You Might Be A Backstreets Boys Fan If….


If you’ve been in the Backstreet fandom long enough, you know a thing or two about spotting another fan. You also understand things that none of the “outsiders” will understand and these are the things that bond us as a fandom unit. This list serves as the first edition in some of the markers of a true Backstreet Boys fan. Here we go….

You Might Be A Backstreet Boys Fan If…

– You run late for everything because you’re used to Backstreet Time. Nothing will ever be on time when it comes to the Backstreet Boys and as a side effect, fans now run late as well. “This [Non-BSB] concert ticket says it starts at 7 – Clearly we shouldn’t even be there until 7:30.”

– You are fully aware of Backstreet Time and still get mad that you have to wait for all things Backstreet. It’s been 22 years, guys. Let’s all just be okay with soon meaning 2 years later.

– You own 2+ copies of every album. You know, just in case.

– You own copies of the early albums on cassette and CD. Cross generational, guys.

– If you’re listening to NSync, you do it in secret. This is a repercussion of being a 90s fangirl. However okay you are with listening to Justin Timberlake and NSync songs now, you are not completely comfortable with admitting it. If you are caught, you blame it on being drunk.

– You don’t date guys named Nick, Brian, Howie, Kevin or AJ. Other than the fact that it’s a little blasphemous, it can get confusing. You will also more than likely hold them to a completely unacceptable high standard. “What do you mean you don’t play guitar, Brian? What are you DOING with your life?!”

– Your name is Stephanie, Jennifer, or Kim. If you’re in the Backstreet fandom, you know at least two people by each name. Weird, but true.

– You have a second job just to pay for your fan luxuries. “Why yes, I do HAVE to be on this cruise, that VIP and fly to London to see their last show of this tour that I’ve already seen twice.”

– You sneakily name your children and/or pets after one of the Boys. Everyone thinks your puppy’s name is Chaos, but it’s really Kaos and of course your child’s middle name is Carter because of a dead family member…….from the 1700s.

– On the no-tour, no-album years, you are constantly making something out of ANYTHING one of the Boys posts on social media. “Oh, Nick is eating a donut. There’s a donut place beside that studio in Nashville. BRIAN WAS EATING A CROISSANT TODAY! GUYS! They were together and they’re recording and it’ll probably be released in like 4 months and tour dates, OMG!”

– Complain about every bad decision you think the group has made… but find a way to attend the complained-about event anyway.

– You want things to be instant. Despite knowing things take time, despite knowing things take Backstreet Time, despite any common sense and reason, it all goes out the window the minute BSB posts about/hints at anything new. They post about a new song, we need it within 24 hours or we hate it without even hearing it. Basically, we’re zombies and they’re brains…NEED. IT. NOWWWW.

– You’ve traveled 4+ hours just for a concert. We don’t play. We are NOT missing a tour.

– You know where they are at all times. And if you’re in the same place, you have a silent debate about being “accidentally” in the same place at the same time.

– You think the strangest things are cute about each Boy. I mean, Kevin and that pinky ring…or Nick and his eyebrows…

– You’ve met your best friends through the fandom. Whether it was on purpose or not, that bond is Unbreakable. (See what I did there?)

– Despite everything, you don’t let ANYONE talk about your Boys. Not that girl beside you at the NKOTBSB concert, not Joey Fatone. NO ONE talks about our Boys and gets away with it.

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6 thoughts on “You Might Be A Backstreets Boys Fan If….

  1. I am flying all the way across country from North Carolina to Washington state to see the world premiere of the bsb documentary with my best friend! ! (A day before it’s released) I might be a BSB fan… 😉


  2. You might be a BSB when you first heard of them when the boys toured High Schools. You might be a BSB fan if you remembered all their birthdays and making a cake in those days. You might be a BSB fan if you were apart of MBSBFC yahoo group who hosted 2 separate events to raise money for Brian and AJs charity. You might be a BSB if you chatted in their forum and was a part time moderator. You might be a BSB fan that when a song of theirs comes on the radio and you just changed the station; you instantly recognize the song and go back to the station to listen and jam out to it. You might be a BSB fan if you remember every word to “Let The Music Heal Your Soul.” You Are A BSB Fan! 🙂


  3. when it’s backstreet day you day they became the best boy band in the world You call in sick or school to stay home to celebrate Should be an hoilday by the way Or when Tickets go on sale, Cd comes out. An tv appearance , concerts day befor and day after Bake birthday cakes And have a birthday party for them with your BSB fans


  4. you might be a backstreet boys fan if you know the full dance moves to backstreets back even when your drunk and are the only one on the dance floor bustin them moves!


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