15 Things On The 2015 Backstreet Boys Fans Wishlist

As fans, sometimes we can be easy to please…and sometimes we can be very unrealistic. As a 2014 ends, fans are reflecting on tour memories, cruise memories, wedding memories (Thanks to Mr.Carter), and a year that we actually had a BSB on TV weekly! We’re clamoring for 2015, wondering how this year can possibly be topped. After a small bit of research (and leaps of imagination and hope), the following is a compiled list of the things for which we are most hopeful.

1. A Red Carpet Premiere For Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of: Backstreet Boys Movie.

I know what you’re thinking – enough with the movie! Actually, if you’re a fan, you’re probably not thinking that at all. The entire fandom is hanging on to this being the only guarantee of seeing our Boys in the U.S. this year, and really, that’s not guaranteed yet. Oh, Backstreet, please start off 2015 right by gracing us with your presence to something we’re invited to. Bonus points if you divide us into 5 groups – each with one Boy to console us. Or we can console him. We love a little give and take!

2. A Land Event To Replace The Cruise.

We’re okay with no cruise in 2015 because it’s going to take a while to top the 2014 cruise! However, shouldn’t we take this opportunity to try out something on land? NKOTB did something similar in Vegas this year and ooh my, it looked like a cruise on land! Let’s think about this Boys:

– It’s on land. No sick feeling after.

– Escaping from crazy fans will be easier! Scary fan breathing down Nick’s neck? No need to jump in with the fish! Just walk out the back of the building…

– Our wallets/credit cards/blood bank money won’t mind it as much.

– It’ll just be fun, OKAY?! Get on board! (Well, not literally on board)

Plus, they wouldn’t have to take break from recording. We will come to them. Mmmyes, this event would absolutely take the edge off the withdrawal, and pump us up for 2016!

3. Bring Back “Nick’s Corner” Videos. 

This request goes specifically out to Mr. Nick Carter. We are BEGGING you to return with Nick’s Corner. We will literally pay you to start doing them again (in form of fanclub memberships). It has been years since the whole Backstreet Boys dunking their heads in ice incident, yet fans are still talking about it, watching it, and recreating it. This little glimpse into the madness that is backstage at a concert or inside a recording studio or hanging out in a hotel room, we LOVED it and really want it back in 2015. Please, please, pleaaasseeee.

4. Speaking of Nick’s Corner, We Would Also Like More Fanclub Exclusives.

We’re not asking for much here, but most of us come from the old school fandom where the BSB FC was the place to be (No rhyme intended). The chat room was full, the news was hopping, and there were certain videos/blogs you could only access through being a Fanclub member. Believe us, Boys, we WANT to be in the fanclub. We want to pay for it and get cool merch! We can’t justify, however, paying for the fanclub when the majority of us only use it for VIP ticket purchasing. We know you all have it in you to be pretty badass. BE OUR BADASS BACKSTREET BOYS! You know…like a typical day..

5. Give Us Some Of That Acoustic Delight.

We love the dancing, we love all of the music…but something about Backstreet Unplugged does things to us. The vocals, the instruments, the Boys playing instruments – YOWZA. There’s really nothing sexier…I mean, pleasing to our brains. Whether it be a few acoustic tour dates or a bonus to a new album, we will take it! We know it’s a stretch that there will be any performances in the U.S. in 2015, but if there is, a stripped down show would be A-OK with us. Our toes are tingling just thinking about it!

6. Fan Surprises!

We realize that the Boys are busy, but if they’re going to be together anyway, they may as well show up to your wedding for 5 minutes or call to sing you Happy Birthday. There is NO ONE that would hate that.

7. A Nick Carter Production.

No, we don’t mean a human reproduction (Although, we won’t complain!). After the crowdfunded Evil Blessings was put on hold, Nick mentioned another movie he would be taking part in that sounded like it satisfy our Carter-on-a-big-screen needs. After hearing for so long about how much he wants to do something on film (Something other than The Hollow), we’re wishing hard for it in 2015. If it’s anything like his short film The Pendant – we’re behind it 100%! (Sometimes the movie is available on nickcarter.net for purchase..just sayin’)

8. A solo album from Kevin Richardson.

Apparently Kevin sampled some of his solo work with some lucky fans on the 2014 BSB Cruise. We. are. so. JEALOUS. Imagine a whole album of that deep, southern, sultry sounding, panty-dropping voice. Kevin could very well be the Barry White of our time. We’re waiting, Mr. Richardson. Unless, of course, you want to play another sex crazed vampire or a little sleeze from the 1960s – We kinda like that too. (Click HERE for his filmography)

9. AirLittrells.

This is completely out of left field, but we have decided that Brian having his own line of shoes or a partnership with Nike would be a fantastic idea for all involved. One clip of Brian leaping into the air and landing on his feet, Nike will certainly draw up a contract right then and there. We’d prefer shoes in every color of the rainbow, of course. Move over, Michael Jordan. Brian Littrell will kick some ass and take some names with his own kicks. (That should be in the commercial!)

10. Fashion By AJ McLean (Preferably For Children).

While we do envy AJ’s sense of style and a lot of times want what he’s wearing, a McLean clothing line for kids would be ADORABLE. It was mentioned in the past that he had ideas for fashion along these lines, but we have yet to see anything come to fruition. Judging by how he dresses his daughter, Ava, though, it will be the cutest thing to hit stores in a long time! The Backstreet baby boom would go through the roof as well, creating new baby fans by the thousands – What a marketing idea! We’d also love to see his jewelery line available for sale as well. Deck us out, AJ – We promise to werk it!

11. A Buns of Steel Workout Video From Howie D.

Oh c’mon, we all saw how well he shakes it on the whole second leg of the IAWLT tour. If you didn’t, YOUTUBE IT ASAP. Then come back to this site.

12. New Merch.

If we can’t spend money on traveling to see them in 2015, we at least want new things to buy online. We would prefer some BSB branded tissues to dry up our tears. We would also love a soundtrack with the movie…But we’re not going to get too greedy. We’re basically jumping for joy that there’s a movie to have  a soundtrack for!

13. A Unreleased Tracks Album.

We know Kevin told us to just go to youtube, but the quality of some songs, UGH. We really want to give you our money, Boys. We’ll take just the best songs even – we promise not to be (too) picky about it. Post a poll! We’ll gladly respond with which songs we NEED want.

14. A Re-release Of At Least One Of The Past Albums On Vinyl.

Put it online, and we will buy it faster than you can say No-We-Aren’t-Doing-That. BOOM. Sold out. Hearing smooth BSB vocals through a record player like they’re the Beatles? Can we even take that? RIP Backstreet Fans.

15. A Happy and Healthy 2015.

Whatever the Backstreet Boys decide to do in 2015, we wish them all the happiness, health (That means you Nick!), and good decisions. Maybe a new Backstreet baby for us to ooh and ahh about? Maybe sneak peeks of what’s happening? Maybe just the knowledge that Backstreet will indeed be BACK and better than ever next year. Alright.


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