10 Things Fans Want The Backstreet Boys To Know

To The Backstreet Boys,

After watching “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of: The Backstreet Boys Movie”, I don’t think there were many of us that were left unaffected. After three years of waiting for this documentary to hit the big screen, we were not disappointed with the outcome…again. Over the past 21 (nearly 22) years, we are perpetually thankful to be fans of a group that never disappoints us, that takes the time to perfect things for us, and that puts in hard work to keep the group alive. We, as fans, want you to know a few things as well.

  1. We respect and love that you have shared your journey with us.

While the five of you have been on your own journey, starting from the bottom, growing up, forming bonds and shooting for the stars, so have we. Because of you five, we have been brought together with some of our best friends, traveled to places we would have otherwise not traveled, and have made a ridiculous amount of memories. Because of you five, we have also been able to find a peace on our personal journeys, through your music, through your events, and through the people that you are.

  1. We’re glad Kevin came back too.

We loved Unbreakable and This Is Us, but something about the five of you together is magical. We’re also thankful that he took time for himself when he felt like he needed it.

  1. We love that we now have proof that we can show our non-fan friends that you guys are, indeed, the best boyband of all time.

Backstreet fans stay on the defense. “Ugh, don’t say Backstreet’s Back, media! They were never gone!” As you all push for media to pay attention to you, we push on the fan side. We buy 10 copies of CDS and pass them out for Christmas. We blast your new music with our windows down in hopes that it will catch on. We bug radio stations to play your music. We have said over and over that the Backstreet Boys are more than just a boyband, and now we have solid proof.

  1. We love and appreciate each of you even more every year.

Seeing where each of you came from and the struggles you went through and are currently going through were not only cathartic for you all, but for us as well. Seeing what the five of you go through to make a record, to put together a tour, ultimately for us to enjoy as well as yourselves, is incredible. It gives us all a newfound appreciation for everything you do and have done in the past.

  1. Dear Brian, thank you for sharing your struggle, strength, and ongoing healing with us.

We know it wasn’t easy for you, but we do appreciate you sharing your vocal struggle with us and sticking with us throughout it. The world and the fandom is so lucky to have been blessed by your talent for so many years and we are absolutely going to stick by you throughout the rough times too. Thank you and we will continue to support you with all the love we can give.

  1. We continue to be so proud of AJ and Nick and their recovery.

We could not be happier to see you both so happy, healthy and making incredible music. Both of your recoveries have contributed to the longevity of the group and that is not lost on us. Thank you for inspiring others to get help themselves.

  1. We are forever grateful for the sacrifices you have made for us.

We know that you all spend 300+ days away from home, we know that you miss your loved ones when you’re not on tour, and we are so beyond thankful that you still choose to make music and tour. We may not always be the easiest fanbase to deal with, but we will always be the most dedicated and adoring.

  1. We love Howie singing leads!

Howie, we love hearing you on leads and we do agree that “In A World Like This” is one of the BEST Backstreet Boys albums.

  1. You get better with age.

Seriously, it just keeps getting better and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

  1. We’ll be here as long as you guys are.

Any Backstreet Boys fan will always make time for the Backstreet Boys. If we have to fly across country, we will. If we have to take out a loan, we will. If we have to fold up our wheelchairs on a plane when we’re 75 because the Backstreet Boys are performing, we’ll be there. You’ve been there for us, we’ll be there for you.

Here’s to another 22 years, Boys. To happiness, health, success, fun, and many more years of fandom family… We thank you.


10 Reasons Why We Love Nick Carter

On this day 35 years ago, Nick Carter was born. 22 years ago this year, fans were blessed that he shared his talent with the world. Let’s take a minute to name just a few (of many) reasons that we love Nick to pieces!


1. His Talent.

Nick’s voice hasn’t gotten ANYTHING but better over the course of 20+ years. From the lovable whine of “If You Want It To Be Good Girl” to the intoxicating powerhouse vocals in, well, everything since 2003… his vocals have been inspiring girls to lose their minds for a while. His talents don’t stop there! We’re obsessed with hearing about his new projects which now includes Dead West, a horror film that he is creating and acting in and apparently…is a cowboy? COUNT US IN. Not to mention small bits of things that were born of his imagination that were exciting for fans, i.e. The BSB Harlem Shake video and Nick’s Corner.

