sacrifice and redemption, it is about a reckoning with a past and a path forward into a new kind of freedom. It is about home and family, and how many different ways we define those things. Having lived exceptional lives in a glaring spotlight, having lost a youth to the demands of fame, home and family can be many things. We see that boys still struggle to become men, forging their paths both in private, in the public eye, and together, through their music. (Credit:


While the film will not be shown in theaters everywhere, it is hitting some major cities. Check HERE to see if it’s showing in a theater near you.

U.S Premiere : January 30, 2015

International Premiere: February 26, 2015 or March 28, 2015 (Based on location –> Check HERE)

Not showing in a theater near you? Don’t be sad! You can still watch in many formats. Here are a few:

Preorder iTunes

Video-On-Demand (Providers Listed HERE)

Available on Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Xbox Live, and Playstation (1/30/15)


If you’re headed to a theater, here’s what you need:

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Staying in? You might need to be prepared too!

Add a little bit of body text (1)

Still need convincing? Take a look at these photos from the movie itself. (See more at

Gather your friends, your fangirls, your boys, your family, your pets…

And watch these Boys show YOU what they’re made of.


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