15 Things On The 2015 Backstreet Boys Fans Wishlist

As fans, sometimes we can be easy to please…and sometimes we can be very unrealistic. As a 2014 ends, fans are reflecting on tour memories, cruise memories, wedding memories (Thanks to Mr.Carter), and a year that we actually had a BSB on TV weekly! We’re clamoring for 2015, wondering how this year can possibly be topped. After a small bit of research (and leaps of imagination and hope), the following is a compiled list of the things for which we are most hopeful.

1. A Red Carpet Premiere For Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of: Backstreet Boys Movie.

I know what you’re thinking – enough with the movie! Actually, if you’re a fan, you’re probably not thinking that at all. The entire fandom is hanging on to this being the only guarantee of seeing our Boys in the U.S. this year, and really, that’s not guaranteed yet. Oh, Backstreet, please start off 2015 right by gracing us with your presence to something we’re invited to. Bonus points if you divide us into 5 groups – each with one Boy to console us. Or we can console him. We love a little give and take!

2. A Land Event To Replace The Cruise.

We’re okay with no cruise in 2015 because it’s going to take a while to top the 2014 cruise! However, shouldn’t we take this opportunity to try out something on land? NKOTB did something similar in Vegas this year and ooh my, it looked like a cruise on land! Let’s think about this Boys:

– It’s on land. No sick feeling after.

– Escaping from crazy fans will be easier! Scary fan breathing down Nick’s neck? No need to jump in with the fish! Just walk out the back of the building…

– Our wallets/credit cards/blood bank money won’t mind it as much.

– It’ll just be fun, OKAY?! Get on board! (Well, not literally on board)

Plus, they wouldn’t have to take break from recording. We will come to them. Mmmyes, this event would absolutely take the edge off the withdrawal, and pump us up for 2016!

3. Bring Back “Nick’s Corner” Videos. 

This request goes specifically out to Mr. Nick Carter. We are BEGGING you to return with Nick’s Corner. We will literally pay you to start doing them again (in form of fanclub memberships). It has been years since the whole Backstreet Boys dunking their heads in ice incident, yet fans are still talking about it, watching it, and recreating it. This little glimpse into the madness that is backstage at a concert or inside a recording studio or hanging out in a hotel room, we LOVED it and really want it back in 2015. Please, please, pleaaasseeee.

4. Speaking of Nick’s Corner, We Would Also Like More Fanclub Exclusives.

We’re not asking for much here, but most of us come from the old school fandom where the BSB FC was the place to be (No rhyme intended). The chat room was full, the news was hopping, and there were certain videos/blogs you could only access through being a Fanclub member. Believe us, Boys, we WANT to be in the fanclub. We want to pay for it and get cool merch! We can’t justify, however, paying for the fanclub when the majority of us only use it for VIP ticket purchasing. We know you all have it in you to be pretty badass. BE OUR BADASS BACKSTREET BOYS! You know…like a typical day..

5. Give Us Some Of That Acoustic Delight.

We love the dancing, we love all of the music…but something about Backstreet Unplugged does things to us. The vocals, the instruments, the Boys playing instruments – YOWZA. There’s really nothing sexier…I mean, pleasing to our brains. Whether it be a few acoustic tour dates or a bonus to a new album, we will take it! We know it’s a stretch that there will be any performances in the U.S. in 2015, but if there is, a stripped down show would be A-OK with us. Our toes are tingling just thinking about it!

6. Fan Surprises!

We realize that the Boys are busy, but if they’re going to be together anyway, they may as well show up to your wedding for 5 minutes or call to sing you Happy Birthday. There is NO ONE that would hate that.