2. His Charm.

Try and resist him ladies. It’s a well known fact in the fandom that if you ignore Nick Carter, Nick Carter will NOT be ignored. He is so charming that if you’re lucky enough to meet him, your legs may go a little weak. This is no fake charm either – the man is a SWEETHEART.


3. His Ability To Play Well With Others.

Touring with others seems to only pack more energy into Nick. NKOTBSB tour? Check. Jordan Knight? Check. He has never been a disappointment. And the albums produced from these endeavors? GOLD. We have them on repeat.

4. He Loves The Backstreet Boys.

This is something we have in common. He really doesn’t have to love them. It could just be a job. But no, these guys are his family and he makes it known. He is all about the music for the fans and being successful with the group and we appreciate that.

5. He Loves The Fans.

Anyone that takes 3 hours out of his busy schedule to reply to tweets we send is A-OK in our book. If you ever get the chance to do VIP with Nick, TAKE IT. You will never feel more cared about as a fan.

6, 7, 8. His Smile, His Heart, and Those Eyes.

These things need no further explanation, unless you are blind.

9. His Ambition.

The man does NOT take a break. 2013 was spent promoting the Boys 20th anniversary, planning a wedding and releasing/promoting his book. In 2014, Nick toured with BSB, got married, had a small honeymoon, made several trips to the hospital because he has no immune system, secretly recorded/released an album with Jordan Knight, then toured as Nick & Knight, as well as filmed his TV show with his wife, I Heart Nick Carter. In the midst of this, he also spent the year making good on Skype calls that 100+ fans purchased from his crowdfunded film. We’re tired just thinking about it.

10. His FanBoying.

Rock on! @amcthewalkingdead

A post shared by Nick Carter (@nickcarter) on

There’s not much better than a celebrity you fangirl over, being a huge fan of things himself. From freaking out over The Walking Dead cast at ComicCon to promoting new music on his Twitter on the regular, we love that he can appreciate where we’re coming from.

Happy Birthday, Nick! Thank you for everything. ❤

The Ultimate BSB Movie Post: What You Need To Know, What You Need To Bring, and Why We’re Excited

January 30, 2015, Your world will be rocked. “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of: The Backstreet Boys Movie” will be released and your life will change because this “boyband” is far from just a boyband. Let’s start from the beginning.

image-7That’s right — 1993! 22 years later, This is happening…

Backstreet_Boys_Doc_Movie_Poster.jpegWhen word got out that the Backstreet Boys were filming a documentary in London in 2012 for the making of their album “In A World Like This”. fans weren’t quite sure what to expect. It was at the group’s 20th anniversary fan event that part of the final project was finally unveiled and we were certainly in for a wild ride from there. Read more about that HERE.

2015-01-27If Backstreet fans seem a LITTLE excited about this documentary being release, it’s because we have been waiting for 2 years. Some of us were treated to a special pre-screening of the movie in late 2014, and some of us got a sneak peek on the 2014 BSB Cruise, but for most fans, this is a brand new piece of work from our favorite five guys. More than just a band, these Boys have been in our lives for 22 years and have moved into a special kind of ranking with us. We’re a privileged fandom and when you see the documentary, you’ll see why.

Here are THE BASICS:


Meet Stephen Kijak. He is an American filmmaker who has produced and directed several feature films and award winning documentaries, including Stones In Exile, a documentary telling the story of the the making of the 1972 Rolling Stones album, Exile On Main St. 

In 2013, Stephen Kijak also added another title to his name: God’s gift to Backstreet Boys fans around the world. When it was announced that Stephen would be directing the Backstreet Boys documentary, Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of, fans had no idea how lucky we were. A director with so many credits to his name and talent beyond measure surely had no time for fans of the highest selling boyband of all time, right? WRONG.

