15 New Year’s Resolutions For The Backstreet Boys Fan

1. Get KittFit.

Normal people always have getting in shape and joining a gym for the new year at the top of their New Year resolutions list, but not Backstreet fans. They’re getting KittFit. Why? Because a) Nick Carter’s wife is hot and we all want to have a body that looks like her, b) it doesn’t require us to join a gym, and c) because everything we do has to tie in to the Backstreet Boys, OKAY?!

Seriously, the KittFit videos are free and on youtube HERE. And they’re not full of big intimidating muscle men who are yelling at you to work harder.

2. Get “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of” BSB Movie To Screen In Your Town (Then Make Every One Of Your Friends Go).

Let’s be honest, if this movie isn’t showing in your town, you will:

  1. Combust into a rant about how you’ve waited TWO YEARS for this, how could this be happening, how you’re moving to Canada/Japan, etc.
  2. Go back over where it can be viewed and make travel arrangements.
  3. Go through Twitter, retweeting other pissed off fans and then making plans to travel with them to go see it.
  4. Go through all the feelings again when the Boys tweet about it, tweeting them how pissed off you are then begging them to be your date to the location.

To avoid the whole thing, do your part in getting the word out about the movie! As always, you can try and get a prescreening for your town HERE.

3. Avoid Going Bankrupt Buying All Things Backstreet.

We have been going strong with them and the IAWLT tour for 2 years now (plus the incredible Nick and Knight tour) and word on the Backstreet (Ha!) is that 2015 will be a pretty quiet year for them tour-wise. Unless you’re overseas or in South America, you will not be rocking your body in person next year.  It has also been pretty clear that there will not be a BSB cruise in 2015 either.

HOWEVER, there are things that ARE possible and/or happening in 2015: the BSB movie, Hall of Fame inductions, solo ventures, new merch, Kevin in movies, Nick in movies, AJ in PlayGirl…wait, what?

The point is, there are LOTS of things that we can still spend money on next year and while our wallets/bank accounts/credit cards are singing the Hallelujah chorus right now, it might not last as long as we think. But…we can TRY to save up for 2016. New music, new cruise, more money? Sounds like a plan!

Psst — If you’re reading this before the new year, they DO have quite a sale going on right now on any tour merch you might have missed!

4. Get Followed On Twitter By One or More Boy.

It was on the Christmas list for all fans, but chances are, it may not have happened.  2015 is a new year and a new chance to interact, beg, plead, or show your own brand of insanity to get a follow/tweet from your Boy. ORRRR just be you and hope that works. It just might. At least it’s a way to pass the time while we’re waiting for something new.

5. Make New Fandom Friends.

There’s nothing that helps one get through a drought better than people who feel your pain. Many of us have gained friends through the fandom and have been on concerts, cruises, etc. with them, but what’s better than NEW fandom friends with NEW stories, experiences, and locations. Your old friends love you, but the high off the concert memories isn’t the same the 134th time you’ve told the story about Nick holding your hand during Incomplete….and they also might want to punch you because it didn’t happen to them.

But new fan-friends, they will love taking a hit off of your Backstreet bong as you will love theirs. It’s like going to the show/cruise all over again!

6. Be On Top of Your Backstreet Game.

For the fans that know things before the Boys themselves do, this won’t be terribly hard, but we may need to brush up on our skills. Time in the studio means time out of the public eye. Time out of the public eye means that the BSB tries to sneak around about what they’re doing. NEWSFLASH, Boys – We will find out and you know it. We know when you’re sleeping, we know when you’re awake, when know when you’ve been bad or good…….. So tell us EVERYTHING, for goodness sake!

P.S. We know there’s some secret project between New York and Las Vegas.

P.P.S . We might actually like surprises and the detective work, regardless of how much we say we hate it.

7. Invest Time In A New Band.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Moving on to #8. (Unless it’s NKOTB and you’re going to be an advocate for NKOTBSB Part 2. Mmmmm….)

8. Try Not To Complain About Backstreet Time.

We know about it and we may as well accept it: Nothing in the world of Backstreet Boys will ever been done in a time that makes us completely complacent. When they say tomorrow, they mean two weeks. When they say this year, they mean two years. When the concert starts at 7, they mean 7:20….ish. We know this, yet we continue to complain about it. Why? That’s just the cycle.

Truth is, there has been nothing that we’ve had to wait for that that wasn’t worth the wait. The documentary that we’ve been waiting two years for will take us on the Feels trip in January that we have been waiting for. They just wanted things to be perfect (at least that’s what we’ll tell ourselves).  In 2015, we’ll work on acceptance, Boys…..maybe.

9. Be Kind.

You know how when you get hungry, you get angry? When you are a fan on a BSB-less island for a year, you start getting thirsty for anything. This ranges from picking on past events, analyzing any leaked song (we will find one!), speculating about what the Boys are doing and who they’re with, to hating on other fans. When times are hard, remember to keep your peace. The fandom that plays together, stays together…..and we need all of us to figure shit out!

10. Be Supportive.

Whether you like it or not, the Boys have lives and projects outside of the group.  You don’t have to be a fan of everything, but be respectful of their time as the time they give to us is a gift that they don’t have to keep giving.

11. Try Not To Repeat The Same Questions That We Know Won’t Be Answered (And Irrelevant).

@BackstreetBoys – “Tweet Tweet Tweet NothingAboutTour #SomethingFun”

Gets replies like the following:

@ATonOfFans – “WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO _______?!?”




Good things come to those who wait, guys. Let’s make it our mantra in 2015.

12. Read A Few Books.

And by read a few books, we mean Nick Carter’s “Facing The Music And Living To Talk About It”, which you can buy HERE.

13. Perhaps harass Donnie Wahlberg (in the nicest way possible) about doing a small tour with AJ McLean.

You thought Nick and Knight were dirty, imagine these two together. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off of the keyboard… C’mon Donnie, AJ is already on board!

14. Don’t Go Crazy, Keep Yourself Satiated.

WARNING: Lack of Backstreet Boys might cause insanity. It is NOT a good idea to deprive yourself so much that you show up at the gates of Brian’s house, drooling like Cujo and begging for something new like you’re Britney Spears circa 2007 (You know the face). Watch YouTube videos, stay up-to-date via social media, and have a fan support group. You’ll thank me later.

15. Sign On For 22 More Years.

2015 will mark 22 consecutive years for the Backstreet Boys to be together, and if we’re lucky, they’ll be around for 22 more. We owe a ton to them and we’ve been around this long, what’s the harm in sticking around a little longer? It’ll be fun to take our grandchildren to Backstreet Boys concerts and talk about Brian Littrell like our moms talk about Paul McCartney.

Peace, Love, And Light — BSB Fans are taking 2015 By Storm!

Also, there is no reason for this photo other than a reward for finishing this blog. Hot Brian will see YOU in 2015.


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