7. A Nick Carter Production.

No, we don’t mean a human reproduction (Although, we won’t complain!). After the crowdfunded Evil Blessings was put on hold, Nick mentioned another movie he would be taking part in that sounded like it satisfy our Carter-on-a-big-screen needs. After hearing for so long about how much he wants to do something on film (Something other than The Hollow), we’re wishing hard for it in 2015. If it’s anything like his short film The Pendant – we’re behind it 100%! (Sometimes the movie is available on nickcarter.net for purchase..just sayin’)

8. A solo album from Kevin Richardson.

Apparently Kevin sampled some of his solo work with some lucky fans on the 2014 BSB Cruise. We. are. so. JEALOUS. Imagine a whole album of that deep, southern, sultry sounding, panty-dropping voice. Kevin could very well be the Barry White of our time. We’re waiting, Mr. Richardson. Unless, of course, you want to play another sex crazed vampire or a little sleeze from the 1960s – We kinda like that too. (Click HERE for his filmography)

9. AirLittrells.

This is completely out of left field, but we have decided that Brian having his own line of shoes or a partnership with Nike would be a fantastic idea for all involved. One clip of Brian leaping into the air and landing on his feet, Nike will certainly draw up a contract right then and there. We’d prefer shoes in every color of the rainbow, of course. Move over, Michael Jordan. Brian Littrell will kick some ass and take some names with his own kicks. (That should be in the commercial!)

10. Fashion By AJ McLean (Preferably For Children).

While we do envy AJ’s sense of style and a lot of times want what he’s wearing, a McLean clothing line for kids would be ADORABLE. It was mentioned in the past that he had ideas for fashion along these lines, but we have yet to see anything come to fruition. Judging by how he dresses his daughter, Ava, though, it will be the cutest thing to hit stores in a long time! The Backstreet baby boom would go through the roof as well, creating new baby fans by the thousands – What a marketing idea! We’d also love to see his jewelery line available for sale as well. Deck us out, AJ – We promise to werk it!

11. A Buns of Steel Workout Video From Howie D.

Oh c’mon, we all saw how well he shakes it on the whole second leg of the IAWLT tour. If you didn’t, YOUTUBE IT ASAP. Then come back to this site.

12. New Merch.

If we can’t spend money on traveling to see them in 2015, we at least want new things to buy online. We would prefer some BSB branded tissues to dry up our tears. We would also love a soundtrack with the movie…But we’re not going to get too greedy. We’re basically jumping for joy that there’s a movie to have  a soundtrack for!

13. A Unreleased Tracks Album.

We know Kevin told us to just go to youtube, but the quality of some songs, UGH. We really want to give you our money, Boys. We’ll take just the best songs even – we promise not to be (too) picky about it. Post a poll! We’ll gladly respond with which songs we NEED want.

14. A Re-release Of At Least One Of The Past Albums On Vinyl.

Put it online, and we will buy it faster than you can say No-We-Aren’t-Doing-That. BOOM. Sold out. Hearing smooth BSB vocals through a record player like they’re the Beatles? Can we even take that? RIP Backstreet Fans.

15. A Happy and Healthy 2015.

Whatever the Backstreet Boys decide to do in 2015, we wish them all the happiness, health (That means you Nick!), and good decisions. Maybe a new Backstreet baby for us to ooh and ahh about? Maybe sneak peeks of what’s happening? Maybe just the knowledge that Backstreet will indeed be BACK and better than ever next year. Alright.




The U.S. Release Date for the Backstreet Boys Documentary/Movie is January 30, 2015 ….ONE MONTH FROM TODAY!

If you haven’t yet, enter your town for a pre-screening HERE: bsbmovie.tugg.com

And if you haven’t seen the trailer yet, SHAME ON YOU. Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

15 New Year’s Resolutions For The Backstreet Boys Fan

1. Get KittFit.

Normal people always have getting in shape and joining a gym for the new year at the top of their New Year resolutions list, but not Backstreet fans. They’re getting KittFit. Why? Because a) Nick Carter’s wife is hot and we all want to have a body that looks like her, b) it doesn’t require us to join a gym, and c) because everything we do has to tie in to the Backstreet Boys, OKAY?!

Seriously, the KittFit videos are free and on youtube HERE. And they’re not full of big intimidating muscle men who are yelling at you to work harder.

2. Get “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of” BSB Movie To Screen In Your Town (Then Make Every One Of Your Friends Go).

Let’s be honest, if this movie isn’t showing in your town, you will:

  1. Combust into a rant about how you’ve waited TWO YEARS for this, how could this be happening, how you’re moving to Canada/Japan, etc.
  2. Go back over where it can be viewed and make travel arrangements.
  3. Go through Twitter, retweeting other pissed off fans and then making plans to travel with them to go see it.
  4. Go through all the feelings again when the Boys tweet about it, tweeting them how pissed off you are then begging them to be your date to the location.