In the last few months, Stephen Kijak has been the #1 source of information regarding the Backstreet documentary and we could not be more grateful! He has been so very patient with us and has even been fantastic in promoting the hype that we all want for this film.

Meet Mia Bays, producer of both Oscar winning and multiple BAFTA and BIFA nominations for her work and in the film industry for 21 years. She is the producer of the Backstreet Boys Doc and founder of Missing In Action films. Incredibly talented in her field, she too has been incredibly informative and fantastic about rallying for this movie with us!

Neither of Kijak nor Bays were Backstreet fans.

It is fair to say director Stephen Kijak and producer Mia Bays were not the biggest fans of US boy band Backstreet Boys before making the documentary Backstreet Boys: Show ’Em What You’re Made Of. “I hated them,” says Bays cheerfully.

“I thought I was too cool for the Backstreet Boys,” agrees Kijak. “Boy, was I wrong.”

Filming took two years, with Kijak and Bays dipping in and out of the band members’ lives as they prepared for their 20th-anniversary global tour. Los Angeles-based Kijak then relocated to London to cut the film with hisStones In Exile editor Ben Stark for eight months in 2013.

“The shoot was so rewarding. It was about just filming stuff happening,” Kijak says. “It felt more alive than some of my other docs. It was nice to just be in the moment and shoot stuff as it happened.

“I enjoy it more when I’m collaborating with the artist. You want them to have as much of a voice as you do. This one settled in a real special groove. It was one of the most agreeable editorial processes I have been through with a band.”


– Credit: ScreenDaily (Read the rest HERE)

WHAT AM I WATCHING?? Is this like Pop-Up Video?

“What do you do when you’re a full grown man in a boy band?” This film is about a band, of course, but it’s more universal a story than that – it is about five friends, it is about sacrifice and redemption, it is about a reckoning with a past and a path forward into a new kind of freedom. It is about home and family, and how many different ways we define those things. Having lived exceptional lives in a glaring spotlight, having lost a youth to the demands of fame, home and family can be many things. We see that boys still struggle to become men, forging their paths both in private, in the public eye, and together, through their music. (Credit: backstreetboys.com)


While the film will not be shown in theaters everywhere, it is hitting some major cities. Check HERE to see if it’s showing in a theater near you.

U.S Premiere : January 30, 2015

International Premiere: February 26, 2015 or March 28, 2015 (Based on location –> Check HERE)

Not showing in a theater near you? Don’t be sad! You can still watch in many formats. Here are a few:

Preorder iTunes

Video-On-Demand (Providers Listed HERE)

Available on Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Xbox Live, and Playstation (1/30/15)


If you’re headed to a theater, here’s what you need:

Add a little bit of body text

Staying in? You might need to be prepared too!

Add a little bit of body text (1)

Still need convincing? Take a look at these photos from the movie itself. (See more at backstreetboys.com)

Gather your friends, your fangirls, your boys, your family, your pets…

And watch these Boys show YOU what they’re made of.

10 Things That Happen To Fans When A Backstreet Boy Tweets

It happens when you least expect it. You could be sitting at work, going to sleep, in the middle of eating your oats, or choosing which VIP photos to put into your new collage when IT happens. It’s one tweet.

Could it be? Is a Backstreet Boy tweeting? Or was it a drive by tweet? One and done? You send a response, just in case.

Then it happens. He. Tweets. A. Fan.

Let the Twitter Hunger Games begin!

  1. You start by sending a few casual tweets.

No big deal. Like Monica leaving a voicemail on Richard’s phone after the breakup (Friends reference, DUH), you’re breezy. You’re breeeeezy.

  1. Your friends start getting tweets, and you’re starting to sweat.

Of course you’re happy for your friends – they’ve been begging for a tweet/follow/acknowledgement as long as you have. Suddenly, you’re wishing it was your birthday. At one point, you’re actually looking for friends that have birthdays to tweet the Boy about.

