7 Of Stephen Kijak’s Most Important Tweets About The Backstreet Boys Movie

Meet Stephen Kijak. He is an American filmmaker who has produced and directed several feature films and award winning documentaries, including Stones In Exile, a documentary telling the story of the the making of the 1972 Rolling Stones album, Exile On Main St. 

In 2013, Stephen Kijak also added another title to his name: God’s gift to Backstreet Boys fans around the world. When it was announced that Stephen would be directing the Backstreet Boys documentary, Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of, fans had no idea how lucky we were. A director with so many credits to his name and talent beyond measure surely had no time for fans of the highest selling boyband of all time, right? WRONG.

In the last few months, Stephen Kijak has been the #1 source of information regarding the Backstreet documentary and we could not be more grateful! He has been so very patient with us and has even been fantastic in promoting the hype that we all want for this film. In an effort to reduce repeat questions to him and display answers you might have missed, it seemed like a good idea to post his most important tweets regarding the movie (Coming out on January 30th!)

To read more about Stephen himself, click HERE.

1. It all started a little something like this…


In the beginning of December, we had no idea what to expect. Then here comes our superhero, hinting to us about what would later be the “fan driven” pre-screening events on January 29th. Although the first wave of screenings have been announced, you can still vouch for your city HERE.

2. He’s Just As Excited About The Movie Being A Success As We Are!


There’s not one fan that doesn’t love a general non-fan being excited about our Boys. We also love that he thinks we rock! And that he used the #KTBSPA hashtag and he believes in our power as a group. We love him already.

3. He May Not Know Much About What The Boys Are Planning To Do, But He Answers Us Anyway!


From questions about what the Boys are doing at the premiere event in L.A. to what they’re doing after, he doesn’t mind answering even the questions he doesn’t know the answer to. Let’s keep in mind, he only directed the documentary. He doesn’t have to answer our endless non-related BSB-obsessed questions. What a gem!

4. He’s Keeping Us Up-To-Date On Screenings In General For The U.S. and International.


Screenshot_2015-01-02-15-58-11-1 5. ….And He’s Also Telling Us Where Events Will and Won’t Be To The Best Of His Knowledge!


6. He’s Working Hard To Keep Us Updated On The Confirmed Pre-Screening Cities.


And, again, he’s just as excited as we are! WOOHOO!

7. Most Importantly, He’s Answered The Golden Questions…MERCH! SOUNDTRACK?!


YES. We need ALL the things. This is perhaps our favorite confirmation as it is something we can all have.


So far, this has answered most of our questions and there’s not a fan out there that doesn’t want to thank Stephen for being the best we could ask for! Stay up-to-date with further announcements by following him on Twitter HERE.


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