To avoid the whole thing, do your part in getting the word out about the movie! As always, you can try and get a prescreening for your town HERE.

3. Avoid Going Bankrupt Buying All Things Backstreet.

We have been going strong with them and the IAWLT tour for 2 years now (plus the incredible Nick and Knight tour) and word on the Backstreet (Ha!) is that 2015 will be a pretty quiet year for them tour-wise. Unless you’re overseas or in South America, you will not be rocking your body in person next year.  It has also been pretty clear that there will not be a BSB cruise in 2015 either.

HOWEVER, there are things that ARE possible and/or happening in 2015: the BSB movie, Hall of Fame inductions, solo ventures, new merch, Kevin in movies, Nick in movies, AJ in PlayGirl…wait, what?

The point is, there are LOTS of things that we can still spend money on next year and while our wallets/bank accounts/credit cards are singing the Hallelujah chorus right now, it might not last as long as we think. But…we can TRY to save up for 2016. New music, new cruise, more money? Sounds like a plan!

Psst — If you’re reading this before the new year, they DO have quite a sale going on right now on any tour merch you might have missed!

4. Get Followed On Twitter By One or More Boy.

It was on the Christmas list for all fans, but chances are, it may not have happened.  2015 is a new year and a new chance to interact, beg, plead, or show your own brand of insanity to get a follow/tweet from your Boy. ORRRR just be you and hope that works. It just might. At least it’s a way to pass the time while we’re waiting for something new.

5. Make New Fandom Friends.

There’s nothing that helps one get through a drought better than people who feel your pain. Many of us have gained friends through the fandom and have been on concerts, cruises, etc. with them, but what’s better than NEW fandom friends with NEW stories, experiences, and locations. Your old friends love you, but the high off the concert memories isn’t the same the 134th time you’ve told the story about Nick holding your hand during Incomplete….and they also might want to punch you because it didn’t happen to them.

But new fan-friends, they will love taking a hit off of your Backstreet bong as you will love theirs. It’s like going to the show/cruise all over again!

6. Be On Top of Your Backstreet Game.

For the fans that know things before the Boys themselves do, this won’t be terribly hard, but we may need to brush up on our skills. Time in the studio means time out of the public eye. Time out of the public eye means that the BSB tries to sneak around about what they’re doing. NEWSFLASH, Boys – We will find out and you know it. We know when you’re sleeping, we know when you’re awake, when know when you’ve been bad or good…….. So tell us EVERYTHING, for goodness sake!

P.S. We know there’s some secret project between New York and Las Vegas.

P.P.S . We might actually like surprises and the detective work, regardless of how much we say we hate it.

7. Invest Time In A New Band.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Moving on to #8. (Unless it’s NKOTB and you’re going to be an advocate for NKOTBSB Part 2. Mmmmm….)

8. Try Not To Complain About Backstreet Time.

We know about it and we may as well accept it: Nothing in the world of Backstreet Boys will ever been done in a time that makes us completely complacent. When they say tomorrow, they mean two weeks. When they say this year, they mean two years. When the concert starts at 7, they mean 7:20….ish. We know this, yet we continue to complain about it. Why? That’s just the cycle.

Truth is, there has been nothing that we’ve had to wait for that that wasn’t worth the wait. The documentary that we’ve been waiting two years for will take us on the Feels trip in January that we have been waiting for. They just wanted things to be perfect (at least that’s what we’ll tell ourselves).  In 2015, we’ll work on acceptance, Boys…..maybe.

9. Be Kind.

You know how when you get hungry, you get angry? When you are a fan on a BSB-less island for a year, you start getting thirsty for anything. This ranges from picking on past events, analyzing any leaked song (we will find one!), speculating about what the Boys are doing and who they’re with, to hating on other fans. When times are hard, remember to keep your peace. The fandom that plays together, stays together…..and we need all of us to figure shit out!

10. Be Supportive.

Whether you like it or not, the Boys have lives and projects outside of the group.  You don’t have to be a fan of everything, but be respectful of their time as the time they give to us is a gift that they don’t have to keep giving.