  1. You suddenly start tweeting the Boy about anything you can think of.

After seeing fan after fan ask the same question you had prepared and watching the Boy answer, you go a little crazy. What to tweet, what to tweet. OF COURSE! Nick will LOVE seeing your bowl of healthy cereal, Brian will adore your Christmas tree, Kevin NEEDS to see this sunset…

4. You have a small meltdown / sigh of relief when he stops tweeting.

Phew, you can stop tweeting incessantly and going back to being rational.

But what if he’s still there?

What if he’s lurking? He just had to go pee. He just had to skype the wife.


Forget about being rational. Must. Tweet. MOOOOREEEE.

  1. Once in a blue moon, you get the prized possession – THE TWEET.

Your notifications go off and you blow it off as your friend trying to help you get a tweet from Boy when you notice it’s not from your friend – It’s from HIM. You’ve been tweeting random things for hours, you’ve forgotten to eat, you’ve actually ignored phone calls from the CEO of the company for THIS MOMENT.

Oh my God, he said……”HELLO SWEETHEART.” You. Are. Dead.

The high doesn’t end with just the tweet. You have to screenshot it, favorite it, retweet it – JUST to make sure this is real life. You better hurry and post that tweet on Instagram so you can have it forever! Suddenly, your friends are tweeting you freaking out, you’re still freaking out, and the world has stopped. Don’t even try talking to you if you’re not talking about what just happened!

  1. You watch other fans spiral out of control.

Those left without a tweet are going about 10 kinds of crazy. These are people that you are friends with on a daily basis that are you suddenly don’t even recognize. They are shooting off tweets faster than you can read, going from friendly and helpful to literally insane. The girl that was retweeting you last week is not going to jump off a bridge because Nick didn’t tweet her back. Then there are others who DID get a tweet, but one tweet was not enough! “WHYYYYY?! WHY DOES HE HATE MEEEEEE?!” begins to fill your timeline, and suddenly, you don’t know who these people are.

  1. Stragglers are coming in.

People who were actually doing work while the tweet-fest was happening are coming in on the tail end of this shindig. You try to feel bad for them, you even work in a few tweets to the Boy to help them out in maybe getting one, but then you realize, this is the perfect opportunity to retell your story of great triumph. The battles you fought to stand out in the great sea of mad tweets and the successful ending will have to be relived for as long as you are alive to tell it.

  1. You go back through the Boy’s tweets to gather every bit of information you might have missed while fighting for your own.

Events for this year?!  Solo Albums?!  Must get more details on the next tweet fest! YES! You will be the one that gets answered next time!

  1. Normal life resumes.

How is it suddenly 2PM and you have not even eaten breakfast? Or gotten showered? Or put clothes on? Suddenly, reality slaps you in the face and you get your act together, reveling occasionally in the delight of anyone that favorites YOUR tweet for the rest of the day.

Until suddenly, He’s baaaaaaccccckkkkkkk!


You Might Be A Backstreets Boys Fan If….


If you’ve been in the Backstreet fandom long enough, you know a thing or two about spotting another fan. You also understand things that none of the “outsiders” will understand and these are the things that bond us as a fandom unit. This list serves as the first edition in some of the markers of a true Backstreet Boys fan. Here we go….

You Might Be A Backstreet Boys Fan If…

– You run late for everything because you’re used to Backstreet Time. Nothing will ever be on time when it comes to the Backstreet Boys and as a side effect, fans now run late as well. “This [Non-BSB] concert ticket says it starts at 7 – Clearly we shouldn’t even be there until 7:30.”

– You are fully aware of Backstreet Time and still get mad that you have to wait for all things Backstreet. It’s been 22 years, guys. Let’s all just be okay with soon meaning 2 years later.

– You own 2+ copies of every album. You know, just in case.

– You own copies of the early albums on cassette and CD. Cross generational, guys.

– If you’re listening to NSync, you do it in secret. This is a repercussion of being a 90s fangirl. However okay you are with listening to Justin Timberlake and NSync songs now, you are not completely comfortable with admitting it. If you are caught, you blame it on being drunk.

