8 Reasons Why We Love AJ McLean

1. Want The Truth? Ask AJ.

AJ has never been one to sugarcoat things or keep any secrets and fans know it. Fans LOVE it. You want to know dirt? Ask AJ.

2. He’s A Fantastic Father.

Show me ONE photo posted of/with Ava that hasn’t automatically elicited a loud AWWWW and an immediate urge to have kids. Men and babies are cute anyway, but AJ takes it to a WHOLE other level.

3. He’s Just As Great In Person As You Imagine.

Finding a bad meet and greet experience story with AJ will be hard to find…because there ARE NONE. The man will talk to you like you’re best friends and hug you like he means it! He loves fans. He loves people. And he smells good.

4. He Loves What He Does For A Living.

If there’s anyone that can get you hype about a Backstreet event, it’s likely going to be AJ. From posting on his instagram to keep us up-to-date to standing for hours to let every fan take a selfie with him on the BSB Cruise, he makes you want to be a fan for life.

5. He Dresses In Heels and Skirts and Is Totally Okay With It.

We’ll let the picture speak for itself.

6. He Has Shared His Journey With Us.

AJ has always been open about his addiction struggles and his path to wellness and sobriety. We couldn’t be more inspired or proud of him.

7. He’s A True Showman.

From his stage humping and incessant thrusting, to his incredible vocals and smooth dance moves, AJ keeps things interesting on any stage. We appreciate it, Mr. McLean…very, very much appreciate it.

8. That Big Heart.

All in all, it’s that big heart that AJ has that we’re all obsessed with. From his big dreams to his kind words, we’ve all been touched in one way or another and could not think of a better person to be 1/5 of the Backstreet Boys.


One thought on “8 Reasons Why We Love AJ McLean

  1. I’ll see your 8 reasons and raise you another 100! Where to stop?! The deep-down-and-dirty voice. The smooth moves. The unexpectedly butter-wouldn’t-melt boyish smile. The Burts Bees shopping bags. The wanton accessorizing. Somebody stop me!!! (If you can)


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