11. Try Not To Repeat The Same Questions That We Know Won’t Be Answered (And Irrelevant).

@BackstreetBoys – “Tweet Tweet Tweet NothingAboutTour #SomethingFun”

Gets replies like the following:

@ATonOfFans – “WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO _______?!?”




Good things come to those who wait, guys. Let’s make it our mantra in 2015.

12. Read A Few Books.

And by read a few books, we mean Nick Carter’s “Facing The Music And Living To Talk About It”, which you can buy HERE.

13. Perhaps harass Donnie Wahlberg (in the nicest way possible) about doing a small tour with AJ McLean.

You thought Nick and Knight were dirty, imagine these two together. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off of the keyboard… C’mon Donnie, AJ is already on board!

14. Don’t Go Crazy, Keep Yourself Satiated.

WARNING: Lack of Backstreet Boys might cause insanity. It is NOT a good idea to deprive yourself so much that you show up at the gates of Brian’s house, drooling like Cujo and begging for something new like you’re Britney Spears circa 2007 (You know the face). Watch YouTube videos, stay up-to-date via social media, and have a fan support group. You’ll thank me later.

15. Sign On For 22 More Years.

2015 will mark 22 consecutive years for the Backstreet Boys to be together, and if we’re lucky, they’ll be around for 22 more. We owe a ton to them and we’ve been around this long, what’s the harm in sticking around a little longer? It’ll be fun to take our grandchildren to Backstreet Boys concerts and talk about Brian Littrell like our moms talk about Paul McCartney.

Peace, Love, And Light — BSB Fans are taking 2015 By Storm!

Also, there is no reason for this photo other than a reward for finishing this blog. Hot Brian will see YOU in 2015.

3 Gifts For The Backstreet Boy On Your Holiday List

Now that you know what to get the Backstreet fan in your life, what should you get the actual Backstreet Boy? By gathering data and observing these Boys in their natural habitat, the following are (hypothetical) lists for the special Backstreet Boy in your life. Read them all or play favorites and scroll ahead!

Kevin’s Christmas List: 

What do you buy for the man that has it all together? We can think of a few things.

1. A New Jean Jacket – The man has worn the same one since he’s been back with the group. Maybe he should get a darker wash denim. Maybe he should get one that is bedazzled. 

2. UK (University of Kentucky) Gear – He tweets about Kentucky sports so much that he should probably be their mascot. Kevin The Wildcat … That can work for us.

3. Sunglasses – This is more for the benefit of the fans. Anyone that has met Kevin Richardson knows that you can not look him directly in the eyes. He’s one of those people that stares you intensely in the eye, while holding your hand, and you will never be the same. I’m not kidding. It’s life changing.

Howie’s Christmas List: 

Howie, the laaaaid back one, with his mind on his money and his money on his mind. What do you get the man that looks like he smells like he was gift wrapped in a department store?

1. Alcohol – Anyone that goes on a Backstreet Boys cruise, to a Backstreet Afterparty, or parties with the Boys in general knows that Howie is the secret party animal. Want a good time? Just add vodka.

2. Pranking For Dummies – For Howie …to use on his new pranking bestie, Nick. Howie deserves the last laugh at least once and you’ll have to be on your game. You can do it, StealthNinjaHowie!

3. Blond Hair Dye – It may not be the BEST look for him, but at least people will stop thinking his youngest son belongs to Nick Carter. (Just kidding, we’ll still think it, but blonde Howie could be funny)

Brian’s Christmas List:

For the man who has 20 – 350 Christmas trees and loves Jesus, Brian is hard to nail down to just three things, but let’s try!

1. A New Pair Of Shoes – Obviously he has no NEED for them, but he WILL wear them and they WILL be the biggest thing he wears. And the most colorful. NOTE: Please make sure the shoes are cushioned on the bottom. Air Brian likes to pounce down from high places and prove that white men can indeed jump. 

2. A Trampoline – This is for practicing all the aforementioned high jumps. Picture it – Brian climbing a tree in his backyard, jumping down onto the trampoline, and then backflipping into his pool…..while singing. You know you see it. 

3. An Endless Supply of Anything Sleeveless – Really? This needs an explanation? HAVE YOU SEEN HIS ARMS?! Yowza! 10 tickets to the gun show, please.