– You don’t date guys named Nick, Brian, Howie, Kevin or AJ. Other than the fact that it’s a little blasphemous, it can get confusing. You will also more than likely hold them to a completely unacceptable high standard. “What do you mean you don’t play guitar, Brian? What are you DOING with your life?!”

– Your name is Stephanie, Jennifer, or Kim. If you’re in the Backstreet fandom, you know at least two people by each name. Weird, but true.

– You have a second job just to pay for your fan luxuries. “Why yes, I do HAVE to be on this cruise, that VIP and fly to London to see their last show of this tour that I’ve already seen twice.”

– You sneakily name your children and/or pets after one of the Boys. Everyone thinks your puppy’s name is Chaos, but it’s really Kaos and of course your child’s middle name is Carter because of a dead family member…….from the 1700s.

– On the no-tour, no-album years, you are constantly making something out of ANYTHING one of the Boys posts on social media. “Oh, Nick is eating a donut. There’s a donut place beside that studio in Nashville. BRIAN WAS EATING A CROISSANT TODAY! GUYS! They were together and they’re recording and it’ll probably be released in like 4 months and tour dates, OMG!”

– Complain about every bad decision you think the group has made… but find a way to attend the complained-about event anyway.

– You want things to be instant. Despite knowing things take time, despite knowing things take Backstreet Time, despite any common sense and reason, it all goes out the window the minute BSB posts about/hints at anything new. They post about a new song, we need it within 24 hours or we hate it without even hearing it. Basically, we’re zombies and they’re brains…NEED. IT. NOWWWW.

– You’ve traveled 4+ hours just for a concert. We don’t play. We are NOT missing a tour.

– You know where they are at all times. And if you’re in the same place, you have a silent debate about being “accidentally” in the same place at the same time.

– You think the strangest things are cute about each Boy. I mean, Kevin and that pinky ring…or Nick and his eyebrows…

– You’ve met your best friends through the fandom. Whether it was on purpose or not, that bond is Unbreakable. (See what I did there?)

– Despite everything, you don’t let ANYONE talk about your Boys. Not that girl beside you at the NKOTBSB concert, not Joey Fatone. NO ONE talks about our Boys and gets away with it.

Have suggestions for more? Comment here or tweet our account and yours could be in our next post of “You might be a BSB Fan…”!

Help Us Celebrate #NicksGiving! (Nick Carter’s Birthday Project – January 26th – 28th)


We wanted to do little different for Nick’s birthday this year and if it catches on, that would be awesome! Nick Carter has been so awesome to us for 20+ years and for his birthday, we want to give back by performing acts of kindness from fans all over the world. All you have to do is the following:

1. Perform an act of kindness for others. This doesn’t have to be big, just kind. Give someone a compliment, write someone a nice note, pay for someone’s coffee, etc.

2. Tweet about it! Big or small, we want to hear about it! Take a photo of your act or just tell us what you did and include the hashtag #NicksGiving. Using the hashtag is important because we will be looking and trying to trend for Nick’s birthday.

3. Watch this site on January 28th! We’ll be gathering tweets that have used the hashtag and posting them on here and tweeting them to the birthday boy himself.

Share this with your friends, fangirls, and family! Let’s make Nick’s 35th birthday a great one.

8 Reasons Why We Love AJ McLean

1. Want The Truth? Ask AJ.

AJ has never been one to sugarcoat things or keep any secrets and fans know it. Fans LOVE it. You want to know dirt? Ask AJ.

2. He’s A Fantastic Father.

Show me ONE photo posted of/with Ava that hasn’t automatically elicited a loud AWWWW and an immediate urge to have kids. Men and babies are cute anyway, but AJ takes it to a WHOLE other level.

3. He’s Just As Great In Person As You Imagine.

Finding a bad meet and greet experience story with AJ will be hard to find…because there ARE NONE. The man will talk to you like you’re best friends and hug you like he means it! He loves fans. He loves people. And he smells good.

4. He Loves What He Does For A Living.

If there’s anyone that can get you hype about a Backstreet event, it’s likely going to be AJ. From posting on his instagram to keep us up-to-date to standing for hours to let every fan take a selfie with him on the BSB Cruise, he makes you want to be a fan for life.

