10 Questions We Have About The New Backstreet Boys Movie


1.   Just how many boxes of kleenexes are we seriously going to need for this movie?
We can’t even make it through 5 minute previews without getting the feels. How are we going to make the whole movie? Let’s just call it Titanic: Part 2. Except everyone lives. Except maybe Lou Pearlman.

2.   Are they going to tell us how they got their name?
What is a Backstreet Boys movie without the story of how they got their name?! This is as much a staple as mentioning that Kevin and Brian are cousins.

3. What is with Kevin’s ever-present jean jacket and when did that bond begin?
We’ve all seen it. It’s been on press tours, every leg of the IAWLT tour, every afterparty for the past two years and really, it should have it’s own Twitter handle. Are we going to see the origins of the jean jacket in London perhaps?! Is it sewn onto his body? Inquiring minds want to know.

4. Is Nick going to talk about how he hates crying whilst crying?
Nothing gets us more emotional than Nick Carter professing that he hates crying WHILE he is choked up. We will literally all get up and gravitate to the screen like zombies.

5. Is there going to be a soundtrack? Will there be a premiere with actual BOY presence?
We’ve only been told that news is coming soon, but as fans, we literally feed off of this stuff. Backstreet information is pond scum and we are happy little sucker fish.

6. How many memes will be made from shots in this movie?
So many is the right answer on this one, folks.

7. Are we going to find out things that we don’t already know?
A resounding yes! With spoilers already leaked from the prescreening, there’s stuff that’s  come out that we already know we didn’t know we needed to know. Or something like that. This is new for BSB CIA… I mean, fans.

8. Are Brian and Kevin going to talk about growing up together?
Cousin love at it’s best, y’all! Picture it, tiny Brian playing in dirt and mini Kevin bossing  everyone around. It’s not much of a stretch from current times actually…

9. Will the members of Nsync see the BSB Movie?
Lance Bass will indeed sit next to Joey Fatone and say “Oh yeah, that’s where we went wrong..”

10. How are we going to feel at the end of this movie?
Like we made all of the right choices in terms of who to be a fan of when we were younger. Proud and satisfied.

The Backstreet Boys documentary movie will hit theaters and VOD on January 30, 2015! Be sure to check out the BSB Movie Website for all up-to-date details.


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