AJ’s Christmas List:

Oh AJ, the extravagant man who has everything, will wear anything, and will do anything – What to buy, what to buy…

1. Hats – As much as we enjoy AJ’s new hair, hats are a staple for this cool dude. The more offensive, the better. Everyone loves a pic with AJ and F*CK written on his hat. I mean, seriously, we do love it.

2. A Replica Of The Central Perk Couch – It’s no secret that AJ loves Friends as much as, well, all of us. Having this piece of history in his house would be the perfect addition to his numerous selfies, which brings us to our next item…

3. A Selfie Stick – It’s a real thing, folks, and it’s exactly what AJ “Selfie King” McLean needs. Imagine how many people/places/things he can fit in one Instagram photo with this device! Also, if he’s planning on more cute babies, we’re going to need the whole McLean clan in one photo! 

Nick’s Christmas List

Nick Carter…the frosting on the Backstreet cake. From boats to private jets to an engagement ring for his wife that will blind you, you would think buying for him would be hard. Well, you’re wrong. Mr.Carter and his boy-like charm seem pretty easy to please.

1. An Aquarium – A lover of all things water, we’re sure that Nick would obviously want the most exotic of fish (that he can buy on his own), but you can start with a few big fancy-named goldfish. BONUS: Make it big enough for him to get in. Sounds like a good time.

2. Oats and Wheatgrass – Everyone remembers the demands that Nick made for wheatgrass on an episode of Celebrity Apprentice (before wheatgrass was even cool – WHAT a TRENDSETTER!) and of course, we all remember the Oats-and-Nipples instagram pic from a few months ago. We certainly like a man that knows what he wants and looks sexy while wanting it. GIVE HIM ALL THE SMOOTHIE INGREDIENTS.

3. Super Powers – If anyone has the ability to give Nick super powers, we’re sure that he would be thankful. While he already possesses the skill of sniffing out a fan that might not be paying attention to him and suddenly making himself the point of his/her affection, invisibility would bump up the rewards from his pranking skills. The ability to be in two places at once would also allow him to be home and tour all at once, appeasing everyone in the world. The opportunities are endless.. 

BONUS: 4. A New Immune System – If Nick stops getting sick all the time, we stop getting sick all the time, and he’ll stop getting sick all the time…….. It’s a cycle, y’all. 

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU AND YOUR BACKSTREET BOY! May your fandom dreams be merry and bright, and may all your tweets not end in a fight. PEACE. 

8 Things On A Backstreet Boys Fan’s Christmas List

Still haven’t bought anything for the Backstreet Boys fan in your life? Besides the Boys themselves wrapped in a bow and set neatly (and probably against their will) under the tree, here are a few other things that might suffice. Happy shopping!

1. A pre-released copy of the new Backstreet Boys documentary, Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of.

Not to be confused with the song by the same title (We already have that, duh), this movie is currently the buzz in the Backstreet world. While it is not to be released until January 30th, 2015, if you’re a fantastic hacker, this is what the fan in your life REALLY wants. However, unless you want to be forced to watch it every day for the next year, it may not be the gift for you.

However, you can help your fan get a prescreening in your town by going to bsbmovie.tugg.com but he/she has probably signed your email address up already.

2. An album full of high quality unreleased Backstreet songs that we all know about, but need more of.

We’ve been begging the Boys themselves for this for years. The songs are on youtube, various message boards, have been made into a list according to quality and handed to Howie himself and yet we still do not have this item in our hands. If you are a wizard and can create this album or have some kind of voodoo that will make them think this is a good idea, the Backstreet fan in your life will instantly become YOUR biggest fan.

BONUS: A Christmas album from the BSB. This does not exist, but maybe if you’re creative in dubbing….

3. Follows from every BSB on Twitter.

This will require a lot of persistence, creativity, and patience on your part. Like Pokemon, it’s really hard to catch them all.

4. 90s Backstreet Boys Memorabilia

There is not one fangirl that won’t squeal over vintage Backstreet Boys Christmas ornaments, books, shirts, or …GEL PENS. Those gel pens were the best/worst things ever! You can almost bet that your thank you note will be written on black paper with a shimmery pink Brian pen!