5. He Dresses In Heels and Skirts and Is Totally Okay With It.

We’ll let the picture speak for itself.

6. He Has Shared His Journey With Us.

AJ has always been open about his addiction struggles and his path to wellness and sobriety. We couldn’t be more inspired or proud of him.

7. He’s A True Showman.

From his stage humping and incessant thrusting, to his incredible vocals and smooth dance moves, AJ keeps things interesting on any stage. We appreciate it, Mr. McLean…very, very much appreciate it.

8. That Big Heart.

All in all, it’s that big heart that AJ has that we’re all obsessed with. From his big dreams to his kind words, we’ve all been touched in one way or another and could not think of a better person to be 1/5 of the Backstreet Boys.


Birthday Instagram Project For AJ (January 6th – January 9th)


AJ will be celebrating his 37th birthday on January 9th and of course, we want to let him know we’re thinking of him. Since his presence is so well known on Instagram, let’s throw an Insta-Party! The project is simple: Between January 6th and 9th, post a photo of something that reminds you of the always-entertaining, never-lost-for-words AJ McLean and use the hashtag #BirthdayWishesForAJ. These could be photos of a gift you would buy for him, something that you saw that just reminds you of him, or simply your wishes for him this year! Everyone is invited to show their love for the special guy on his special day — Share with all of your friends. See you on Instagram!

7 Of Stephen Kijak’s Most Important Tweets About The Backstreet Boys Movie

Meet Stephen Kijak. He is an American filmmaker who has produced and directed several feature films and award winning documentaries, including Stones In Exile, a documentary telling the story of the the making of the 1972 Rolling Stones album, Exile On Main St. 

In 2013, Stephen Kijak also added another title to his name: God’s gift to Backstreet Boys fans around the world. When it was announced that Stephen would be directing the Backstreet Boys documentary, Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of, fans had no idea how lucky we were. A director with so many credits to his name and talent beyond measure surely had no time for fans of the highest selling boyband of all time, right? WRONG.

In the last few months, Stephen Kijak has been the #1 source of information regarding the Backstreet documentary and we could not be more grateful! He has been so very patient with us and has even been fantastic in promoting the hype that we all want for this film. In an effort to reduce repeat questions to him and display answers you might have missed, it seemed like a good idea to post his most important tweets regarding the movie (Coming out on January 30th!)

To read more about Stephen himself, click HERE.

1. It all started a little something like this…


In the beginning of December, we had no idea what to expect. Then here comes our superhero, hinting to us about what would later be the “fan driven” pre-screening events on January 29th. Although the first wave of screenings have been announced, you can still vouch for your city HERE.

2. He’s Just As Excited About The Movie Being A Success As We Are!


There’s not one fan that doesn’t love a general non-fan being excited about our Boys. We also love that he thinks we rock! And that he used the #KTBSPA hashtag and he believes in our power as a group. We love him already.

3. He May Not Know Much About What The Boys Are Planning To Do, But He Answers Us Anyway!


From questions about what the Boys are doing at the premiere event in L.A. to what they’re doing after, he doesn’t mind answering even the questions he doesn’t know the answer to. Let’s keep in mind, he only directed the documentary. He doesn’t have to answer our endless non-related BSB-obsessed questions. What a gem!

4. He’s Keeping Us Up-To-Date On Screenings In General For The U.S. and International.


Screenshot_2015-01-02-15-58-11-1 5. ….And He’s Also Telling Us Where Events Will and Won’t Be To The Best Of His Knowledge!


6. He’s Working Hard To Keep Us Updated On The Confirmed Pre-Screening Cities.


And, again, he’s just as excited as we are! WOOHOO!

7. Most Importantly, He’s Answered The Golden Questions…MERCH! SOUNDTRACK?!


YES. We need ALL the things. This is perhaps our favorite confirmation as it is something we can all have.


So far, this has answered most of our questions and there’s not a fan out there that doesn’t want to thank Stephen for being the best we could ask for! Stay up-to-date with further announcements by following him on Twitter HERE.