5. Cardboard Cutouts and/or Fatheads of each Boy.

While they may be creepy, they’re the next best thing to having the actual Boy themselves for some fans. They can be seasonally decorated, comforting when you are sad, and creepy when you need to pull a prank. However, if you live with the fan and you yourself are not crazy about having Nick Carter watching over you while you sleep, choose something else. But, really, who doesn’t want Nick Carter as your very own Edward Cullen?

6. Backstreet Boys Body Glitter

Speaking of Edward Cullen, this is another thing that doesn’t exist that most every fangirl would squeal over. Worn by AJ McLean at all of his most important dinner parties, this body glitter would liven up any day of the week. (I’m sure there are directions on Pinterest, GET TO IT.)

7. VIP at the next Backstreet concert near you.

WARNING: This gift is the greatest of all, but may ruin the fan in your life forever. If your fan has never gone to BSB Heaven given into the experience that is VIP with BSB, trust us, this is something he/she is not going to come back from. Buying this gift will result in extreme excitement leading up to the event. What no one tells you about is the extreme withdrawal after the VIP event of the century. Withdrawal symptoms include but are not limited to the following: Excessive talking about the event and every little thing that was said/done right down to the shoes Brian was wearing and how Nick hugged you, constant checking of tour dates to make sure there’s no way you can do it just one more time, and severe depression when you realize you can’t.

Actually, you’re probably better off avoiding the whole situation and buying them a bottle of Jack. Better yet, buy both. He/She will need it to get through the PCD (Post Concert Depression)

8. If all else fails, something that looks exactly like what Their Favorite has worn, used, and/or tweeted about.

These items include:

If Brian is his/her favorite: A pair of insane tennis shoes (preferably Nike), anything from Wylee (Brian’s wife’s company), or a trampoline to jump off of (they’ll understand)

If Nick is his/her favorite: A pug, a boat (Nick fans can be expensive), camouflage shorts/pants, a gym membership, oats (sales have skyrocketed since the above photo, DROOL.)

If Kevin is his/her favorite: A jean jacket, a piano, another jean jacket, a pinky ring.

If Howie is his/her favorite: Salsa, hair gel, alcohol.

If AJ is his/her favorite: A tattoo chair, eyeliner, FRIENDS DVDS, skinny jeans.

Good Luck and Happy Holidays, everyone!

12 Thoughts We All Had After Watching The Trailer For The BSB Movie

Yesterday, the trailer for the new Backstreet Boys documentary movie, Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of, was released. Girls all over dropped what they were doing and turned 1 minute and 51 seconds of Backstreet into a whole day of merriment. Here are a few of the new thoughts we have gathered from watching.

1. WHO is Nick Carter not afraid of anymore?

Also, dear Jesus, we never want him mad at us. Just when you thought Kevin was the scariest….

Ok, Kevin might still be the scariest, but I digress…

2. Should Kevin swatting another member away from him for annoying him be a drinking game while watching the movie?

We already saw it happen once or twice in 1 minute and 51 seconds.

3. Brian could have a second job as a penguin.

The boy’s talents sliding on floors, flipping and flopping are endless. Also, can we talk about the clip from yesteryear and his ARMS? Brian = The Hulk. Don’t make him angry.

4. What happened in the London house, is not staying in the London house.

Lucky for us. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen the Boys in such raw conditions, and maybe the first time we’ve seen them unfiltered. We’re literally foaming at the mouth for this footage.

5. Does someone now OWN those little British underwear?

And can we get proof?

6. Is Howie going to cry?

We’ve really never seen Howie have any emotion other than happy, but this adventure into the past has even broken no-cry Nick.

7. How many times does Kevin cry?

It still won’t be more times than the fans do. All the feels, guys!

8. The chemistry and love between these five guys is something we love to see.

Sometimes we just need to see them be a family again. The “aww” moments are already endless.

9. AJ with smoke coming out of his face while he talks lends some comedic relief.

Whether he meant it that way or not, AJ talking seriously while smoke suddenly seeps out is a new kind of hilarious. Only AJ…

10. We didn’t know Howie played the tambourine!

The man has hidden talent!

11. It was Nick’s idea to do the London house?

And they listened? It’s the beginning of a new era guys! Nick Carter is in control. Watch. Out.

12. Is it January 30th yet?

Because we can not think about ANYTHING else until we see this movie. What a journey, folks. We can’t wait!

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, it’s available on iTunes. You may also pre-order it there!

There is also a fan-demand site set up to bring a prescreening of the movie to your town. Click Here to for details!

7 Reasons Why We Love AJ and Rochelle McLean

On their 3rd anniversary, we remember why AJ and Rochelle are the couple that every married couple wants to be!

1. They share an undeniable love for the artistry of tattoos.

You can literally spend a good 30 minutes checking out their ink! The couple that inks together stays together, guys.

2. The time that Nick Carter pranked AJ and Rochelle let him.

“Just to see how it would pan out..” This is hilarious and why fans love her. If you want the whole story, check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8lUbIM2NeU

3. Their ability to produce the ONLY Backstreet girl.

In November 2012, Ava McLean was born and fans everywhere rejoiced. A) Because someone needed to have a girl. B) Because what’s AJ going to do with a boy? C) Oh Em GEE! She can NOT be cuter. Girl’s got it goin’ on!

4. They win cutest parents award.

Thank God for Instagram and Twitter – The McLeans have been awesome about letting us in on their lives and have proven themselves to be AMAZING parents with the sweetest posts and cutest photos regarding their little one. What a super couple!

5. They’re both fans, just like us!

It’s no secret that Rochelle is a huge NKOTB and Madonna fan, as well as many others. Then there’s AJ with his love for lots of things, including his own band and FRIENDS, of course. Bonus Points: Their support for the Nick & Knight tour!

6. They’re fans of each other.

From Rochelle’s posts about AJ being an amazing dad to AJ’s posts about having a fantastic wife, we’re all getting the feels. #WeCantEven #TheyreLobsters

7. They’re making it work in A World Like This (See what I did there?)

We live in a world where a large percentage of marriages end in divorce, especially in Hollywood. Despite tour, being away from home, and having a little one, AJ and Ro are maintaining a normal-people marriage that we are OBSESSED with. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for these three….or four…or five.

10 Questions We Have About The New Backstreet Boys Movie


1.   Just how many boxes of kleenexes are we seriously going to need for this movie?
We can’t even make it through 5 minute previews without getting the feels. How are we going to make the whole movie? Let’s just call it Titanic: Part 2. Except everyone lives. Except maybe Lou Pearlman.

2.   Are they going to tell us how they got their name?
What is a Backstreet Boys movie without the story of how they got their name?! This is as much a staple as mentioning that Kevin and Brian are cousins.

3. What is with Kevin’s ever-present jean jacket and when did that bond begin?
We’ve all seen it. It’s been on press tours, every leg of the IAWLT tour, every afterparty for the past two years and really, it should have it’s own Twitter handle. Are we going to see the origins of the jean jacket in London perhaps?! Is it sewn onto his body? Inquiring minds want to know.

4. Is Nick going to talk about how he hates crying whilst crying?
Nothing gets us more emotional than Nick Carter professing that he hates crying WHILE he is choked up. We will literally all get up and gravitate to the screen like zombies.

5. Is there going to be a soundtrack? Will there be a premiere with actual BOY presence?
We’ve only been told that news is coming soon, but as fans, we literally feed off of this stuff. Backstreet information is pond scum and we are happy little sucker fish.

6. How many memes will be made from shots in this movie?
So many is the right answer on this one, folks.

7. Are we going to find out things that we don’t already know?
A resounding yes! With spoilers already leaked from the prescreening, there’s stuff that’s  come out that we already know we didn’t know we needed to know. Or something like that. This is new for BSB CIA… I mean, fans.

8. Are Brian and Kevin going to talk about growing up together?
Cousin love at it’s best, y’all! Picture it, tiny Brian playing in dirt and mini Kevin bossing  everyone around. It’s not much of a stretch from current times actually…

9. Will the members of Nsync see the BSB Movie?
Lance Bass will indeed sit next to Joey Fatone and say “Oh yeah, that’s where we went wrong..”

10. How are we going to feel at the end of this movie?
Like we made all of the right choices in terms of who to be a fan of when we were younger. Proud and satisfied.

The Backstreet Boys documentary movie will hit theaters and VOD on January 30, 2015! Be sure to check out the BSB Movie Website for all up-to-date details.